9-11 WTC Memorial 8th Annual Floating Lanterns Ceremony

9-11 WTC Memorial Annual Floating Lanterns Ceremony



In 2008 I attended the 7th Annual Floating Lanterns Ceremony for the first time.  As I've found words are often an insufficient medium to articulate both the personal experience of September 11th, life after;  the same goes for this annual ceremony on Pier 40.  Among a crowd of strangers, of many cultures and faiths, I am grateful for the personal comfort I have found in attending this memorial the past two years.  Out of respect for the event, the speakers, those in attendance, and you…I wanted to share the audio of the ceremony, without my own commentary. in the hope that those unable to attend in person may benefit from hearing it.


*Shinji Harada, Eriko Fukui , and the Japanese American Association of New York Chorus with Reono Ito, Conductor, performed beautiful musical tributes. My apologies for having to edit those segments down to short snippets, but unless audio or video clips appear online (and I can get permission to post them), the only justice I could do to these gorgeous moments was to remove them and try my best not to remove their context entirely.  I borrowed a small audio device to record and didn't know how to use it properly.  I will insert video clips if/when they appear online.  Aside from that I, editing was kept to a minimum. 

9-11 WTC Memorial 8th Annual Floating Lanterns Ceremony

Sponsored by the New York Buddhist Church
Partner with Interfaith Center of New York
Supported by NY de Volunteers and New York Kayak Company
Supported by Buddhist Council of New York, United States
New York Disaster Interfaith Services
LIC Community Boathouse
and NYC Downtown Boathouse

Delicious and generous feast provided and served by the UNITED SIKHS


Sincere and humble thanks (and hugs) to all the volunteers and organizations who participate and make this event as perfect as they do, I appreciate every moment of what they have done to commemorate a tragedy I wish we didn't need to.  Please donate to them when you can.

1 – Something Found

Something Found…
Where I've been and where I'm headed…

Walking – I wander down a mountain and am oddly enamored by the sound of my own footsteps

Insects…or why I own a bug vacuum

I want a ridiculously expensive hairbrush


45 1/2 – Sick

A short dispatch…
This is how nicole is under the influence…
of cold medicine

more chick lit:


45 – Home Improvements

Home Improvements
Thoughts on Dad

Song "Take Me Home" by Adama





Nicole's To Do List:

  • freelance stuff
  • walk the dogs
  • clean my room
  • count to ten in Japaneese
  • del.icio.us

me and a gi

44 – Windy

I recap life on Planet Nicole

5 items I couldn't live without
a few years ago vs. now

a listener weighs in on what might go through the minds of the boys I meet

absinthe in Prague

Song: "Absinthe Minded" by Adrienne Pierce

Adrienne Pierce


fighting off invisible coyotes

Thank You

43 – Larvae

Almost a year…
and meeting new boys

Song: "The End Is At The Beginning", by Vatican DC

Vatican DC - Bugs - Single - The End Is at the Beginning


semi precious weapons video podcast – magnetic baby

fear of the furry slug
my dogs are funny

Song: "That Day", by The Kellys


42 – Wankergirl Comes To NY (Again)

Dana has this fabulous podcast called BLARM!
After listening I decided I had to be her friend
We recap her second NY adventure



41 – George Interrupted

George and I sit outside by a lake and catch up.

Song: "Misery Loves Company" by Bryan Scary & The Shredding Tears

Drug Rug

GOAL! – Link to YouTube video

Trying to bribe the airlines

Brazil !

and just as it seems I'm going to hear a risque and drama-filled tale of Rio, my phone rings…

40 – Home Alone

False starts
Internal Dialogue, Angela Chase, or Schizophrenia
Last Box
Wasted Tickets to see
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum
Semi Precious Weapons at Rebel in NYC 4/14
Song: "Saccharine" by Blake Morgan

Blake Morgan - Silencer - Saccharine (Solo)

My observations about the great outsideland

39 – More Wanking in NY

night 3 of Dana's visit
We talk about boys and NY and making friends online
unfiltered, loud laughing and all
I think I shall hold her hostage, I am not ready for her to go home.

38 – Wankergirl Does NY









37 – Body Temperature

The number of the beast
Beastie on my lap
Don't put marbles in your orifices
Brendon Small Rules!
Marble surprise
Wankergirl in NY – Come Hang out Friday, February 23rd
Email me for the details:
missomething at the gmail.com
Stock Valentine's day chat for a wallowcast

Nicole cheeses out and contradicts herself, ignore her
(she says "hit me up" – ewe)

36 – Unorthodox


Blarm Song for Naughty Xmas Gifts


35 – Marbles

Things that make me irrationally silly:
I kiss and tell – a dating update (or lack thereof)

Song: "Real Good Thing", by Anothony Hugh

Anthony Hugh - hUNKi dORi - Real good Thing  

34 – The Salty & The Sweet

The Tough Stuff
1 year anniversary of "the move"
(everyone needs a good cry from time to time)

Sad Song – "Not for Me", by Laura Clapp

Laura Clapp

The Good Stuff
…out of the funk and into 2007
(new haircut)

Happy Song – "Good Day", by Natives of a New Dawn

Natives of the New Dawn - Need Something - Good Day


33 – Double Trouble

Girl talk with Dolly



32 – Christmas

New microphone!

Podcasting from Park Slope, dog sitting on a difficult holiday.

So disorganized…

As if my Sony Vaio wasn’t the most awesomest generous christmas gift, I got the full Macguyver collection on dvd!

Check out the Toddies!

Thanks! Lee Alexander






Happy Holidays!

I was all set to come to Brooklyn (new dog sitting gig) and record tonight…only after battling the holiday shoppers, complete with giant suitcase – to buy a shiny new mic and really put some time into making at least the audio quality (or lack thereof) a little less painful to listen to. I was thwarted…apparently the Chelsea BestBuy doesn't have much to offer in the realm of audio stuff. Tomorrow, on my way to Xmas Eve dinner I will trek to J&R and indulge in a holiday splurge for myself.

I hope everyone enjoys their time with family, opening presents, eating yummy food and watching the glittery lights.


31 – Suckiness

1:42 – 9:46 – psycho mess

Despair is NOT an option

Giving – www.donorschoose.org

Thanks for the encouragment Jack!

Song: "Over Again", by Rebecca Loebe

Rebecca Loebe - Hey, It's a Lonely World - Over Again

Fun with anagrams
an·a·gram – [an-uh-gram] noun, verb
a word, phrase, or sentence formed from another by rearranging its letters

Bus Shelters Get Cookie Smell article




It's been a particularly emotional week. 
And my mother has just informed me that she plans to give the puppy away. 
As if it's not bad enough I'm stuck living with them…I told her when she was planning to adopt this thing that if her "trial period" ending badly I'd take it personally…seeing as I too was loved and then "let go".
After stacking disappointment on top of grief, on top of the general rigors of life and so on, you just don't care to use words.


Update:  The puppy stayed

30 – Nostalgia

minor walmart mischief

thanksgiving doldrums

friday night funk

10 year high school reunion


the romance of place



Song: "Goodnight", by Davide Mattucci


Dog is my Copilot

29 – Looking Forward


turkey time = family time

puppy update

Laura and Brett and High School reunion on the horizon
I’m not the only one living at home these days

some things i’m learning

Song: "With the Sky", by Noen

Yay for cat sitting, 2 weeks in December of pseudo-independence




28 – Yes

self doubt – if you’ve ever tried to podcast, you’ll recognize the quandary

i rehash the whole break up – it has been really hard lately

i miss my old bed

i love semi precious weapons
i hate hate
I love Magnetic Baby

Semi Precious Weapons - The Magnetic EP - Magnetic Baby

what the fuck is with the audio problems?

Vote for Lee Alexander at musciansatlas.com

Dawn and Drew and BT and Crispin Glover





I order my udon noodle soup
today I try chicken, even spicier than last time
the humid sesame broth can no longer be considered
a remedy for my nervous tummy
but, I’m getting better with chopsticks

it’s not as good as I remember it
and, I remind myself out of habit
that I don’t much care for soup

I have a book open in front of me,  though my eyes are focused
on the goings-on around my table
I realize
I’m there to see him, and I hope he sees me this time
I’m wearing a skirt, I never wear skirts anymore
my skin is clear and I feel confident
despite the rain, it’s a good hair day

I feel predatory
determined to be obvious
this time
i will catch his eye and somehow get up from the table if need be
to say hello

“you’ve lost that loving feeling”
I’m singing along in my head

“what are you doing?”  I’ve stopped singing
and you say you don’t live in the past
‘the past’ makes me think of Alex
and I remember my hysterical bout of sobbing saturday night
and how the cats watched me
and the length of time – this past stretch between break downs
no, I’m not ready
for boys I’ve yet to meet or courage to face boys I’ve known before
I’m just bored
and my romance with soup is growing stale

so, I stand up, to gather my things
and realize that I’ve got a little problem
I have a puddle in my lap, on the front of my skirt
I thought I was more graceful this time, barely a splash as noodles and vegetables
fell back into the broth

“you’re ridiculous”
i walk, hoping my jacket covers the wet spot
i am alert, hoping not to run into co-workers or anyone I know

it is only Monday
surely I might run into him tomorrow
or the next day


27 – Udon

Udon Noodle Soup

Google Alerts

Philosophy Guy

Song: "Better Him Than Me", by Lee Alexander

Lee Alexander - Out of Place - Better Him Than Me

Vote at The 6th Annual Independent Music Awards
"Ain’t No Crime" Finalist for Best Social Action Song

"Live Who You Are"

Song: "Affliction", by Dan Anibal

Dan Anibal - The Circus - Affliction



26 – Happy Places

I decided I need a new sound card and a shiny new mic and then I did it…I decided instead to replace my (no longer so) trusty old lappy with a sexy new Vaio. No more popping p’s or I just won’t post it, I promise.

Neil Gaiman

If you haven’t noticed I gush when I’m excited about stuff and I kiss the asses of those I heart.
I should never read poetry aloud…and I can’t say ghosts.

Motion Sick

Happy Places

Italy Pics

Song: "Citizens Of The World" by, Daphne Rubin-Vega


Laura cracks me up

Angsty Nicole – the new action figure from Matel. She walks, she talks and comes with a soundtrack that includes the Cure, Morrissey, Nine Inch Nails and Nina Simone.


Angsty Nicole also features rapid action reflexes and can claw your eyes out with the press of a button, watch her as she beats up on poor defensless nerds. Angsty Nicole also comes with a diary that chronicles her life and times.



25 – Sweet and Furry

Lexi – the new puppy

Song: "The Dog Song", by Little Thom

Little Thom

red sox

Song: "Why Don’t You See" by Blake Morgan

Blake Morgan & Lenny Kravitz - Anger's Candy - Why Don't You See