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Clipped from a magazine too long ago to properly recall exactly where it came from. 
Corresponding text:

The Eudora Chair can be purchased at Generate Design

The Most Awesome Bicycle Reflector In the Universe

Once Upon A Time

Eclectic Eccentricity via the Modish Blog


Hearts, flowers AND whimsy.  The next time I need romantic advice you might find some rose petals scattered around me as I consult the original magic 8 ball of love.


They also sell those adorable love note/envelope necklaces I adore and may just have to bite Wankergirl's style one of these days and get one of my own.


I bookmarked some adorable hand knit scarves ages ago that I first saw in Daily Candy.  The shop itself was closed, but thanks to a referring link to I found myself browsing the Modish Blog in the wee hours of this morning.





I don't recall where I first saw this, but It was once sold here:….

SnūzNLūz – Wifi Donation Alarm Clock

I get links to all sorts of funky alarm clocks from friends who know I have yet to find one that works as intended.  This one is great!

sleeping bag makes me want to run around

deck the halls with nerd


I barely like wearing high heels on my feet and I REALLY don't like footwear furniture, but for some reason this purse gives me joy.  Sadly I don't recall the source and don't have a link where it can be purchased.

truly “perfect” children

emoticon stamp

Originally found on ThinkGeek

You can purchase one at Strapya World.

"Let’s communication!"