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Tabs I don’t want to close

Search Urban Dictionary for your name when you're feeling down.  Instant pick me up.


Crossword wrapping paper from Incredible Things by Fabio Milito



Underskin by Sam Loman on behance



Still Tasty to keep the fridge gremlins away


DNA portraits – I will have one someday


Cntrl Alt Delete wall decals by Dali decals



Folding wooden picnic table that seats 4 on outdorra



Google Maps envelopes


Best map of the world….ever on someecards



If Ikea made instructions for everything on College Humor



Stolen treasures from the LAPD


Charles Darwin Butterfly, South American Map from bugsunderglass



686 Original Snow Toolbelt from eternalsnow



Oh Natlie Dee and her awesome brain



emoticon rubber stamp found on blankanvas for purchase at


NYC snippets from around the web

sweet dreams

absurd ads



I wish all tv commercials made me laugh as much as these two.


closing tabs

I’m still not thrilled with how I handle bookmarks and feeds.  I’ve tested, tried, formed opinions, exported, imported, abandoned, drafted a blog post on the process and specifics, but find the talk of tools lulls me into unfinished posts.  Currently, I have a half-assed organization system I sort of resent and continually accumulate tabs that I keep open, (over and over with every restart) often for weeks.  Finally lost when a friend uses my browser and closes it (like a normal person would).  Apologies commence and I declare it a good time to wipe the slate clean.  It amuses to me to imagine small blips in traffic data from my isp when the number of open tabs gets so out of hand my computer crashes multiple times a day for a week or more.  I’m a clean freak at home, try to keep the clutter to an organized minimum and abhor the idea of hoarding…probably because I can relate to it… 


Some tabs lose their context after a few weeks, found via serendipity, twitter, sent from a friend in chat or email, or personal "worm holes" of research and admiration; some are profound, and I regard them as I do the books I will box and move with me wherever I go.  I continue to search for a system that appeals to me, but in the meantime – sort of hoping an exercise in tedium will help change my digital cluttery.  Here goes…



Today, I am filing and/or closing:

Likes: old maps, tools, analog, oldfangled wearables that don’t advertise a brand name over the function of said item. 


I’ve stopped wearing a watch in lieu of checking the time on my mobile phone.  This summer when I started riding a bike around Brooklyn I realized just how bad my sense of direction is without landmarks or the famililar grid of Manhattan.  I craved a gps system mounted to my handlebars.  I enjoyed the adventure of getting lost at first and stopping to check my iphone slowed me down.  Eventually, going 4 miles in the wrong direction became an annoyance, especially if I had a destination and arrival time in mind.  The practicality and cost of having something of value on the bike itself in an urban area = one more thing I have to remove and carry with me every time I park and lock.  I researched bell-mounted compasses, but figured I might as well go all the way – and get a quality compass, one that i could wear on my wrist and one slightly more interesting then I can find in a sports supply store (with another brand logo I’d grow to despise).  I splurged and bought one today.  Link closed.

Amber is competing in a Connect Four championship, round 3 is tonight.  Should I stop procrastinating (ie: finish this post) and get some work done today, I’d like to head over to the Bell House, grab a beer and cheer her on.  GO AMBER!

I didn’t even know I wanted a purse made of keyboard keys until  I saw this one.  Following the links it’s a little unclear where one buys this one, and I couldn’t currently purchase it even if I could find a price.  This one goes in my shopping/lust folder for now.

The other night I was flipping channels and got sucked into this fascinating story of the Lady Juliana – more info.  Tab closed, imagination expanded.

Filing in both my local and design folders.  Download unavailable for PC.  data, art, eyecandy, ny, swoon.

Audio and info on the Conet Project.  via @captaincrazy.  Aural hauntings.

I want a print of the Waldseemüller map, ie, the first map to use the name "America" and dubbed the map that changed the world.  This will have to wait until I frame the numerous maps I have awaiting frames find a home and place on my walls.  For now, it sits in my oft-increased, rarely referenced "shopping/lust" folder.

 Maybe one day I’ll finish my draft post re: this song.

Great conversations happen here.  Twitter often reminds me to open @faboomama s Friendfeed and I’ll find myself here again. xoxox Anika!

I don’t personally wear t-shirts with witty phrases, but like it or not, I reference them.  Somehow related to how I feel about emoticons and then use them with abandon and lost irony.

Reference above hypocracy.  As a rule, I try not to collect "things".  So, I have a small collection of playing cards.  There’s room for another in that drawer, but for now lives in shopping/lust.

Sent to a friend for lulz.  Closed.

Rob made this.  It’s awesome.  Nuff said.

via Thrillist  One day I’d like to buy one for my Dad.  Filed in shopping/gifts

Because I’m a nerd and can always benefit from learning more about presentation skills.  Sidenote, I find it also fascinating this guy watched hours of someone else presenting and wrote a book about it.  Added to watchables for next time I sit down to watch some "tv".

Twittered by someone at some point, opened, unwatched, same as above, rinse, repeat.

via  I want to keep in touch with this pool.


via Link closed, when I spring for garbage bags not sold at the dollar store, they will be biodegradable.  But they’re still awesome!

I was trying to explain an ARG I took part in to a friend.  Found link and updated post.  Closed.

Added to design/eyecandy folder.  Don’t recall where I saw it, but it’s awesome.

Came across my twitter stream, don’t recall source/when.  Filed in articles and the blog to readables.  Led me to:

One of these days when I clean up my readables file I will be torn how to categorize this link.  personal, business?  fascinating and inspiring.  Led me to:

Filed in articles folder.  Which led to:

I may or may not have taken an internet "test" re: Asperger Syndrome

ethernet strands as jewelry.  Unavailable, potential future DIY project.

Added axolotl to imaginary digital menagerie via

Last Words from Documentally on Vimeo.




Thank you, Christian, and family, for sharing this as well as your feelings on why you share. 






Honestly, there are still more tabs.  I’m going to file them later and by later I mean now…sure, I do.

I Love This

Cheap Laughs

Discount Stores don’t seem to be what they used to. 
Some favorites found in the Dollar Stores of Jersey City, circa 2005.




sweet love




cream boy & cream girl...
I have no idea who cream boy and cream girl are nor what is is that they love so much…


Another cryptic, though more outright inappropriate pencil case for the kiddies


My Mind...
More slightly disconcerting pencil case wisdom



My ALL TIME favorite.  I store my supply of envelopes in this tote that begs the question –
What is that boy doing that that dog? 


How is it possible to feel nostalgia for a world I never knew?

 via loveyourchaos via elizabethmaria via booklover via lesliepants via waxandmilk


Diarios de motocicleta
Directed by Walter Salles