family porn

I beg to differ…

My dad and I bonded as I showed him how to use the internet to help him download the Paris Hilton clip (I left the room while he and my brother whooped it up watching it), my Grandfather told me my Grandmother is addicted to watching it, and she responded "the women have no hair!! (whispered) down there…", and when I was cleaning out my other Grand ‘rnt’s house I came across some interesting cartoon vintage porn.  It can be a family affair and open the way for discussion, in a light-hearted way between adults.

Porn lets men and women consider what they might want.  We have "how to" videos on watercolors, building a deck, learning to play poker…why not getting it on?  Human beings are visual people, why do we fight that?  Why are religious freaks so scary, scared and oppressive?

lunch with jen and joey


I took the train from Canal Street

And, we looked at the Macy’s Christmas windows. Hey…whoah, what is that boy’s hand doing under the covers?

words are an insufficent medium

Even though I’m in disbelief and feeling very disconnected from the "conservative majority" and "heartland" of my country, I can’t say I’m entirely surprised.  I was speaking to a co-worker in our London office today, and she told me everyone she knows is wearing black in mourning.  She was asking how this result could be possible when everyone she speaks to in the U.S. is anti-Bush.  This got me thinking.   Major cities tend to vote Democrat, and my friend in Kentucky, who I know voted for W. once remarked how impressive he found it that I spoke to people outside the U.S. on a regular basis.  I have no conclusion, but who has more life experience and perspective to speak about values, morality, and the overall damage the past four years has done to the reputation of the United States – a cow farmer who’s never left his county or someone who is constantly battling "life" as it can be in New York and who has some concept of the world outside?  I don’t know what I think or believe right now, I’m also burning up that 11 states voted to ban same-sex marriage and even in some cases domestic partnerships.  I try to be optimistic, and I think changing the rigidity of Middle America is progress, but maybe I’ve been deluding myself.


party at the polls

Voter turnout makes me happy.  Jersey City residents bitching about the disorganization and long lines and being crappy to the volunteers did not. 



I’m not the only one…