in Seattle



After beating the blizzard, I arrived in Seattle around noon on Saturday.  I met Denise at the baggage claim, rented a car and we hit the road.  We headed to Anacortes, crossed Deception Pass and stopped anywhere that looked pretty along the way.

I am stunned.  Washington state, from what I’ve seen is what I imagine Hawaii to be, only instead of blue skies, it’s unmistakably grey.  Shocked at how close we were to the Canadian border, it was hard to ignore the fact we both had our passports with us (but no rental car papers to cross through the check point).  We continued on to drive through all of Whidbey Island, stopped at a Marina next to the Naval Base.  From there, we caught the (car) ferry from Clinton to Mukilteo and then another hour or so back to return the car.  It was a whirlwind mini-road trip and the two NYers at times probably looked as though we’d stepped foot on another planet.  At times it felt like it, I’m still trying to identify the seaweed I found one of the beaches…and there were plenty of trees we’d never seen anything like.

Second day here, had the yummiest brunch at the Space Needle, where we did at least 3 revolutions, giving us a 360 view of the city and the mountains and volcanoes around it.  Opting out of an afternoon of shopping, I walked around Queen Anne, which humbled my knees (and lungs).  I got back to the hotel to change rooms (a huge air compressor out of window kept me up all night) and watched as a seaplane landed right in front of me.  Tonight promises to bring us to Pike Place Market for dinner and then tomorrow the work begins.

don’t agitate the laundry gods

I’m pretty sure I’m the only nutcase doing laundry tonight in the snow…probably because the streets are too empty for "just past rush hour" and it’s me and the non-ingles speaking laundry nazi alone in the ‘mat.

I stuff my dirty clothes into three machines. One $1.50 and Two $3.50, powdered detergent, check, change, check, bleach for the whites, check…

I find out that if you put in more coins than the machine requires, it re-sets and you pay again. Fun Fun…clink, clink. Why not pay double for my load? Smack and bruise my leg on the way out on the big machine which has begun to wash my dark colors.

Shuffle back to my warm apartment three blocks away, set the timer for 40 minutes. Kill time. Gear up again for the snow, contemplate how pretty it is on the way to begin the dry cycle. Remove skirt I haven’t worn for over a year – since it had to be washed alone – from the small machine, remove large colored load…shit…powder everywhere. WHAT THE…

Seems my bruise came from knocking the lock mechanism on the big machine. So, now my clothes are not clean, not even wet and powder is all over clean skirt. Curse a lot aloud, get the attention of Mrs. Espanol Jersey City, get yelled at in Spanish, hands thrown up in the air, load my whites into the drier, might as well…and accept defeat.

Wait again.

San Francisco

Today I saw "Closer" at the movie theatre and had a beer at Zeitgeist.

Yesterday I went for a long walk and decided to wander towards the Golden Gate Bridge, which then grew to the idea of crossing it. I’ve never thought much of the landmark, but once I touched down here, I felt like I needed to see it and cross it, just didn’t think I’d be doing it by foot. Despite the cold rain, it was an oddly amazing experience. My feet and legs are paying for it today (hence going to see a movie). I’m warming up the city, but my feelings for it are so different than I expected.


Too much time on your hands and you might find yourself counting your teeth. I found I only have 24, so I searched online to find out that "an adult human being has 32 teeth". Of course, I had my wisdom teeth yanked, and then another 4 molars when I had braces, but this suddenly has me a wee bit concerned and feeling a little inadequate.



So…I’m here. No photos yet, not because I haven’t seen anything interesting, only because in the rain it’s cumbersome to have my camera out. I still have a lot more to see, and a lot more to base my opinion on, but from what I can tell it’s a pretty great city. I like looking down a street and seeing green mountains in front of me. I can tell I’m by the water, and not because it’s been pouring from the sky since I arrived. People are talkative and friendly, but there definitely seem to be crazier people here than any city I’ve ever been to (not the blue hair variety, but the ‘in need of a mental facility’ kind). The Haight-Ashbury area reminds me of the Lower East Side, but a bit more concentrated. The business district area reminded me of the same in Boston, though it got seedy pretty quickly. Mass- transportation seems copious and direct, but I’ve only taken it once.

Lots more neighborhoods to see, and the plan is to see the Winchester House tomorrow and Alcatraz on Friday. Hopefully on Thursday or Saturday I’ll have an adventure out of the city. Something tells me that will bring me what I imagine Northern California to be.