I attempted something other than typepad and now i’ve returned…

The redux:

So, I’ve begun to stray from typepad and my blog-beginning. This whole personal website thing is oh so very narcissistic. But, I do feel like there is great value in getting all my photo albums digital and viewable from anywhere. The project has really only just started with the treasure of photos I found after my Grandmother passed away. I think sharing them with my family, piecing it all together has been a great process for all of us. And, I also like doing this, since a compulsive journaler and also a nut for organization, this gives me the opportunity to keep the ‘not as private’ stuff in one place without finding myself buried in loose papers and notebooks.

February was a month of constant Dreamweaver frustration, messing about, and support from the wonderful A or San Francisco. I guess the heart of Winter is best spent inside and keeping warm and busy.

Since this i my first "photo calendar" it is sparse and unfinished, but rather than cram it will stuff for the "sake of it" I went through and filled in the days I rememeber.

The weekend of the 5th I went home to Dblock and returned with a giant bag of photo albums and a box of unordered photos. I’ve spent weeks restoring what I can digitally and getting them online to work with my family to fill in the "unknowns".

The weekend of the 12th I went to Long Island to visit my Uncle who is very ill, catch up with family and so on. That lovely night I got the great fortune of standing on a freezing cold platform waiting for an hour for the Long Island Railroad because I’m an idiot and wrote all the train times, but the ones when I actually wound up leaving. Instead of calling to find out when the next train was, I made the mistake of thinking I could just apply the pattern of the earlier trains. Oh well.

The weekend of the 19th Laura came to town from Philadelphia, and as it tends to go when I see her, we wound up having a fun adventure. It was the last night for the residents of 111 First Avenue and we found ourselves wandering up dank empty staircases to finally find the party. Best part of the night to me remains Laura’s red-bull induced bouncing and jumping on my couch at 4am.

And then on Monday it snowed. Looked like a blizzard at first, but there are only a few inches of the white stuff out there. And, so now, I see if this format of writing/posting works for me. (it didn’t)

valentine’s day

So, I’m headed home after work yesterday…at the Christopher Street PATH station waiting for the train and I have the fortune of getting one of the 8 seats available on the platform to sit and wait. As I’m reading the guy next to me gets my attention and asks quite politely and apologetically how to properly cook a baked potato. First I was struck by how gorgeous he was, then the irony that I, queen of cooking-avoidance was being asked how to cook something I’ve never cooked. And before I could process the oddity of the question itself, or even the source of my sudden knowledge, I started giving him detailed cooking instructions and tips, ie: "if you microwave the potato before baking it, you can significantly cut the cooking time, you also want to jab a few fork holes in the potato before you start so it doesn’t blow up".

He thanked me and the train came. I’ll bet he was just panicked about cooking dinner for his Valentine. Since then, I’ve had a craving for a baked potato with broccoli and cheddar cheese. Apparently I know how to cook it too.

i heart keys

love everything about it.

I acknowledge I have pronounced issues of pee-shyness, but I’ve determined when two co-workers are gossiping in hushed tones outside your stall, it is simply biologically impossible to deploy.