checking in

The Black Crowes are bad for your health.

Danielle took me to the Hammerstein show last Wednesday, which more than made up for the freezing hail outside.  It was so fun to see them playing again and they sounded great.  It was really neat to see their dynamic on stage, they definitely warmed up as the show went on.  Danielle and I realized it’s been over ten years since we’ve seen a concert together, which is crazy considering for years we spent all our babysitting money on music.

The only thing I would have changed was the incense.  They burned so much that the whole place smelled within the first few minutes.  An hour into the show my mild sniffles turned into a full blown asthma/allergy attack.  I’ve been sick since.

And, in my haste to leave my apartment on Saturday for an Easter weekend with the fam I nearly blew my apartment up.  Scented oil directly on a hot light bulb will cause it to pop…in a BIG way.  It instantly went boom, shattered and sprayed glass all over the place.  The glass shards melted the carpet where it landed.  It was nice to return tonight to the mess I had to leave to catch my train.

rectal silicon

one of the guys upstairs apologized. it was touching, i don’t think i’ve ever had someone look me in the eye and insist that i listen to them say "i was wrong." when did i become so vapid…i kept apologizing.

the whole "calling the cops" thing is probably the least significant event / occupation of brain-time in the past few weeks / months for me, but this is not the place for me to work the bigger things out. i think of it more for a place to file the little events and observations that i’d surely forget if i didn’t. and, when i am sure of a result, then i can talk about it too. i’m liking the perculating time. i’ve learned so much about solitude, not being a verbal sieve and also about another concept i’ve struggled with – "letting go."

everything seems so new to me. after deciding against change, it’s remarkable to me still how much change can happen in it’s own place.

Massapequa Park, LI after a night of some light snow. Spring is on it’s way.

garbage pail kids