i can feel it, even though it seems to be coming late this year

it’s officially my favorite season, when everything seems brighter and the oppression burns off
it’s cooling
hope is not in the specifics
and no dream that ends will slow me
there will be piles of leaves to jump in
pumpkins to pick
and sweaters to cuddle
and outside the air will smell different and more delicious with each day until Christmas
i can feel new adventures
and the desire to be free of habits and mindsets made in season’s past
i make my new year’s resolution now
i will not take for granted how serious life is
but, i will not let things weigh so heavy
i will make room for more whimsy
last year i learned to cherish each day and hold what is most precious
but, now i will appreciate the moments
and, i will remind myself more often

I found myself staring entirely too long this morning at this water tower which was leaking all the way around and appeared that it could burst. At the risk of sounding like the psycho kid in "American Beauty" going on about a plastic bag…I’ll leave it at the photo didn’t come out and it was very neat to look at.

I’m really excited about rearranging my apartment. I think it’s time to give it a refresh and also have my bed near a window so that my body can reacquaint itself with the morning light.



Oh, Drudge Report, my guilty pleasure for often sensationalistic news…
you’ve gone a bit too far…

REUTERS has acknowledged  Bush ‘Potty Note’ photo was enhanced via Photoshop…

And so I think…wow, how ballsy…how could they?
Then I read the article (the link was broken the first time I tried) and find that the article itself has nothing to do with the note being forged, or anything like that…just that it was cropped.
Our fearless leader does pass notes during UN meetings when he needs a "bio break."