new word

I forget the context, but while talking with Mikey and Ryan the other night, there was a misunderstanding and something was misheard as… PORNICEF It’s my new favorite word and I’ve yet to define it.

as my friend Laura says…


"F-this Oprah nicey-nice puppy dogs and ice cream stuff. I’m all motorcycles and machine guns."

burn rubber

The extent to which ShopRite appalls me with their produce section is pretty endless.  Usually it’s just the sorry ass condition and lack of organic options that drives me to make trips to other local fruit stands and grocery stores closer to work to pick up my fruits and veggies.

This, however, takes the proverbial cake:


there goes the neighborhood

forget the fact that i barely recognize the neighborhood i moved to in October, 2001…

i could go on about that for hours (though i swore i’d never be one of those)…
this, however, throws me over the edge,as mixed a blessing as it is.

Restaurant Row will eat the dollar stores:

i’m baaaaack

After spending just over 4 days in San Francisco relaxing and feeling more "on vacation" than in recent memory, I’m exhausted.  The trip was a very generous birthday gift from my dear friend A who took time away from school work to wander neighborhoods I missed on my visit in January and make sure we did everything on my wish list.

First on my list, we saw "Mirrormask," the Neil Gaiman movie, which was probably the only disappointment (it was pretty to look at, but I’m still not sure what it was about nor do I really care).  We visited with my friend Brett who’d just won a pool tournament at his place, we went to the beach, we ate lots of yummy food and generally had a wonderful time.  I slept a lot and even made friends with his cats, which given my sniffles, I probably shouldn’t have done.

My first impression of the city was pretty terrible when I last visited.  I felt bad every time someone asked me how it was and I’d answer "Probably the most disgusting city I’ve ever visited."  A insisted that he felt the same way his first time there and that I’d come to like it if I came back.  I’m not sure if he was right, or if it was a combination of terrible circumstances in the first trip, or if it was just the incessant rain in January in city I’d only heard described as "beautiful, magical, etc" that filled me with pre-conceived ideas…but, I have to say that I’ve changed my mind.  I’m now a fan.  Though I maintain, the city is a bit of a mess…the "homeless problem" is a problem, the pastel colors and murals which appeal to some, is not in my particular taste, the bottom line is it’s not the East Coast and once I let go of what I wanted it to be, I was surprised by what I found.


I had the most magical walk Monday night in the drizzle.  A likely combination of the ipod and also of my general realization that walking just a few blocks from where I live is as architecturally impressive as anywhere I’ve been in Europe.  It was one of those nights where all was right with the world and I was surrounded by beauty and calm.

Tuesday night, I had to run an errand before heading home, and couldn’t help but take a photo of the following sign spotted at a discount store on Newark Ave:

version 2.7

A huge thank you to my friends who joined me in the torrential downpour on Saturday to celebrate my birfday (and to all those who couldn’t make it as well). I’ve always considred my weekend-long 21st birthday to be one of the most touching events of my life and this one makes the same list. It was everything I could have wanted and more…friends and friends of friends of friends, and even with my phone and internet down, I got so many beautiful messages from family and friends that I’m truly beyond words. The night was everything that makes me happy, just sitting around with people I adore and chit chatting with champagne, and despite the rain and my intial regret to trek across the river (and a shitty watiress) – a few hours sitting in comfy seats having cocktails, and then the near sunrise gorge of sugery sweets and gratifying conversation.
I had so much fun and felt incredibly spoiled to start yet another year with the feeling that this one is going to be great.