Timmy & Jessica

After two days of having my landlord puttering around outside my door…this is the final outcome:

It’s all very festive and all very bizarre…ya see I know her family is Muslim.  I know of no one who lives here (past or present) named Timmy or Jessica.

I guess I’ve seen stranger, like last night when she cleaned my neighbor’s apartment for hours much to his protest.  There was water boiling, bleach added and a lot of choking.  After the fumes cleared he returned to find that there were mirrors hung on the walls and the bathroom was redecorated.  It’s official – I live in the Twilight Zone.

re post

average high temperature is 62.6 degrees F

October 27th, 2005
After much deliberation, changed plans the first go ’round, and declarations to the contrary…I’m moving to San Francisco. Flight 0005, January 5th, at 6.45am. It’s official. It’s surreal, it’s exciting, and it’s terrifying.

I’m leaving a job I’ve had for over 5 years, an address I’ve had for about the same amount of time…and of course, putting many miles between myself and my beloved friends and family.

I will arrive with my luggage and some boxes of clothes and books in the mail. I will know pressure like I’ve never known before to find a job, health insurance and all the things an adult requires…I will likely have to find something as quickly as possible (retail or restaurant) and simultaneusly follow my dreams and passions to find the type of work I’m leaving this coast for.

I am moving in with my boyfriend, A. We have a lot to learn about living in the same zip code, and yet I’m closer to him than I’ve ever known could be possible and so wonderful. Now, it’s real…we’ll learn the rest, for better, or worse. I have another close friend who also lives in the city. I expect to be homesick.

The future is wide open. I’ve never felt so untethered and determined. I have so many questions and I’m open to all the answers and adventures. As I plan and plot, I will be using this as my sounding board. If you want insight as to my lil process, feel free to check back…I’ll be here.