It’s weird, I’ve had so many moments in the past month where I’ve thought to myself "to be posted" and then when I’ve sat down to type it out, I’ve become too bogged down with so many things to do. I’ve also found that when life is generally wonderful, I’m not nearly as much of a writer…unless I’m totally bouncing off the walls. So, in those moments where I have sat down with the intent to write, I find myself either trying to wade through a number of web jobs that have yet to be completed or searching job postings and getting resumes out. Then I despair that I haven’t found a wonderful job in record time. By then, I’m entirely turned off by how even though my life has changed entirely, yet little things like the computer bug that I’ve had since October that makes all audio skip, was still an issue. Oh how the mind reels.
And so when I was grocery shopping with Alex on Saturday night I decided my first real "West Coast" dispatch had to be about two of the most unexpected, and silliest differences I’ve noticed between East and West…and then I finally decided to reinstall Windows (which fixed said audio bug thankfully). That took some time and once again I’d forgotten abut my intent to post here. It’s amazing how such a subtle little overhaul can make you feel so cleansed, even though I still should be looking for jobs, organizing my messy unfinished projects, and finishing websites. Ah well, such is life, on the East Coast or West Coast.

East Coast vs. West Coast

Hellmann’s Mayonnaise is not called Hellmann’s here…it’s called "Best Foods West of the Rockies"
AND, just when I thought that was totally random, I happened upon this one:
"Dryer’s" Ice Cream is what I knew as Edy’s back on the East Coast

Both look the same and probably taste the same, I just find it funny that they go through the trouble of branding entirely the same, having different names and then footnotes on the bottom that say they’re another brand in another geographical area. I’ll bet all this time Hellmann’s said so and Edy’s did too, I just never would have found it necessary to notice.