and now for that optimism

Yay!  I get to go back to a temp assignment I really enjoyed.
And, this weekend I plan to put in some time on my latest personal project…link to come…


quiet San Francisco

I think if I’d not been temping the past few weeks, I’d be further along in my job search. Though it’s been nice to get out, and meet potential employers, for the most part the reality is doing the miserable stuff no one else with ownership/accountability of a project wants to do. It’s also funny to me that most companies that make use of temps are big bureaucratic companies with unbelievably ineffective and resource-wasting hierarchies. It’s certainly an amusing vantage point when I come across something that inspires some ideas, but that’s not what they hire me for.

I last temped the summer before college and back then email wasn’t what it is now…I’d never known the identity crisis that comes with having an address of temp @ blank . com. I can’t help but feel a sense of failure at the end of most days. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful this limbo exists… I still have to pay my bills and this is allowing me to do that for the most part. I know things take time, but it really drags when you’re sitting at someone else’s desk. The weather is supposed to clear up after today and I’m sure with that will come a new sense of optimism.

Read This

Not just because she’s my friend, not just because I helped out with the website…you should read "Rock the Sham!" by Anne Maguire.