1 – Setback

18 days ago he told me he was "missing something".
13 days ago i boarded a flight to move back into my parent's home.
157 days after i moved to san francisco to be with him.
160 days after i said goodbye to my job in ny.
just about 1 year and 10 months since we got back in touch – after barely knowing one another for a short time in college 10 years ago







Date: Monday, August 23, 2004 12:2 AM
Subject: lordy
Message: hi…i'm late night friendstering, and somehow i
came across you looking for a friend of mine named
a. bizarre. you probably don't remember me,
but i knew you my freshman year at college. i
don't even remember your last name. i am curious to know what you are up to? where has life taken you?
i'm in nyc, plotting an escape most likely to philly.
anyway, take a minute and clue me in!


Laura Clapp - Leaving Nashvegas - Not for Me

Song: Not for Me, by Laura Clapp

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