18 – Identity Crisis

This photo – THAT is fake.
That was taken many years ago after the last big break up. Since I didn’t want anyone to see me cry (ever), I took some pictures of myself how I felt one day in seclusion, splashing water on my face, smearing my make-up…this falls under a term I once heard…”rated PG” (pretentious garbage)

So, Jack from The Get Jacked Podcast had some questions that he mentioned on his show…I respond.

Cab Ride
Ground Zero
Song: Love Spirals "Will You Fade"

Love Spirals Downwards - Ardor - Will You Fade




17 – Part 2 with Alex – Cars

Creator vs. consumer
Da Vinci code parallel to law to parallel to the nature of people
Alex totally gets the whole world of podcasting and it seems I may have snagged a future listener
We continue to ponder and hatch this little thought I had, and once again, alex articulates it better than this humble non-prosecuting Podcaster
Car marketing
Lots of car talk
A few more sips of wine and I go even more A.D.D. and make even more sweeping generalizations which I now want to contradict myself on listening back
Roles Royce, Honda, Acura and numerous other car terms I’m not familiar with.
And just when we start to talk GREEN, I change the subject, go figure
Alex continues to stun me with his thoughts on podcasting
Anne Coulter
Scooby Doo
Law School enlightenment
Full Circle
Alex makes an ugly math equation out of me
Mom calls and we’ve babbled ourselves out
No Music This Time

Advance to: 17:00 if your eyes roll back at car chat, but I think Alex made some interesting points here

16 – Still All About Me – Part 1

Alex gives me props and I botch giving proper props to Aegis (again)
Aegis on PMN

Identity crisis / nickname debate

Alex works out his lawyerly twitchings and I show my verbal steamrolling tendencies…

Song: “Home Again”, by Amy MacClain


Alex figures out the destination of my rambling which is that I am without the feeling of a destination

Our thoughts on the mindset of the tri-state area

Song: “Space Rocks Keep Falling On My Head”, by Away With the Fairies

Away With The Fairys - We´ve Been Had - Space Rocks Keep Falling On My Head

Our A.D.D. brings us to Pluto and then back to NY again

And though alex is not gay…I had to cut the conversation here, since we abruptly moved to a new topic and this was a long night of chat.

Stay tuned for part 2…


15 – Incongruous

Please bear with the technical difficulties. I know most other podcasts sound better as they get their sound figured out, somehow I manage to mess this up, too.

Two other things that are going on around me that make me realize how miniscule my problems are.

Mom in the proverbial house.

missomething@gmail.com – because who doesn’t love to get email

Song “Another Day”, by MAKAR

Makar - 99 Cent Dreams - Another Day


Song “ Whether I’m Wrong”, by Allison Crowe

Allison Crowe - Live at Wood Hall - Whether I'm Wrong



14 – Popping P’s

My computer has fallen and it can’t get up. I can’t get my headset to work with Audacity any more and so this one was recorded on an iRiver…with many popping p’s and b’s, which is really irritating, I know.

Updates soon on the makeover as it will be in the very near future. If you can see the picture I set in itunes, it was taken after my last massive chop a number of years ago.

Some thoughts on what I’ll be looking for in the less near future.

"Run and Hide" by Barry Price – www.barrypricemusic.co.uk


13 – Ghosts

I need to re-record another sort of intro…because I DID find a job! And I wish the got the email before I hit record, because Aegis cleared up the pronunciation that I botched
"it’s pronounced "ee-gis", but everybody say "ay-gis"
My Jersey City voicemail ramblings that I so wish I recorded on my new iRiver
Song: "Here Nowhere", by Geoff Smith

Geoff Smith - Geoff Smith and the Tonewheels - Here Nowhere

I chronicle my Jersey City expidition and wind up sounding like "that girl" (again)
The weekend continues and I spend a second night out on the town and wear poopy pants
I realize I’m not really ready to circulate in the general population, especially amongst those who are so good to me
Song: "Sea of a Million Faces", by Allison Crowe

Allison Crowe - Live at Wood Hall - Sea of a Million Faces

and I probably offend everyone who calls Brooklyn home, but I don’t mean it that way, I swear…



The Jersey Toddshow is one of my faves…and he was so kind as to ask me to record a little sumfin to play. Thanks Todd!

Jersey Toddshow #49

12 – Homecoming

I have the house to myself and though I have a ton of music lined up that I’m dying to share…I want to get this out there while I have the time to. I rant a little bit about commuting and get excited about overnight stays closer to NYC. The latest in the Alex saga – he’s pissed me off beyond caring to stay in touch. I move on and suggest you listen to Jersey Todd, he’s great. 9/11 and life in NY trauma. I end on yet another little rant realizing I need a makeover, maybe we can make podcast history and I can be the first Frankenstein podshow makeover.


11 – Picky Eater

My first week at work

PSA – 1800-784-2433






Bloom - All That Is - Falling

Mark Mallman - Between the Devil and Middle C - Tell Me How a Man Gets Close to You

Munk - Severed - Blow Away

I'm still playing with format, it's still a bit sloppy, but I'm figuring out what it is that I'm aiming for…for now at least.


scenic california

A and I just got back from a lil road trip. We drove down to L.A., spent a few days visiting with friends, and decided to take two days for the return trek.

First, we drove North-East to Tehachapi, a town near the historic Tehachapi Loop (inspired by my Father’s model railroading hobby). From an afternoon in the mountains, we went back West toward the ocean – and found out that Big Sur is not so much a town name, but a description of the region that stretches from Cambria to Monterey.

We stayed the night in Cambria and woke up this morning to more rain unfortunately (and the sound of a cow). We made the best of it and wandered along Highway 1 along the coast. In between drizzles, we got to watch the seals here and then finally tore ourselves away to continue North until we were sent back in a town called Ragged Point due to Highway 1 being shut down. Carmel will have to wait for another day, which is no bad thing considering I’m going to be hard pressed not to find excuses to return to paradise on a regular basis.