26 – Happy Places

I decided I need a new sound card and a shiny new mic and then I did it…I decided instead to replace my (no longer so) trusty old lappy with a sexy new Vaio. No more popping p’s or I just won’t post it, I promise.

Neil Gaiman

If you haven’t noticed I gush when I’m excited about stuff and I kiss the asses of those I heart.
I should never read poetry aloud…and I can’t say ghosts.

Motion Sick

Happy Places

Italy Pics

Song: "Citizens Of The World" by, Daphne Rubin-Vega


Laura cracks me up

Angsty Nicole – the new action figure from Matel. She walks, she talks and comes with a soundtrack that includes the Cure, Morrissey, Nine Inch Nails and Nina Simone.


Angsty Nicole also features rapid action reflexes and can claw your eyes out with the press of a button, watch her as she beats up on poor defensless nerds. Angsty Nicole also comes with a diary that chronicles her life and times.



25 – Sweet and Furry

Lexi – the new puppy

Song: "The Dog Song", by Little Thom

Little Thom

red sox

Song: "Why Don’t You See" by Blake Morgan

Blake Morgan & Lenny Kravitz - Anger's Candy - Why Don't You See



Not only has she become a friend, I heart Blarm!

Blarm! – Show #41


23 – Oh Baby

-Baby Thomas Matthew is here.
Huge Congratulations to Mama Missy and Daddy Matt!
I play a message that arrived shortly after he joined us on the outside, sadly my internet connection ate some of it – he was actually born at 6:11pm and weighed 6lbs, 7ounces.

-Birthday eve…
-Throwing balls around…
-stupid girl at work reporting for duty…"you match the wall" and other intelligent statements

Song: "Waste Another Night" by My Little Radio

My Little Radio - My Little Radio - Waste Another Night

Check out Blarm!


-crossing my fingers to adopt a gorgeous puppy
-stupid people on the subway


Song: "Crack Open Your Gorgeous Face", by Semi Precious Weapons

Semi-Precious-Weapons - The-Precious-EP - Crack Open Your Gorgeous Face




22 – Pieces

No, I wasn’t sitting in front of a jet engine…that’s my hard drive….and, I don’t know how to fix it. Seems to be a new audio issue each week…so frustrating.
But I will not be deterred…

Ditched the Semi Precious Weapons show…because I have no friends.


Been busy with the new job and building a humble lil Something Missing site.

Autumn is the man in my life at the moment. Nicole hearts Fall.

Song: “Little Pieces” by Uncle Seth



Song: “Missing Piece” by Meg Allison

Meg Allison - Missing Piece - Missing Piece

A fun new job and a fabulous bathroom makes all the difference.

My ugly old apartment (that I miss)

Jersey Jamcast podcast