30 – Nostalgia

minor walmart mischief

thanksgiving doldrums

friday night funk

10 year high school reunion


the romance of place



Song: "Goodnight", by Davide Mattucci


Dog is my Copilot

29 – Looking Forward


turkey time = family time

puppy update

Laura and Brett and High School reunion on the horizon
I’m not the only one living at home these days

some things i’m learning

Song: "With the Sky", by Noen

Yay for cat sitting, 2 weeks in December of pseudo-independence




28 – Yes

self doubt – if you’ve ever tried to podcast, you’ll recognize the quandary

i rehash the whole break up – it has been really hard lately

i miss my old bed

i love semi precious weapons
i hate hate
I love Magnetic Baby

Semi Precious Weapons - The Magnetic EP - Magnetic Baby

what the fuck is with the audio problems?

Vote for Lee Alexander at musciansatlas.com

Dawn and Drew and BT and Crispin Glover





I order my udon noodle soup
today I try chicken, even spicier than last time
the humid sesame broth can no longer be considered
a remedy for my nervous tummy
but, I’m getting better with chopsticks

it’s not as good as I remember it
and, I remind myself out of habit
that I don’t much care for soup

I have a book open in front of me,  though my eyes are focused
on the goings-on around my table
I realize
I’m there to see him, and I hope he sees me this time
I’m wearing a skirt, I never wear skirts anymore
my skin is clear and I feel confident
despite the rain, it’s a good hair day

I feel predatory
determined to be obvious
this time
i will catch his eye and somehow get up from the table if need be
to say hello

“you’ve lost that loving feeling”
I’m singing along in my head

“what are you doing?”  I’ve stopped singing
and you say you don’t live in the past
‘the past’ makes me think of Alex
and I remember my hysterical bout of sobbing saturday night
and how the cats watched me
and the length of time – this past stretch between break downs
no, I’m not ready
for boys I’ve yet to meet or courage to face boys I’ve known before
I’m just bored
and my romance with soup is growing stale

so, I stand up, to gather my things
and realize that I’ve got a little problem
I have a puddle in my lap, on the front of my skirt
I thought I was more graceful this time, barely a splash as noodles and vegetables
fell back into the broth

“you’re ridiculous”
i walk, hoping my jacket covers the wet spot
i am alert, hoping not to run into co-workers or anyone I know

it is only Monday
surely I might run into him tomorrow
or the next day


27 – Udon

Udon Noodle Soup

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Song: "Better Him Than Me", by Lee Alexander

Lee Alexander - Out of Place - Better Him Than Me

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"Live Who You Are"

Song: "Affliction", by Dan Anibal

Dan Anibal - The Circus - Affliction