33 – Double Trouble

Girl talk with Dolly



32 – Christmas

New microphone!

Podcasting from Park Slope, dog sitting on a difficult holiday.

So disorganized…

As if my Sony Vaio wasn’t the most awesomest generous christmas gift, I got the full Macguyver collection on dvd!

Check out the Toddies!

Thanks! Lee Alexander






Happy Holidays!

I was all set to come to Brooklyn (new dog sitting gig) and record tonight…only after battling the holiday shoppers, complete with giant suitcase – to buy a shiny new mic and really put some time into making at least the audio quality (or lack thereof) a little less painful to listen to. I was thwarted…apparently the Chelsea BestBuy doesn't have much to offer in the realm of audio stuff. Tomorrow, on my way to Xmas Eve dinner I will trek to J&R and indulge in a holiday splurge for myself.

I hope everyone enjoys their time with family, opening presents, eating yummy food and watching the glittery lights.


31 – Suckiness

1:42 – 9:46 – psycho mess

Despair is NOT an option

Giving – www.donorschoose.org

Thanks for the encouragment Jack!

Song: "Over Again", by Rebecca Loebe

Rebecca Loebe - Hey, It's a Lonely World - Over Again

Fun with anagrams
an·a·gram – [an-uh-gram] noun, verb
a word, phrase, or sentence formed from another by rearranging its letters

Bus Shelters Get Cookie Smell article




It's been a particularly emotional week. 
And my mother has just informed me that she plans to give the puppy away. 
As if it's not bad enough I'm stuck living with them…I told her when she was planning to adopt this thing that if her "trial period" ending badly I'd take it personally…seeing as I too was loved and then "let go".
After stacking disappointment on top of grief, on top of the general rigors of life and so on, you just don't care to use words.


Update:  The puppy stayed