Something Found #4

Something Found – this week a listener wrote an impressively love email where questions and comments were itemized for each show I’ve posted. Because I’m lazy and because it inspired some topics for babble – here’s my response.

It was raining out and I’m once again sick, now drink up the airborne and enjoy.

Something Found #3

…forgive me, I fell down a well – that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Free mass transit fare, Pump Energy Kitchen, losing weight, my short hair, being incognito, Fall, time outside with friends (and booze), giggling, Dana / Blarm / Wankergirl, chapstick, being a squatter, beer, THE BEACH, family reunions, swimming in the ocean, chronicling, celebration, “Monopoly" money, MTV’s Fat Camp, being too cool for “that”, Hercules, taking time off when I need it, pleasing myself…

Being sour grapes, taxi strike in NY, smelly boy dirty laundry smell, Boratisms, laundry laziness, bad days at work, feeling burned out, gaining weight, bad photos, migraines, when friends are hurt, being without chapstick, not rinsing after exfoliating, new “Monopoly”, cell phones at summer camp, when take-out goes bad, doing it “wrong”…

To have people do my laundry for me, a haircut, to be uninhibited, a new chapstick, “Monopoly” not to progress, to not be the old person, to fight authority at slumber camp, brown rice with tonight’s dinner, to figure it all out, to do it “right”, feedback on what you Love!…

A few minutes of my long walk in the sand and surf.