• GoogleDocs, I will never take thee for granted again. I love you. 
  • I know two podcasters who should twitter to one another. Cntrl C Cntrl P. Rinse . Repeat.



  • I want to remove my right eye, rinse it under the faucet and pop it back in.


  • Rain Rain Go Away!
  • My phone causes that digital interference when I walk past interactive Christmas decorations. It pleases me to interfere.
  • It appears to be some national holiday where ex-whatevers get in contact to tell you about their current romances. I must mark my calendar.




  • Why does my mother keep screaming "bubbles and soap"?
  • a wicked case of the mean reds
  • …for the record, I’m not speaking in code about periods.


emoticon stamp

Originally found on ThinkGeek

You can purchase one at Strapya World.

"Let’s communication!"


  • Dana made me do it
  • thinking of ‘the project’ while a passenger in laura`s car
  • Ed McMahon has badly behaved dogs
  • If my tivo does not deceive me…the new Battlestar Galactica season is on tonight!
  • I don’t understand this "Razor" business.
  • The past is the past dammit. It’s a fake "new" episode. This is what I get for watching tv. I’m not bringing one when I move.


Something Found #6

The Veltz Family

The Veltz Family


The Awesome Hotel, or generally being unable to find a place to stay

A better way, or to not hunt narwhals