Mermaid Parade


or just a really creepy kid with no artistic skillz at all…
unearthing this school project circa second grade gave me a big giggle in light of my friendship with Dana, aka wankergirl from the great white North

which came first the chicken or the egg?

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wanderings and mutterings

Hanoi Rocks

YouTube is the ultimate on demand jukebox (see songza) and today I found myself looping Hanoi Rocks. By the time I became a fan in the late 80s they were already defunct and if not, a little obscure. I read metal magazines like boys my age read comic books and sought out the influences and likes of those I listened to. I remember my first solo trips to NYC were always to record stores (Bleeker Bobs, Second Coming, etc) where I coveted the imports and concert videos I found. At times, the pursuit of these things was like a long sought treasure hunt and only after a cassette tape was purchased might I find I didn’t like them at all (specifics long since forgotten).

I still love catching a recommendation by way of a mention, only now it’s often through Twitter or a conversation online…and the treasure hunt is only a few clicks away. I am both awed by the instant gratification and nostalgic for the adventure that finding things used to be.

As I See It

I’ve been combing through my disparate local and online archives and deciding what I want to keep and what not to.  This has been an ongoing internal conversation and I thought it might be nice to both share/rant a bit and also create a bit of a benchmark that I can come back and measure my opinion on later.

Mainly, I keep coming back to the words: As I See It.  I have had a number of blogs, online “home bases”, photo collections, etc – and I have used this title over and over. What it meant to me then still holds true.  When I take pictures, when I share them, when I twitter, etc– it has never been about getting the words or image “right” or creating/maintaining a persona – it’s been about documenting a moment in time that I can look back on and recall, or something I find amusing and think it might give a friend a smile.

When I see the amazing work and success of others around me, I am both inspired and humbled.  I feel a call to action, which for some reason has not stirred me to change my course.  I wonder why.  I question why I continue to navel gaze, disclose so much and otherwise continue to make it mostly about “me”.  Am I selfish, sure?  Am I narcissistic, I imagine healthfully so.  Am I transparent?  Probably to a fault.   Is it only the most insecure person who would refuse to do anything but generalize?  Do I walk the line on these things?  Absolutely.

I imagine my podcast, blog, photos, and social media updates to be dull to most.  I am keenly following the rhetoric regarding “personal branding”.  It fascinates me, worries me, and makes me realize that because I choose to share as I do – because I don’t have a clear or public specialty, it would and could be assumed that I am trapped in the adolescent activity of journaling.  But I suppose that is what I am figuring out and the difference that it is to really “know” me.


I now see the value of scooping up accounts on sites…
Due to my early online identity crisis, I lose track and have managed to confuse myself.

twitter – misssomething
seesmic – misssomething
skype – misssomething
gmail/talk – missomething
flickr – misssomething
blip – missomething

And so on, and so on