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Episode #9 – Relationships 2.0


In preparation for Podcamp Montreal, MissSomething and WankerGirl delve into the presentation they gave at Podcamp NYC. The topic “Relationships 2.0″ is about all those fun internet tools that allow us to meet new AMAZING friends, stay in contact with family and even find that special someone. As always, we babble, complain about the heat and plan the next WankerGirl/MissSomething meet up. Enjoy.


For extra fun you can follow along and watch the actual presentation below. How exciting!


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Note: A little shout-out to Levelator, for helping us out with our ridiclous audio editing challenges.



  • perfect day out, i really wish i felt better 8:48 AM
  • @01000101 12:25 PM #
  • @langley I’m curious to know if Richard Cheese is also pursueing removal of flattering videos (where he’s not being an asshat) 1:34 PM # 
  • It is important that Brian Ibbott of Coverville is given credit for a great party despite the unfortunate behaviour of Richard Cheese 1:37 PM
  • @deanwhitbread spend extra attention on the pink bits 3:14 PM #
  • today i blame sun chips, giving @wankergirl a day off 3:15 PM
  • banannie oooooh, whatcha reading? 3:17 PM #  
  • @Katie_Change let me know what your plans are. I plan to be around that weekend and would love to meet up. 3:21 PM # 
  • @jessiejessie @Katie_Change Awesome! Be warned, can’t afford much more than Scrabble at my place. Montrael soon, just got back from Vegas
    3:30 PM #
  • Last Richard Cheese ? of the day – Has anyone asked for permission to use video from Vegas?…i hold out hope – 3:42 PM
  • "0 torrents has been removed, and 0 torrents will ever be removed." just sayin… 3:44 PM
  • @giannii read http://averagesamaritan.wor… and http://www.geeknewscentral…. (to start) 3:49 PM #
  • @fidlr i just thought you were cheap ;) 3:52 PM
  • Feel like shit and just walked a few blocks in the wrong direction. Metaphor 7:17
  • I hear fireworks or maybe it is a shooting range flashback 8:41 PM
  • @creepysleepy & @robblatt AWFUL! Welcome to BK Rob & Amber. Holy shit, was just down that way. 10:44 PM
  • watching 10:47 PM
  • Good Vegas run down and chatter Live on 10:54 PM
  • @scheidel not a shot you are turning 39. mistype? i think you meant 28. 11:05 PM


  • @cc_chapman Hallelluljah to the anti manga avatar movement! 10:18 AM #
  • biting my tongue and lip. not a happy camper today. 1:32 PM
  • @sean808080 xactly. personally i do plan to let it spill, just need some time to make sure it’s measured. chin up :) 1:44 PM #
  • having another one of those raw nerves on the outside of my body being gone over by a cheese grater kind of day 2:28 PM
  • @obstructionist bite it! temporarily replaced "shirt"…which since i don’t wear shirts with words for the most part – seemed hypocritical 2:42 PM #
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  • @usermac I constantly mess with her paws. she is quite docile, just incredibly noisy. So if you can put up with the "MEOWNOOOO", no big deal 11:59 PM #
  • @tvilot my cats many scratching posts just seems to sharpen them. evil. but, success for now. 11:58 PM # 

Something Found – At Home

Romancing the stone a bit. I needed to check in/talk to myself and otherwise say Hello.

Hike at Mohonk Mountain