chayote and rat trap purchased for sheer amusement

 purchased at the grocery store for sheer amusement













many months of "time out ny" culled – recipes, places to go, diy, etc clipped for later .  cat incidental

many months of "time out ny" culled - recipes, places to go, diy, etc clipped for later

















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the green stuff

I woke up this morning to a bunch of city workers making a lot of noise outside.  It was nearly noon and I was actually a bit thankful for the wake up call.  I looked out the window and found they were re-planting a tree where one had fallen last Summer.



They worked quickly…as deftly as the NYPD had with their chainsaws unblocking the road and piling the branches and stumps that sat on the side of the road awaiting pick up for several weeks. 


My neighborhood is an amazing place of parallels and contradictions.  It makes perfect sense that in the season of growing – a tree would die, and in the season of snow and ice – life would be restored.


As the weather warmed I grew frustrated by the pile of rotting wood.  The smell was impossible to ignore and intensified each day.  Some very scary insects made their way into my apartment.  My cat didn’t even want to hunt them; she took to meowing insistently until I committed paper towel murder.  I called 311, tried filing health, safety, and parking complaints when I was told a request for tree removal could take up to a month.  In the end I think it took about 3 weeks and gave me great insight into just what happens when a tree falls in Brooklyn and how many city agencies have a lot of work to do.  Thankfully no one was hurt and the only property damage involved a few parked cars.




And now, a little tree begins to take root under the sidewalk, another part of the world that lies underneath New York City.  While the great city of NY was here with their truck full of trees, another truck full of dirt, a number of men with shovels and wheel barrows added a few more trees alongside the street – in the spaces where others have fallen victim to storms or the Asian longhorned beetle.


I am full of love for the city, the borough, and the neighborhood for their pride and gratitude for tree-lining the streets.  I watched them work, interacting with the neighbors and exchanging smiles and chatter.  I thought of MillionTreesNYC and foresee some tree planting and Arbor Day festivities in the coming year for me…



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