• Watching the fishlets in the bay. I am still hoping to spy a turtle before I leave. 10:15 AM

Watching the fishlets in the bay. I am still hoping to spy a turtle before I leave.

  • Barnegat Lighthouse. Climbed. 12:04 PM

Barnegat Lighthouse. Climbed.

  • View from the top of "Old Barney" 12:19 PM

View from the top of "Old Barney"

  • @damiella @obstructionist was on Long Beach Island. Now I head back to the concrete jungle. ;p  4:58 PM # #
  • Verrazano Bridge – back to Brooklyn, vacationette over 6:43 PM

Verrazano Bridge - back to Brooklyn, vacationette over

  • Proctology clinic with a sense of humour 9:10 PM


  • The naked 3 year old boy has the teenager’s retainer case. I suspect this will traumatize her. 10:55 AM
  • Wondering if I put aloe on my back before sunblock will negate the SPF. I need both. 10:58 AM
  • solitary 2:23 PM


  • I just learned via the country fudge shop that one should never refridgerate fudge. Keeps two weeks in ziplock bag. 9:14 PM
  • I had forgotten the sweet relief of the lovely ice cold snot consistency that is refrigerated aloe 11:15 PM


  • she’s hogging all the sleep in here 2:09 AM

she's hogging all the sleep in here

  • The weather outlook for Long Beach Island 7:05 AM

  • If you need me I’ll be down the block at the beach 12:52 PM

If you need me I'll be down the block at the beach

  • The freckles are out 2:47 PM
  • Confession: I am a failure at being idle. It is already making me a little bonkers. 4:52 PM
  • Watching fish jump in the dark and bucking reality. 9:13 PM


  • And then we realized we were both in the "my ex had a third nipple" club 12:27 AM
  • @chazfrench checks the vault 12:34 AM

@chazfrench checks the vault

  • @brad_fidler beam me to LA! 1:53 AM #
  • thou shall not covet thy mother’s iphone 10:15 AM
  • purses! made out of books! (via 11:37 AM
  • Google Voice – (424) 242 GEEK …. Yep. 12:43 PM
  • @usermac woohoo! google voice! 1:07 PM #
  • It is official. This time tomorrow I’ll be at the beach! ’til tuesday  1:11 PM
  • RT @robblatt New blog post: What Happens When Seesmic Kills Video? 4:38 PM
  • waiting for delicious to send you a link to reset your password is slow… zzzzzzzzzzz I think I just lost the motivation to get organized. 4:44 PM
  • Google, this voice thing you got going on has me squealing with delight. However, default spelling should be NICOLE not NICHOLE  7:41 PM
  • boomshine, boomshine, happy happy, boomshine 11:09 PM




Though I completely failed at organizing my bookmark mess today (no thanks to for failing to send me a password reset link when I requested one)…


I found an old favorite bookmark of mine that I hadn’t visited in a few years.  OMG!


I am (unnaturally) excited that I found out Boomshine is available for the iPhone.  Let me take a breath and try to explain why I’m so excited.  This simple zen little game has been a familiar friend when I just don’t want to think or talk.  Usually I resent distraction, but mousing my way through seems to nail the exact combination of  audio and visual goodness that brings the little hamster that runs the wheel inside my head to calm.  Though the web-based version is cluttered with google ads and generally not aestheticly pleasing – save for the flash window itself – the iPhone/Touch application is all I could have dreamed of (if I were the type to dream about electronic games).  It’s friendly, it’s simple, it’s pretty, and it’s incredibly direct.  You fail, you know it, the game doesn’t make a big deal of it.  You beat the level, there’s no fanfare.   Admittedly I’m projecting here.


















And to top it all off, I finally got my long awaited Google voice (formerly GrandCentral) invite.  I can now be reached at (424)242-GEEK.  I am a happy nerd.


  • i like video games. who knew? found out thanks to @theambershow and @robblatt while they let me use their washer and drier. thanks guys! 1:44 AM
  • i swore i wouldn’t become nocturnal. i swore it. dammit! 3:23 AM
  • Remember that time they let you view the IP addressees editing Wikipedia? That was fun. 10:33 AM
  • Confession: I found myself taking notes on daytime tv today. 12:38 PM
  • Hey Podcasters – I really like it when you set your feed to display ALL. If I subscribe in Itunes I want to see everything. 1:55 PM
  • anyone know what happened to @mayjah ? I miss her funnies. 3:35 PM
  • Dear fellow neighbors and urbanites, Kindly cut the shit with the fireworks and toys that sound like gunshots. No good will come of this. 3:57 PM
  • I wonder how many of the people in this video will turn out to Times Square tonight for the Thriller flash mob 4:07 PM

  • OH "I bet people have gotten laid because of that lobby" 8:30 PM
  • @jeffhinz – @theambershow has lipstick, @sukhjit has spraypaint and I am running out of ways to tell them the walls are not a blank canvas 9:11 PM
  • As God is my witness, I’ll never wear white again. 11:08 PM
  • # RT @bitchcakesny: Some photos of tonight’s sunset sky behind NYC and stunning clouds after the thunderstorm… Brooklyn 11:56 PM

photo by bitchcakesny

Twitter – my personal primer and objection handler

I believe twitter, like many websites and platforms, social or not – is a personal experience.  When I first heard about twitter a few years ago I didn’t get it.  When I signed up for it, I still wasn’t convinced I needed or wanted to look at or use it.  Over the past year and a half twitter has come to mean a lot of things to me personally, many of which may not be the same 2, 6, or 12 months from now.  I’m not going to write a love song about it or try to define it here.  I am also firmly against dialogue about right and wrong ways to use a tool, in fact I think a lot of the twitter babble and buzz has turned more people off to twitter, than on to it. But, that is another story entirely…


There are many great articles, videos, and books out there to get started.  I put this together because I’m having this conversation more and more often and thought it might be useful for those who ask (and maybe to some who don’t.)


Here are some of the ways I have personally found twitter valuable:



Keeping up to date on topics relevent and interesting to me.  Follow and Unfollow is simple.  If your twitter stream is boring you, then you probably need to dig a little deeper or drop some of the accounts you are following.


Staying in touch with friends (and many others)

Though I think facebook is brilliant and powerful, what works best for me is to to limit facebook to people I have spent "face" time with on some level.  I prefer to use twitter a bit more broadly.



I am not shy, but I am not without my share of social jitters and often feel out of my comfort zone at a party, conference, or "networking event."  There is something a lot easier about meeting someone who you know "something" about, even though you may not KNOW them.  For many this can feel "creepy" at first, but I would counter that creeps are everywhere and if you have a single friend in this world, you took a chance somewhere along the line.  Part of what has always pained me about "networking" is forced conversation and the stock questions and topics you (too often) find yourself talking about.  When one person in a conversation has been following the other, or even if its simply the ability to follow them on twitter after meeting in person, the discussion often skips past a lot of that painful b.s.



I’m a journaler.  I like having a record of my past.  Through 140 character updates I have been able to record links I find interesting/funny/useful quickly.  I share observations, photos, videos and otherwise burden the world with my babble.  This is made incredibly easy by the ability to compose a simple text message to the number 40404 or through the countless excellent twitter applications you can install on your phone or computer, or simply by going to



- I use twitter more and more as a news source or prompt to seek out information.

- Search  See what others have to say about you, your brand, or anything.

- Post a question.  Maybe someone in your network knows.



I realize blogs (and blogging) are not for everyone and since the advent of "twitter like" status updates on facebook I have had many folks tell me that they simply don’t care to know about others.  While this baffles me, I think no one who’s actually said this to me fundamentally means it …the 140 character limit and flexibility to follow as many people you want (or don’t want) provides a quick way to scan bite size bits of information.  If you have no time for twitter, try making a habit of checking it while on the toilet (be careful – don’t drop electronics in the bowl or tub and practice good hygiene please!)


Text Messaging

I have found twitter to be indispensable while at conferences.  Where I may not have phone numbers or email addresses for people I meet or want to give my own out readily, I have both arranged meeting places/details and gotten information on everything from schedule changes to where I needed to be via twitter direct messages (ie: DMs).  You can set twitter to allow direct messages (read private messages) to come as text messages to your cell phone.  If you have someone’s username and if they are following you, simply texting D username to 40404 will send a private message to someone.  In my experience, most folks have DMs set to go through to their phones and this has replaced about 25% of my use of email.


“But…I have nothing to say”

  • Sign up –
  • Choose to be yourself (or not).
  • Choose to protect your updates if you want to restrict who views what you post.  You can always change it later.
  • Use a photo.  If you don’t want your mug online…choose something. anything.  no one likes the default avatar.
  • Allow twitter to cross reference your email and facebook contacts.  This allows you to see who you "know" is already on twitter.  Follow the prompts correctly and it will not spam your address book and no one will be the wiser that you are on twitter (if you are still hung up on that)…unless you choose to follow someone.  There is a setting in twitter that allows a user to determine if they want email notifications when they have a new follower.
  • Be patient or jump right in.  If you have nothing to say, don’t.  You might find youself wanting to respond to things you see.  Simply post a message with @username or hit the rounded arrow next to a post – this acts as a reply.
  • Click on things.  You can see the accounts that others follow.  When you find an account worth following, see who they follow, and so on.
  • Browse, one of many "twitter directories"

"I don’t understand what I’m looking at!"

The twitter interface is a good place to start.  The basics:


Keep in mind there are many ways to interface and interact with twitter, consider using an application –


Check out Twitter for Dummies or any of the other many resources out there.  This is by no means a comprehensive "how to."


  • # I #blamedrewscancer for all my complaints seeming really stupid 12:16 AM
  • @ChazFrench Seriously? You might want to get that looked at.12:22 AM #
  • @filmbrain I mentioned to @langley I was watching "Team Picture" – a few minutes later we figured out his ex is in it. It is a small world. 1:09 AM
  • often think of pets as stuffed animals come to life. I only just realized how backwards that logic is. 3:06 AM
  • @spin I KNOW. I just broke the news to my teddy bear. 3:10 AM #
  • @bronwen I am one of the many who spilled the beans to @wankergirl Also, love this sorry I missed it live 1:44 PM #

  • Stoned wallabies make crop circles (via @semipermgirl) 4:11 PM
  • When will online systems recognize my last name so I can be consistent? Programmers listen – Many last names have a . in them. 4:40 PM
  • I filed for unemployment. It made me cry. Determined to get off the dole as quickly as I got on it. 5:29 PM
  • @wankergirl I imagine in front of you is a firing squad of clowns who are trying to measure your height 5:36 PM #
  • RT @charleshope I am watching my childhood vanish before my eyes 5:52 PM
  • @brad_fidler I find your post modern "coverage" of the coverage of the Michael Jackson story compelling. 5:54 PM #
  • @charleshope for some. I liked your earlier post re: childhood. saw a lot of premature statements that felt like a grotesque "first" race. 6:38 PM #
  • @rojopelo HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE! 7:40 PM
  • My friends are magic – "I am going to the shore next week for the week. We have a big house and everyone in my family is coming. Come!" 7:46 PM


  • The DEP just pulled up in front of my house with flashing lights. Wonder what that’s about…. 1:47 AM
  • HA  11:57 AM

Your name still comes up at work whenever something goes horribly wrong and we don't want to take the blame

  • @ChrisCavs We are not the only ones with untweeted twitter files. I say one day we all swap and tweet each others. 12:20 PM #
  • Very disappointed by cafe grumpy’s no laptop policy. 4:59 PM
  • 675 Bar. I like. 8:44 PM

675 Bar. I like.


  • @jeffpulver loved the post on #140conf made me nostalgic for those two great days! 12:05 PM
  • Last week I found an angel medallion in the change slot of a vending machine. trying to think where I should leave it for the next person. 12:28 PM
  • I just bought an excess of mismatched plates and glasses. Insert cliche here. 3:49 PM
  • Talking SFand BK crime with @theambershow @robblatt @sukhjit et al My locks are tricky, maybe I can keep them. 10:35 PM


Quality brainstorming with @danpatterson . Thanks to so many for so much today. 10:57 PM


  • Happy Day to you Fathers! 11:27 AM
  • On the LIRR, Locust Manor is such an unpleasant name for a town. 1:17 PM
  • My brother just misread "human reproduction" as "human reduction" on a sign and said "what kind of hospital is this? "2:26 PM
  • After I gave him a mirror and he saw he asked us to leave 3:51 PM
  • still not sure how I feel about guns. Celebrating Father’s Day with the fam. 7 6:35 PM

still not sure how I feel about guns. Celebrating Father's Day with the fam.

  • If I wasn’t unemployed I’d stop in a store and buy an umbrela. A little rain never hurt anyone, right? 7:57 PM
  • # On losing my job (and my awesome friends) #unemployed 10:38 PM

Letting Go

Being “let go” from a job is unsettling, disruptive and just downright strange.  I could feel it coming and fully understood the inevitability, I even packed and brought a bag of things from my desk home the night before I expected that dreaded call to come from the boss’s office.  Before I left for work on Friday I grabbed an extra duffel bag so that I wouldn’t have to ask people for bags or boxes and drag out the awkward “packing of the desk” for those around me.  I’ve seen many layoffs over the past nine years.  Some fueled by the bubble burst, some acquisitions, some related to the economic downturn after 9/11, and many in the past year.  I was prepared in some ways, but couldn’t allow myself to fully accept it in regards to my own harsh financial realities


The conversation itself was surreal, made slightly less painful for me as I had chanted a silent pep talk to myself during the commute and while I wondered when the call would come or if I was just being paranoid.  I had an amazing opportunity to work with and for people I genuinely like and respect.  I was very lucky for that fact alone, let alone all that I learned during my tenure with my former employ.  I was determined to stay positive and almost wanted to make them feel better about it as the four of us sat there awkwardly having “the talk.”  I smiled.  They probably thought I was a lunatic or happy to leave, which I wasn’t.  I know how difficult it is to end a relationship, any relationship, and I just didn’t want them to feel any worse about it.

I packed up my desk and personal files quietly, and thought of all the times I wasn’t the one who had been given a manila folder with a separation agreement; sitting at my desk in the craze of the grind, acting like all was well when clients called,  trying to think of the right things to say, how I could help, and dreaded when someone broke down crying.  I was stealth, I sat in front of my computer with something like 60,000 emails filed in Outlook.  I started to delete them and then realized they were backed up on servers anyway and that I had nothing to hide, and so I left them.  I cleaned the cache of my browser for any saved passwords, picked up my bags, and headed toward the door.  There were hugs and words of encouragement, but mostly I honestly felt okay and tried to resolve putting off panic until the next week.


Since I knew I’d be leaving early one way or another, (summer fridays = early dismissal) I had made lunch plans to meet some friends at the Shake Shack in Madison Square Park, but first had to head to Brooklyn to drop off the contents of the nearly 3 years of my last work-life.  I lugged two big bags homeward and felt as though I was wearing the working wounded equivalent of the scarlet letter on my chest.  When I got home I broke the news to my cat, she wasn’t impressed.  I tried to respond to all the heartening replies and direct messages sparked by stating I’d lost my job on twitter (from my phone as I had been in the elevator leaving my former office.)  I called my Mom at work and probably ruined her day.


As I left my apartment, I grabbed a package of “Hello My Name Is” badges.  On the first one I scribbled UNEMPLOYED.  That felt harsh, so while I was on the subway I struggled with a concise title for what I “am.”  First I thought, Media Marketer, but that seemed too generic, Then I thought Media Production and Strategy…hmmm, sounded a little trite, Project Manager, yes, but that could mean anything. I thought about the titles I’ve held in the past – Creative Operations and Marketing Intelligence, but still wasn’t satisfied and I was running out of labels to write on.  Finally, once I’d made it to the park and run the dilemma by my friends, they chose the one they liked best, and we scribbled MEDIA STRATEGIST FOR HIRE on the label and slapped it on my shirt. 


My friends’ sense of humor and kindness inspire me to keep mine on straight.  They accept me and even appreciate me for who I am, job or not.  I spent the afternoon with amazing women, some of us gainfully employed, some of us not.  I never imaged I’d be laughing so soon after basically having begun the second, different sort of break up of the past few months.  The afternoon wore into happy hour and then dinner, and I was astounded as more friends joined us, the generosity of everyone as they treated for cabs and drinks and dinner.


I think of people with homes, cars, and things they saved up to buy and are at risk of losing, and families with children they have to worry about feeding and clothing.  It’s hard to feel bad about possibly having to leave my beloved apartment and neighborhood and possibly needing to move in with my parents, even though it is and will be fundamentally unpleasant – I refuse to lose track of how incredibly blessed I am.


I had sent out my draft resume to a few friends before I’d left my apartment and before I even got back I had feedback waiting for me.  I had one friend tell me she spent the day wracking her brain trying to find ways she could help, she and husband, unemployed as well, offered for me to use their washer and dryer in order to save money at the laundromat.  I did my weekly grocery shopping and keeping in mind that my paycheck will run out and I cannot live on unemployment alone, I tried to buy as much food as possible spending as little money as I could.  I sacrificed quality and though I’d thought about it before, it really terrified me that people make those decisions every day for themselves and their families.  I attempted to eat my first cheap pot pie and literally couldn’t stomach it.  I made a comment on a twitter and immediately had an offer for a tokbox conversation and brainstorm.  I caught up with a friend across the country and she gave me great actionable advice.  I took notes about how the grocery sales start on Tuesday and that the tilapia at Trader Joe’s is not as bad as their salmon.
(post on all the tips I received and find myself coming soon)


When I finally had a good cry out of total exhaustion, it wasn’t out of feeling sorry for myself of self-pity or even panic, I cried out of being so overwhelmed with how fantastic, amazing and wonderful my friends and family are.  Don’t worry about saying “you’re sorry” about this, if you’re close to me, you’ll know there are and have been far more upsetting things in my life – but like everything else in all our lives, we’ll get through it.  Personally, I hope to always choose grace and appreciation over bitterness and wallowing (though I won’t say I won’t have my moments) and everyone around me has taught me, it’s not exactly my default setting.


Enough of the sap, I have to get my résumé in order.


As my wise friend Laura once said:
“F-this Oprah nicey-nice puppy dogs and ice cream stuff. I’m all motorcycles and machine guns."


photo thanks to @bronwen


  • I’ve found @AnnCurry ‘s twitter stream more valuable then my old news bookmarks since the #140conf 10:59 AM
  • About to marry my old office marbles with the ones I have at home. My amazing former coworkers amassed quite a collection 1:42 PM

About to marry my old office marbles with the ones I have at home. My amazing former coworkers amassed quite a collection for my desk over the years.

  • watching what trickles out of Iran on youtube and twitter makes me wonder what "news" is, if I’ve ever seen it, or if it’s being redefined 2:49 PM
  • This blows my mind One of my twitter posts became a prompt for the new media exhibition #SecondHand 3:25 PM
  • RT @newmediajim Dear Twitter anyone who combines "Tehran" "Mousavi" "basij" with obvious make money spam should be shown the door… 3:34 PM
  • @philcampbell someone went grocery shopping hungry. your musing about the zombies gave me a much needed laugh :) 4:44 PM #
  • i could use some eating on the cheap tips. carbs/chemicals are cheap and protein and healthy/organic stuff more expensive. 9:20 PM
  • @faboomama It startled me to go to Trader Joe’s yesterday and think…wow, this is expensive. Random fact, 2 buck Chuck is 3 in NYC. 9:24 PM #
  • Since I declared my unemployment on twitter I’ve gotten a really icky amount of twitter spam and followers with "make money online" schemes 9:25 PM
  • @faboomama I’m on tokbox if you have a few to extol some wisdom :) 9:28 PM #
  • @alanpf thanks! avoiding conventional peaches, apples, bell peppers, nectarines, strawberries, cherries, grapes, spinach, lettuce, potatoes 9:32 PM #



  • what happens in a super hero’s dream? 12:34 AM

  • It’s another one sock morning. went to wikipedia to find an appropriate cricket reference, but wound up realizing there wasn’t one to be had 7:51 AM
  • Anyone hiring? I just lost my job. #unemployment 11:10 AM
  • I’ve never been let go before, usually I’m the one who survives the layoffs. Strange and unfamiliar. #adventure 11:18 AM
  • 5pm @rshotel (Roger Smith Hotel) come have a drink and wish me luck on the job search 3:16 PM
  • @rshotel after a day 6:50 PM

  • It has barely been an afternoon and already I have totally lost track of the hours and sense of time #unemployment 8:11 PM
  • Feeling fortunate for amazing friends online and off. Thanks for all your encouraging words, goofy jokes, and hugs. 11:36 PM



  • I got seconds from @doverbey (hugs perverts), now I head homeward bound. Sloppy kisses #140conf – it was fun! 12:05 AM
  • pondering the idea of a beautiful life 1:21 AM
  • the overall theme of my friendster inbox "hi hello im interested u to married" mildly amusing to check once a year 5:42 PM
  • @bronwen I am too uptight to dance, but something tells me had I gone out with you @Sukhjit and @1indienation I might have let go :) 11:03 PM #
  • Have we given up on living on Earth already ? I really want to give Antarctica a whirl before quitting this planet 11:08 PM
  • @sarahcooley I have an "untweeted" google doc. Strange how that happens, right? Once I used this space to speak without consequence. 11:10 PM #
  • 15 out of the past 18 days NYC has had rain. 11:19 PM
  • @ChrisCavs just don’t forget a condom 11:43 PM #
  • #squarespace quite honestly, right now I want the new i…(s) so I can try the @12seconds video app when it comes out 11:52 PM



  • I always knew it would be fun and games til one of us wound up in prison. 12:16 AM
  • NYPD, we are not on good terms this evening. 12:33 AM
  • Note to tourists – having a knife in your pocket will get you a court date #freethesolster 12:38 AM
  • #140conf annex Manhattan district court 12:40 AM
  • plucked @sizemore from his slumber 12:58 AM
  • "when was caring not a real job?" @garyvee #140conf on the statement that people don’t have time do their job and interact online 1:14 PM
  • "the internet is only 14 years old as we know it. it hasn’t even had sex yet" @garyvee #140conf 1:15 PM
  • RT @alanpf: @MissSomething Then Internet is the most precocious little bitch. United States porn pages: 244,661,900. 1:54 PM
  • "I basically have to take a shit" story time with @wyclef #140conf "My stomach is basically killing me" audience member "killing me softly" 2:47 PM
  • "I feel like I’m in the Jetsons, everyone’s got a computer in front of them" @wyclef #140conf 2:56 PM
  • Dear MEN, (though I love to rub up on the boys) when you are in public and next to a stranger, close your legs and don’t hog the arm rest 4:11 PM
  • @barnstormed you get a seat-mate gold star 4:21 PM
  • The empire state building is red white and blue tonight 11:03 PM
  • @theambershow OMG passive aggressive much? 11:55 PM #
  • Watching some girl clench at lucky strike, NYC 11:57 PM



  • Irony. Cat’s got my virtual tongue. #140conf 9:10 AM
  • "we’re not each on our own farm anymore" @timoreilly #140conf 9:31 AM
  • why do i have a sudden urge to invest in a really nice set of encyclopedias? 9:43 AM
  • RT @Documentally: Streaming from the #140conf – LIVE at 9:51 AM
  • I may or may not have worn bird shaped earrings today #140conf 10:10 AM
  • booo to no more "best week ever" and scifi changing to syfi #140conf 11:30 AM
  • "Are we getting a little precious with our tools?" #140conf 11:36 AM 
  • I’m having a hard time accepting that @someecards isn’t a transformer-like superhero mythical type being. #140conf 11:53 AM
  • Gentlemen, let @anncurry speak. @140conf 12:34 PM
  • a lot of these sessions keep coming back to the stuff and not the thing. the news, not twitter. awesome #140conf 12:47 PM
  • my stomach is eating itself and this panel is eating my lunch…but this panel could/should keep going. #140conf 1:13 PM
  • Segway at the coatcheck #140conf 1:35 PM
  • NYC duck tours?!?!?!? How have I never seen one before? 1:58 PM
  • "crowd sourcing killed punk rock" "people have awful taste" @1000TimesYes #140conf 3:14 PM
  • Will loiter for wifi  6:06 PM

  • "how long have I been talking?" @brad_Fidler #140conf 6:07 PM
  • @ajkeen must do voiceover work 6:18 PM
  • At the russian vodka room. Who knew? 7:15 PM

  • don’t date. mate! – @barnstormed 7:30 PM
  • @sizemore – @obstructionist and I are chanting your name in a bar. Are you coming out? 7:47 PM
  • I feel like I should care 10:02 PM

  • OMG herding cats 10:06 PM
  • @wankergirl can’t. @sizemore is off trying on dresses somewhere in NYC. 10:26 PM
  • @sizemore @bronwen has a message for you – and it involves terrible things I shall not speak of. 10:41 PM #



A man with a banana peel did this

  • Dear MTA, when you are good you are good, when you are bad you are oh so very bad 10:43 AM
  • Bringing a bottle of wine to another newly unemployed friend. Cheers! 6:29 PM
  • With no scientific evidence to back my theory, I have a hunch that there are more sexual deviants in NJ than NY 7:49 PM
  • shadows and light and stuff 11:10 PM

shadows and light and stuff



  • In Williamsburg #coap2009 1:01 AM

In Williamsburg #coap2009

  • 6 hours. The supermarket light seems cruel. #coap2009 2:07 AM
  • Going on 8.5 hours #coap2009 3:18 AM

Going on 8.5 hours #coap2009

  • Starting to see sesame street characters walking around Williamsburg. Delerium? Game? Hipsters? #coap2009 3:29 AM
  • Street Fighter 2 instructions come into play. #coap2009 4:00 AM
  • I think everyone should walk through the night once in their life 4:33 AM
  • @loudmouthman but have you hunted the great white whale? :) #coap2009 4:38 AM #
  • The game ended with a sign, written on it FIN. my team did not find it first, but damn we rocked. #coap2009 5:08 AM

Going to watch the sunrise now #coap2009

  • Going to watch the sunrise now #coap2009 5:19 AM
  • Williamsburg Bridge, sunrise 5:27 AM

Williamsburg Bridge, sunrise

  • It feels entirely possible (and probable) that when I get home and remove my wet boots two bloodied stumps will break off #trenchfoot 6:19 AM
  • @rojopelo be seeing you later, but have yet to go to bed 6:21 AM #
  • Now we’re killing (more) geese to prevent bird strikes? I want to know if the U.S. is the only country that does this. #fuckyeah 6:57 AM
  • I have to think of an appropriate violent end to the boots and backpack I walked all night with. They have wronged me. 2:18 PM
  • @robblatt Good Luck! Can’t wait to see it later. Tell Ricky I say hello. :) 3:07 PM #
  • The city is infested with awesome right now. Willing my feet to work. #ineedajetpack 3:15 PM
  • @robblatt did it bleed? 5:24 PM
  • if my neighbors look into my window right now they’d see a maniac sliding across the floor using the mop like a mic. soooo not like me 5:27 PM
  • tootsies wrapped, slippers on…heading to the @ambershow @robblatt house. aka the best hosts / fun makers in brooklyn 7:51 PM
  • OMG some woman named her kid Carvel! No offense to carvel (or the poor child) 8:08 PM
  • #blattbash wish YOU were here 10:08 PM
  • Who else has had a charliehorse during self love? 10:10 PM
  • @dannypayne I just asked your brother and doesn’t know either. WTF! It’s a cramp in your calf. #blattbash 10:16 PM #
  • When @rojopelo curses like a sailor angels get their wings 10:21 PM
  • @theambershow says "he looks so sexy in oven mitts" 11:15 PM


Williamsburg Bridge, sunrise

Going on 8.5 hours #coap2009


  • I still like using facebook as a very different entity from other things i do on the web. and it’s not even porn #prude 12:07 AM
  • that was like a really weak orgasm (facebook domain grab) 12:08 AM
  • NYC, if we’re going to be at odds like this today there better be hot make up sex later 2:08 PM 
  • took a nap in preparation for tonight’s great whale hunt 5:37 PM
  • Assembled for the great whale hunt #coap2009 8:14 PM

Assembled for the great whale hunt #coap2009

  • Making headway on our first clue… I think! #coap2009 9:12 PM
  • First clue is based on the periodic table and it is hard #coap2009 9:55 PM
  • @robblatt I would love to, we think it is cheating. :) 10:22 PM #
  • Mostly solved, with the help of GC #coap2009 10:25 PM

  • 2nd stop, GC at TEHUITZINGO #coap200 10:42 PM

2nd stop, GC at TEHUITZINGO  #coap200

  • Solved with the help of another item #coap2009 10:49 PM


  • We had to dance for our clue to Brooklyn #coap2009 10:54 PM
  • My team is a group of 5 strangers who registered without teams and they are awesome #coap2009 11:01 PM



  • TGI #flowerfriday 8:47 AM
  • Some days I am that girl snapping her gum on the subway #flowerfriday 9:45 AM
  • @rojopelo looking forward to it! (de) #flowerfriday 10:14 AM #
  • Enjoy the break in the clouds NYC #flowerfriday ♫ 10:47 AM
  • Because everyone looks lovely with a flower in their hair #flowerfriday @rojopelo power! 11:56 AM
  • @deanwhitbread cheers to your badass creativity #flowerfriday 12:00 PM #
  • @shaf has a link to the .png :) #flowerfriday (one day celebration) 12:04 PM #
  • earning my unfollows! #flowerfriday 1:26 PM
  • You can always #blamedrewscancer for #flowerfriday 1:45 PM
  • @theambershow @captaincrazy gets all the credit #flowerfriday 2:07 PM #
  • nerd pillow talk – I love the way you touch my #squarespace 2:44 PM
  • Your #flowerfriday flowvatars are cached at for posterity. Don’t forget the hashtag if you are celebrating frivolity 3:08 PM
  • (crushed) #flowerfriday 4:41 PM
  • does flickr really not allow untagging?!?!?!?!?! 6:30 PM
  • @Pishba Thanks for being a #flowerfriday friend. Everyone’s invited to be gorgeous! 6:41 PM
  • You can just feel it sometimes when you see a certain number on caller id. #griefnuts 7:20 PM
  • @sukhjit My Friday evening toast is to your Rocketboom reel. Crossing my fingers for you! 8:34 PM


  • No! no no! I think I hear a mouse. I need to sleep. The pet cat is on guard. Pleading ignorance. I #blamedrewscancer for mouse & ignorance 2:01 AM
  • See what you missed when you were blindfolded at the Oregon party 8:16 AM

  • If a deli only cooks egg beaters they should not be allowed to use pictures of real eggs on their menu 10:29 AM
  • RT @stevepurkiss Anyone print out emails unless they really need to? Nope, didn’t think so, so take that stupid sig off your email kthxbai 11:24 AM
  • @RaWeiss reference 12:13 PM #


V Day 2009

Valentine's Day gets a bad rap.   I am just about 4 months late putting togther a video of my lovely friends celebrating the occasion…albeit in total abject denial with a party commemorating the state of Oregon -




  • Who turned the birds on?!?! It’s 1am. 1:11 AM
  • Editing video from @theambershow and @robblatt ‘s party in February. Pin the Tail on the Beaver. Laughing so hard I can barely get it done 8:28 PM
  • dear family friend with breast cancer. my mother calls me and says "and she took a picture of her boobs and i thought of you" 10:13 PM
  • #BlameDrewsCancer for the entirely too many in my life that are so sick right now. 10:17 PM



  • My mom is a real pro at sneaking into her parent’s house. It is really funny having a slumber party with her at my grandparent’s. 1:06 AM
  • Thinking of internet memes in hospital gift shops 2:30 PM

Thinking of internet memes in hospital gift shops

  • Noticing all the overheard mobile convers on the train platform are to family. Wrapping up a weekend all about famiglia. 4:16 PM
  • @kosso watch your wallet. I got pickpocketed on that trolley. 4:25 PM #
  • Second time in a row I came back from a night away to an open refrigerator. Spiteful cat. 4:54 PM
  • @theambershow You SHOULD have. You guys have keys. 5:28 PM #
  • @desaraev Depends on what event you are headed to 5:56 PM #
  • @thesolster YAY! Your’e going to be in NYC too !?!? 6:03 PM #
  • my grandparents let me steal an amazing photo album of old photos. the scanning commences. 10:03 PM
  • one of many awesome old photos i snatched to scan today 10:17 PM

one of many awesome old photos i snatched to scan today


one of many awesome old photos i snatched to scan today