• Hipster Job…. awesome! (via @blahspam) 11:43 AM

  • Feeling like an unfortunate character in a Kafka novel #NYunemployement #phonesystem 4:12 PM
  • NY state employees must have summer fridays or something. 7 minutes to route to an operator and tells me to call back before 5pm. 4:39 PM
  • Lamenting my inability to attend Podcamp Boston next weekend with @wankergirl 8:59 PM
  • "After 9/11 I got a really paranoid about things falling out of the sky and asteroids got wrapped up in that and everything" (overheard) 10:12 PM
  • folding and cutting vellum snowflakes. rock n roll! 11:42 PM


  • Having a paper cutter blade peeking out of the bag slung over my shoulder is unnecessarily badass around Park Slope at any hour. 1:17 AM
  • When you buy a GoDaddy domain it now offers you to check if the same Twitter name is available. Synergy? 2:07 AM
  • @BrooklynHilary Are you trying to get prints of your own? 3:46 PM # 
  • @ZaphodCamden Holy Crap dude, I just saw this Incredible of you! Thank you! 6:28 PM #
  • @TheDiva And a sundress…with cute underwear underneath in case you get a little…giddy and they make an appearance. 6:33 PM  #
  • NYC, I am thrilled to share this humid walk with you 9:26 PM

NYC, I am thrilled to share this humid walk with you



  • TEDx in the NYC – 9:28 AM
  • I am understating my concern that three trucks from the Department of Environmental Protection appear to be raiding the house next door. 9:52 AM
  • @crazypants because of you, I now view the "david bowie treatment" as a worthy threat to wish upon my enemies. 11:30 AM
  • @captaincrazy I have a bad habit of @crazpants ing you. 11:31 AM
  • @rojopelo I’m there in spirit. boo! 12:57 PM #
  • @elliottcarlson The literal videos are hilarious I blame @documentally 1:33 PM #
  • Serendipity! Say it with me…SERENDIPITY! 3:45 PM
  • If you can’t keep it in your pants, keep it in your zip code 6:53 PM vote at threadless
  • Why do Amercians TAKE showers and the rest of the world seem to HAVE showers? 9:33 PM
  • 4 resumes out, a pile of hand cut snowflakes, laughs with friends, and a firm attempt to go to Antarctica. It’s been a good day. 7:08 PM


  • @ChrisCavs I think maybe @theambershow and @robblatt broke it with their awesomeness. they came over with pizza! 12:47 AM #
  • I am fascinated by alternate side of the street parrking regulations 9:47 AM
  • DRUNK HISTORY  via @bronwen 11:38 AM

  • RT Lands A Big Distribution Deal With YouTube And Others, Congrats @bliptv team! (via @leighleighsf) CONGRATS! 1:10 PM
  • @damiella YES, the drunk history videos all rock. Also got a good laugh out of your link from earlier  @marvel 1:17 PM #

  • I call this look: velcro and summer beat up Stevie Nicks… a cautionary tale. :57 PM
  • 2 different things: wanting to ride the Transiberian Railroad end to end vs wanting the Transiberian Orchestra to ride train on your end 8:53 PM



  • just fucking rain already, please! Ii’ve had enough of the grumbling pseudo thunder and little threats not to head outside. 5:16 PM
  • thunder and lightening! let’s make out 6:14 PM
  • TED Talks, rainstorms on sunday, pajamas, pita… these are a few of my favorite things 7:11 PM
  • Can anyone tell me with certainty if the volume difference between tv programming vs. commercials is intentional? 8:39 PM
  • @rebeccaforever @dkneupper @echoskope Granted, there are greater problems in the world, but I want to make a fuss about this. You in? :) 9:12 PM
  • Interesting…wonder if bill H.R.6209 aka C.A.L.M. is still "routing" 9:22 PM
  • RT @banannie: popped into seesmic video, it’s still busted. Sorry gang but I no longer have the patience for it /cranky old lady <same here> 10:25 PM
  • @rojopelo you (schoolhouse) rock my world! So does phreadz where we can video converse w/ flexibility and…functionality ;) thanks @kosso 10:51 PM

Fact: I am cute. 


  • If I were a camera battery charger where would i be? (other than lost) 11:42 AM
  • Beach Gangsta Hippie Gypsy 12:39 PM

Beach Gangsta Hippie Gypsy

  •  Coney Island sand castle contest 1:38 PM

Coney Island sand castle contest

  • My personal favorite so far at the Coney Island sand castle contest 1:43 PM

My personal favorite so far at the Coney Island sand castle contest

  • I am developing a new respect and fascination for the noble speedo 1:51 PM
  • Stormfront coming 2:51 PM

Stormfront coming

  • Packed in under the boardwalk watching everyone run screaming off the beach in the rain 2:52 PM
  • The Omen’s WC 3:08 PM

The Omen's WC

watching the ice cream man. judging.



  • I cook to procrastinate. 11:11 AM
  • @helsinkiwinner Ha! that was yesterday’s tactic. there was nothing left to clean today. domestication by procrastination! 11:17 AM #
  • I love this! stories written about ebay items for sale. (via @dailycandy) 11:25 AM
  • It annoys me when web forms have "United States" as the first option and the rest in alphabetical order. It also annoys me when they don’t. 12:02 PM
  • stay classy NJ 12:40 PM
  • the automated unemployment phone system works best if you yell at it 3:31 PM
  • And then @semipermgirl got ahold of my email account. 5:38 PM
  • Having some difficulty wrapping my head around a friend’s crush on David Caruso. 6:06 PM
  • Sand Castle competition in Coney Island on Saturday! (will be repressing the stomp stomp urge) 6:35 PM 
  • @rainnwilson: DO NOT RE-TWEET THIS! 8:18 PM
  • I just want to download and watch "Wonder Boys" right now. Happy to pay for it. Why is this proving impossible? 11:16 PM
  • wow. thanks to twitter, watching what i wanted, when wanted = now! no amazon, no itunes, yet i would have paid a 3rd time. fail = not mine 11:34 PM

No one talks about how unemployment affects the pets. My routine is shot to shit.    1:10 PM Jul 23rd, 2009   via web 


@robblatt Is This Metal?

  • Hearing the mosque’s first call to prayer of the day feels like being busted by my parents for doing something wrong, even when I’m not 4:38 AM
  • @deanwhitbread Don’t get me wrong, I love it. I just know if I’m still awake to hear it, it is far past my bedtime :) 11:32 AM #  
  • This song will shift your focus. ♫ 1:51 PM  
  • Fuck! Fuck. Fuck? Fuck… RT @cc_chapman: What is YOUR #FavoriteSwearWord? 2:13 PM 
  • snap! "Are you fulfilling your obligation of transparency in the white house?" Seems to be the first time Mr. O has faltered a lil bit. 8:39 PM
  • I think we need a bill to save Katie Couric’s eyebrows. Nothing worse then getting your eyebrows butchered by an overzealous waxer. 8:59 PM
  • RT @Britrock: Dear NBC & other broadcasters, if you continue to blast volume during commercials and promos I will ignore them. It’s obnoxious 9:31 PM
  • Is "so you think you can dance" always this intense? So much for mindless viewing. 9:43 PM
  • @Filmbrain I grew up in the next town over. I was entirely too excited when I saw @esotsm was set there. But, why on earth would you visit? 11:08 PM #
  • Someone in my stream mentioned they were reading "Call Me Ted" . Ordered, arrived yesterday, nearly halfway through already. Thanks! #bkrev 11:26 PM
  • I hate to contribute to gender foolishness, but if I had a boy around, I’d be asking him to check the mouse boxes right now. 11:44 PM
  • @christinielsen In a lot of ways that takes more courage then just taking care of it yourself :) 11:59 PM #


  • this is not an angry tweet. 12:51
  • OMG so horrible. Frozen in bed while I am fairly certain cat meets mouse in the other room. WTF is with the rodents. UGH. Waking nightmare. 2:25 AM
  • @kspidel sorry false alarm. Either I am hearing things or it got away. There is no win really. 2:34 AM #
  • @bronwen secret spooning! 1:04 PM
  • @bronwen I suggest we go forward with plans to populate the harem 1:19 PM
  • my new favorite wiki site  3:14 PM
  • "I like creative outlets" I stick my fingers in them. 5:17 PM


  • record yourself talking. slow it down 20%. then totally freak yourself out by listening to it. 3:53 PM
  • internal dialogue it takes to stay focused on the resume trail beginning to feel scripted by woody allen and beckett, but far less brilliant 10:33 AM



  • I could say anything about anyone, add bold fonts and animated gifs and email to my family and they would forward it. Terrifying. 12:01 PM
  • strangest thing ever. i know i only owned 1 pair of a particular style/color underwear. there were two exact pairs in my laundry 12:13 AM
  • apparently my laundry basket defies reality 12:15 AM
  • @willingthrall self replicating underwear. having a serious wtf moment. 12:16 AM #
  • If I snap a photo at my window in the dark it looks a little like the street lights are two glowing eyes 4:30 AM

If I snap a photo at my window in the dark it looks a little like the street lights are two glowing eyes

  • 13 miles from BK to Bronx takes 1.5 hours via subway. 11:06 AM
  • Exploring the Harlem River 11:38 AM

Exploring the Harlem River

  • Sort of chased out, just on the other side of the fence. 12:04 PM

Sort of chased out, just on the other side of the fence.

  • @geoffsays the circle line actually runs down it. It connects the Hudson river to the east river 12:14 PM #
  • I waited to tell him there was a bug on his back 12:30 PM


  • "I’d rather swim in the Harlem River over the Gowanus" #nyhumor 12:34
  • Jetskiers! 12:36 PM
  • "Is that a microphone? You look like a Ghostbuster" YES! 1:03 PM
  • Swamp throne 1:29 PM

Swamp throne

  • Harlem Riveramic (around 202nd) 3:01 PM

Harlem River-amic (around 202nd)

  • Former Harlem River Flotillaness 4:58 PM


  • Wondering why water fountain water always tastes like fart. 4:59 PM
  • Editing audio from today’s adventure… 10:13 PM
  • @jeffhinz It’s a little less about the Harlem River and more about some fabulous "open source" urban explorers who let me tag along :p 10:26 PM #

Something Found Podcast #11 – Open Source Urban Exploration



If you have found yourself searching for the urban industrial sites in and around New York City, you're likely to stumble upon the following online:

I was personally really excited to have the opportunity to wander along the Harlem River on a sunny Sunday with these three incredibly talented photographers and curators of NYC history.  Listen to their experiences of avoiding injury, tales of discovery, and why they are drawn to the often broken-down sites of the city (and beyond).



A few of the sights from the day:

 along the Harlem River



More photos and details can be found:
Nate K – The Harlem River: "New York's Forgotten Waterfront"
Vacant Beat – Harlem River
My Flickr set

It's been a long time since I powered up the mic and hit record.  Re-learned a few lessons, if you stick with it a few minutes, the sound improves.  Many Thanks to Rob Blatt for his help trying to salvage it what I had.  Check out Blattcave Productions and hire him from the get-go…  He knows how to do it all and do it right out of the gate.


How awesome are my friends?

  • I could say anything about anyone, add bold fonts and animated gifs and email to my family and they would forward it. Terrifying. 3:31 PM
  • Playing a game of "If I could live anywhere, where would it be?" having a rare "anywhere but here" moment. 7:45 PM
  • Tomorrow I get to tag along on the next adventure of this awesome urban explorer 9:51 PM 
  • I find minor amusement and comfort in sharing a similar forehead wrinkle with Anna Paquin who was born in the 80s 10:39 PM

Let’s call this one “She really isn’t trying at all” or “NO, you cannot make the bed right now”

The heat makes me lazy (ier)

chirping. and chasing a fly.


  • I may be boring some of the time, but at least I’m still me. Goodnight :) 2:14 AM
  • quite possibly my favorite photo I ever knowingly took 2:37 AM

My favorite photo of my brother and me

  • Going to miss having @theambershow n @robblatt as neighbors. Good Luck on your move today and tomorrow and let me know if you need anything 12:44 PM
  • Sunshower! 2:46 PM
  • @bestbuy Your inability to ship same day has often been a key factor in my purchasing items elsewhere. Any plans to change? 3:45 PM
  • I took a look at my resume and suddenly it appeared to me as though I’d written it in Esperanto. Tried my hand at English today. 11:44 PM
  • @banannie Sounds like Brooklyn! Isn’t it late for weeknight fireworks in the burbs? 11:39 PM #
  • props to @whitscott on the new seesmic demo. seeing so many friends made me love it more :) 6:16 PM


  • @spin I too like Waterworld…though I’d never say it publicly… 12:03 AM #
  • suffering analysis paralysis 12:49 AM
  • "since I do masturbate would that mean my hand is gay?" via… 12:39 PM  
  • Thinking of making the cream of broccoli soup I have in my freezer and serving it over chicken. Good idea? 4:27 PM
  • @sleepydog confession – I had to look up the word brassica. 4:36 PM #
  • when i waitressed in high school, i abbreviated cream of mushroom soup – cum (and giggled to myself every time) #simple 4:45 PM
  • Weighing whether going to see a mindless movie might clear my current moodstorm or make it worse 7:13 PM
  • thunder? fireworks? explosions? end of the world? 10:01 PM
  • @charleshope Thanks for the info. I was wondering why it hadn’t started raining yet. 11:05 PM #    

She thinks my best feature is my raccoon tail. I'll let her know later it's all in the smile…teeth

Cats living with with a single human more likely to sound like a baby crying when wanting attention via @ZaphodCamden


NYC, abridged

@Challaz Say Hi to Diesel and Cheeky for me!

I may or may not sneak under the human's feet so she trips over me and then gives me treats out of guilt.

An airline just for pets –  Serving NY, Washington, Chicago, Denver, LA


  • Adorable neighbor introduced me to his new puppy named Ketchup this morning. We seem to think alike when it comes to naming pets. He’s 6. 9:53 AM
  • My favorite email before Monday, noon. "This is exactly what I needed." 11:21 AM
  • So frustrated with "designed" laptops. Give me basic colors and let me buy skins if I want swirls and plaid. Gross. 1:28 PM
  • RT @sukhjit Great interview by @danpatterson with Chris Anderson of Wired Mag. Good listen for online content creators 3:37 PM
  • Is it just me or have auto DMs recently gone off the handle again? Personally I like DMs as alternative to sms. May disconnect from phone 9:22 PM
  • It probably makes me a bad person that I view the PTC website as a list of media moments I missed that I would enjoy 9:46 PM
  • 10:39 PM