• Wanna meet me in my happy place? I’ll be here for the next 2 hours, or the length of the drive I hitched home with my cousin and kids. 1:40 PM
  • Passed through Circleville. Now entering Wallkill. Then Neversink. Thank god for illustrative town names to keep me occupied. 2:18 PM
  • I may have a funny story involving Newburgh, a general’s son, and some misplaced virginity, but that is one of them analog memories. 2:30 PM
  • I was totally lying when I agreed and said that it was worth going to Queens for that pizza. 4:38 PM
  • I think I preferred thinking @SnowDayTheCat was incapable of killing mice 5:19 PM
  • @kroosh Thanks for the tip on the new pizza place in the hood. Let me know next time you want a slice, I want to check it out. 5:22 PM #
  • I literally can’t afford to have a bad weekend. It was downright awful and now I’m supposed to revise my resume and be productive. Trying… 8:27 PM

While @MissSomething was away I murdered a mouse. Welcome Home!


  • It’s all fun and games until an old family rivalry rears it’s potential and inevitable head. #haunted 1:16 AM
  • @wankergirl NYC gets Tim Horton’s on Monday Now you can live here. 10:05 AM
  • I woke up with a fast food craving that shall not be named. Not likely to happen again as my local franchise feels like hell’s waiting room 10:33 AM
  • I didn’t plan my transportation right and now I’ll be hanging in Brooklyn while my whole family bbqs, go carts and has a blast upstate. 11:16 AM
  • @scottyj That is exactly what I’m doing, though it’s going to be an epic trek. It’s rare I wish I had a car, this is one of those times. 11:30 AM #
  • Text message says "Are you MissSomething?" Have I been found out by baby brother? 1:47 PM
  • email I sent with numerous photos of a street sign with his name on it. Could have had a lot of fun with that, he thought he had a stalker 2:00 PM
  • @charleshope Quite funny. He’s a Charles too. The photos were of the St. Charles Street sign. 3:18 PM #
  • Holding on for dear life 7:08 PM

Holding on for dear life

  • Sitting in the "guest trailer" hoping the rain lets up. 8:27 PM
  • Overhearing some quality family elder gossip from the pop up. They don’t know I’m here. I think I saw something similar in a sitcom once. 8:37 PM
  • The light right now 8:58 PM

The light right now;

  • Walking in flip flops on clay roads in the rain in pitch black darkness. Hoping the light of my phone is a bear deterrent 9:09 PM
  • Smores 9:24 PM


'Cause no one knows me underneath these clothes' (test)



She needs to stop doing this shit or I will always get the other half of the bed

playing catch with my toy spring


  • I have designated those greys "good luck" and I’m leaving them. 10:05 AM
  • I always wish I remembered to pack something amusing for the random subway bag searches. Next time NYPD, next time I will make you smile. 10:33 AM
  • joy = seeing my name purple neon  2:19 P

joy = seeing my name purple neon

  • watching #crunchup want to play with TuneIn. Looks so awesome! #tunein 6:08
  • (bare feet + summer + heels + NYC) = (terrible idea x OUCH) 6:14 PM
  • with each mouse that makes it’s way into my apartment i get more and more comfortable with the idea of my cat killing them 9:55 PM

@MissSomething has a little too much time on her hands (and she's not using it to pet me more)


  • adventure on request/suggestion tomorrow within 1 hour of Nostrand A stop  12:20 AM
  • @missrogue Love this! Thank you. "Like any good catalyst, San Francisco isn’t meant to be where someone settles" 12:42 AM # 
  • and so it is…@langley has nominated Red Hook…and so I go tomorrow. Adventure awaits 12:47 AM
  • Have swapped out the peanut butter for the hard stuff – CHEESE. Let’s see if the cat is over-reacting or if I still have (ballsy) varmint 1:57 AM
  • nice seeing a bunch of lovelies last evening @waltRibeiro @cc_chapman @jeffhinz @julien @foodphilosophy @mitchjoel – you kicked ass! 10:33 AM
  • @charmcitygavin the ways in which you are not as cool as me extend far beyond google voice ;p 10:46 AM #
  • @Filmbrain that the one based on the book where basically everyone’s dead and it’s a dad and son? 11:55 AM #
  • @Otir Thanks. Knew I should do my research first. Appreciate the correction and point re: efficiency of real amber alerts. 12:17 PM
  • Passed a mother looking at her daughter’s cell phone and telling her "yes, that’s love, it is love" Was almost curious enough to ask to see 1:19 PM
  • Wandering Red Hook 2:07 PM Jul 9th

Red Hook Park

  •  Lady Liberty playing peekaboo 2:26 PM

Lady Liberty playing peek a boo

  •  Tweetie says Hi 2:58 PM

twitter made me do it

  • The piers of Red Hook feel like a magical industrial secret garden 3:01 PM

The piers of Red Hook feel like a magical industrial secret garden


  • @martinemde #PNL #ANL are fortunate acronyms! And the ANL will always win because the Pro Napping League is too busy sleeping. 12:27 AM #
  • Today’s physical challenge involves taking the shuttle train to it’s other end, wandering through prospect park and finding my way home. 10:26 AM
  • @cc_chapman hand raised. woohoo see you there. You too @jeffhinz 10:30 AM #
  • The brain glue becoming unstuck and stumbled upon the lagoon, my favorite "Great Expectations" nook of Prospect Park. 11:13 AM

The brain glue becoming unstuck and stumbled upon the lagoon, my favorite "Great Expectations" nook of Prospect Park.

  • FDNY Engine 280, Ladder 132 11:26 AM

FDNY Engine 280, Ladder 132

  • @wankergirl Yes! The water rumors are true! 12:31 PM
  • @rlangdon sounds AWESOME mysterio 3:41 PM #
  • Twitter sends me on the ocassional goose hunt. 6:30 PM


  • the parallels between job hunting and dating are staggering. 12:02 AM
  • @foodphilosophy It’s not all bad, actually was thinking optimistically. The courtship, "rules" and goals can be very similar (to start) 12:23 AM #
  • I didn’t realize the casket is going to actually be at the Staples Center. 10:51 AM
  • @cc_chapman Information 10:51 # 
  • I kind of wish the MJ memorial were the most elaborate episode of Punk’d ever. 12:20 PM
  • Dear news anchors, shut the fuck up, it’s a funeral. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to hear the sound of your own voice later. 1:46 PM
  • Switching to live web feed on Hulu. Finding the network’s split screens and commentary completely asinine. I’m a funeral purist I guess. 1:48 PM
  • I’m going to found the Anti Napping League. I feel terrible every time I take a nap during the day. #ANL 9:04 PM
  • @ZaphodCamden wow, so does Groupie know of her nickname? 6:17 PM #


  • the importance of thoroughly cleaning a water filtering pitcher cannot be overstated 6:14 PM
  • Just realized I’m enjoying drafting this marketing plan over sitting on the beach. Dare I say it’s been a lucky summer despite everything 7:07 PM
  • RT @rojopelo – 12omercial – I’m rojopelo and I’m pledging my support for social good. Donate Now! #socialgood  7:31 PM

I’m rojopelo and I’m pledging my support for social good. Donate Now! #socialgood on

  • I just caught myself cutting broccoli in the same manner I have cringed watching my grandmother with knife to stem and finger on other side 8:13 PM
  • @ChazFrench Very excited to hear it’s official and you’re headed to culinary school in the Fall! Congratulations! 9:48 PM #
  • the cat vitamins bought & administered today did not warn of out of the ordinary stupidity and blatant insanity. I should write the company 11:12 PM
  • @joiseymike I prefer posterous because I can email attachments to various addresses which determines where they post. flickr twitters too 11:16 PM #


  • Brooklyn, any chance you will be going to bed soon? #$%& I have to trek back to Jersey tomorrow with the slim chance I can find my wallet. 12:35 AM
  • @RYANSEXY18 Nice meeting you at the laundromat today. The videos from the #140conf where I got my shirt from are at 12:56 AM
  • Wallet found. Last store I stopped at last night. Also last retraced stop on 3 hour hunt this mornong. 12:13 PM
  • Most treasured contents thankfully not lost. 12:32 PM

Most treasured contents thankfully not lost.

  • Last time I take a taxi outside of the long beach railroad station. I don’t like sharing the private yellow subway line I pay a premium for 4:48 PM
  • No a/c, driver is not very nice. Jerkface is ruining my afternoon beach visit. 4:51 PM
  • Third one this week, I am becoming predictable 5:58 PM

Third one this week, I am becoming predictable

  • it is advisable to tuck drawstrings in your pants as they may get stuck between your legs & trail behind you tail-like, causing me to tease 7:37 PM
  • I’m not judging you for you speech impediment, but your proclivity for talking loudly on your cell phone and name dropping is super annoying 8:39 PM
  • Passing through the town I grew up in on the train always makes me feel a mix of excited and nostalgic. exctalgic? 8:44 PM
  • @gisuck @kspidel can’t as I am currently here 9:17 PM


  • Ever been so sick to your stomach that listening to music makes it worse? This is entirely no fun. 11:23 PM  


  • Top 5 myths about the 4th of July: #independenceday Independence Day (via @admazing) 9:10 AM
  • I have no useful solutions in regards to mouse removal, making me wish I didn’t care. 6 stores, finally found humane traps. Seems futile. 10:58 AM
  • @sukhjit @bronwen today I will bust mine out too in honor of you both. Love it  11:01 AM #  
  • @theambershow thanks. You might need it. I now have 5 :) my neighbor needs some too. 11:03 AM #
  • who else is going to be in liberty state park for the *works tonight? 11:42 
  • Now the proud owner of the blatt "flip and f*ck" Thanks @robblatt and @theambershow for the assembly and hauling :) 4:56 PM fail. NJ if you want people to come to your state to watch some explosions you best run some transportation that doesn’t make me wait. 7:06 PM
  • Judging the parents of the children in the beer garden…because I’m American 8:32 PM 
  • My friends are plotting ways to get me tased tonight. #ineednewfriends 9:48 PM  
  • got home early tonight in order to visit a far away friend tomorrow…only to find i lost my wallet. insert horrible curse word here. 11:53 PM


  • @TheDiva there are a lot of us with the day off who would rather be working #grassisalwaysgreener #unemployment 9:49 AM #
  • @robblatt just got a Twitter shout out from a pack of kids. #140conf tshirt inspires. 10:35 AM
  • humans – 100something | elephants – 500something hot dog buns in 6 minutes 11:24 AM

  • I want to snuggle the pachyderm 11:27 AM
  • But we WANTED to kiss an elephant! 11:45 AM
  • Leaving dejected. #ringling 11:46 AM
  • Holding @robblatt accountable for flooding the streets of coney island 12:04 PM

Holding @robblatt accountable for flooding the streets of coney island

  • You can have my cooties if you want them 12:31 PM


  • there is a mouse currently under a shoe box lid and a stack of books directly to my right. at least it is no longer in my cat’s mouth. help. 5:22 AM
  • Human – 2 Cat – 0  5:50 AM
  • @wisequeen I’m a total wuss I think she would have just carried it around, then gotten bored. Instead I gave her some food and she’s happy. 5:56 AM #
  • @wisequeen cute! is his name really mousecatcher? 6:46 AM #
  • urban mouse removal 6:54 AM

I try not to make a mouse snuff film at 5:30am


In which I grumble while trying to figure out what to do after I wake up to my cat wandering around with a mouse in her mouth. Mouse mutilation not an option.


  • @damiella Have you solved the strange case of the new roommate, the refrigerator and the blood yet? 2:34 PM #
  • Translating "I ROCK THIS SHIT" into a coherent cover letter and fighting the urge not to add P.S. This is my dream job 3:45 PM
  • Should I have #moonfruit or #squarespace for dinner? 7:53 PM
  • @banannie Not according to either set of T&C’s. I’m economizing or otherwise hoping to have rules made as a result of my deviance. 8:02 PM #
  • @mmalkoff Congrats on your freedom! Did you overcome your flying jitters?  8:03 PM #
  • I think maybe a walk outside will help me make a better case for getting my foot in the door. I have massive brain clench. 8:07 PM
  • @robblatt @theambershow I am somewhere along your new block. Not a half bad walk actually. 8:57 PM
  • @robblatt @theambershow that came off way more creepy stalkery than I meant. It’s dark out, it seemed the best direction to walk ;) 9:00 PM
  • @robblatt I don’t know what that means but it doesn’t sound too nice :p 9:02 PM #
  • @robblatt no wonder I misunderstood. I think @charleshope picked the place. 9:08 PM #
  • @TaylorBarr I am too far from my computer at the moment, BUT I am meeting up with @Otir tomorrow :) seesmic IRL style 9:39 PM #
  • My bendy panoramic of the Brooklyn Museum 9:54 PM

My bendy panoramic of the Brooklyn Museum

  • Likely just a change in flight patterns, but it sorta sounds like they are emptying the sky of planes at the moment. 10:23 PM