Buddy, a giant tortoise in need of a great home

I’m trying to help my Aunt and Cousins find a good home for their family pet tortoise Buddy, who has lived in their home for over 10 years.  I am fairly sure Buddy is an African Spurred tortoise, pretty sure it’s a male, and quite certain from my own experience that he’s an amazing and outgoing animal.  I can and will follow up with specifics as soon as I am able to.  Buddy’s weight is currently approximately 80-100lbs and he is healthy and very well taken care of.  He’s used to living in a heated enclosure/burrow indoors and spending summer in a lush garden.  Circumstances have changed, as tend to happen with creatures with lifespans as long as 50-80 years and we hope to place him in a careful and loving domestic or learning center/zoo environment. 


I will do my own web, phone due diligence, but also sending out word in hope that there might be someone who personally knows of a home/place in the Northeast (ideally in the tri-state area) ready and willing to take on the responsibility of this really special animal.  Please, only sincere and informed contact in this regards.  I am helping out as the family has been unable to place him through my Uncle’s illness, due to his size and needs.  I am trying not to make this about that, but the reality is that my Uncle has now passed, and it’s one of the few things I can do for my family at the moment and of extreme importance that Buddy finds the right home for his well-being as well as ours.  Please contact me via email missomething (at) gmail.com if you know of a sanctuary suitable for Buddy.



  • Oprah & Jay-Z were in the hood today (and they didn’t even come by & say hi) www.examiner.com/x-12309-NY-Rap-Music-Examiner~y2009m8d9-JayZ-Brings-Oprah-To-the-Marcy-Projects-in-Brooklyn 12:00 AM
  • Now following @spam. Planning to report spammers via DM. Hoping it helps, this is getting absurd. 10:18 AM
  • @banannie I like tripadvisor for the user submitted photos (and reviews). 10:30 AM #
  • @damiella I used to enjoy clicking on each new follower’s profile/website. Disheartening of late when 99% of them are spam accounts 11:40 AM #
  • maudlin wardrobe conundrum 2:38 PM
  • cnn: Divers reach what they believe is the wreckage of the private plane that crashed in the Hudson River..trying not to imagine what if not 3:45 PM
  • where are the little green men when you actually want to be abducted? 7:57 PM
  • Joan Rivers’ roast = comedy gold 10:45 PM


  • symptoms include a spray paint induced headache, PCB4 pining, and a minor boy brush-off. hoping sleep will wash it all away. 12:10 AM
  • @CocteauBoy fauxtography is cruel! 7:05 PM #

I don't particularly care what a "migraine" is, but it has meant zero attention despite many adorable and outrageous attempts to get some.


  • @bklynebeth your uncle might be my hero. :) 12:37 AM #
  • @cc_chapman I’d say dye to hide the grey and likely past menopause and at least 15-20 years older then the prey. 12:36 AM #
  • someone freecycled "fanny packs" and someone took them. 12:13 AM
  • My landlord called asking why it smelled like paint. Totally killed my fume-buzz. 12:45 AM
  • NYPD tending to huge beehive on Fulton Street 2:45 PM

NYPD tending to huge beehive on Fulton Streer

  • I just changed my first bicycle tire and am probably entirely too excited about it. 3:25 PM
  • I REALLY should have taken photos of the bicycle when it was still intact. 4:06
  • About time for clean the grease off my hands and head to #blattbash  5:22 PM
  • kick the baby #blattbash 7:30 PM
  • gunfight or fireworks? #blattbash 10:17 PM
  • Nice to see everyone #blattbash Thanks @robblatt @theambershow 11:42 PM


  • alliterative list of ladies @MissSimone @MsInformation @Mizcity @MissSarcastic @missrogue 10:03 AM
  • now the proud owner of a very beat up bike that will take some serious love to see the road again. 2:44 PM
  • @elliottcarlson absolutely. though i think tires, brakes and a working chain come first on the list :) 2:52 PM #
  • I recommend the dis-assembly of a bicycle for stress relief. The key is not to allow a single thought toward getting it back together again. 4:54 PM
  • It will be reflective AND pink. my neighbors are amused. 8:29 PM
  • @bklynebeth you might be giving me too much credit, getting it back together might be akin to ikea with no instructions. 8:47 PM #
  • My local deli guy just asked me if I had a cat. When I said that I did, he asked if he could have it. 10:22 PM
  • @urkillingme @samjagger @standupkid Incredibly odd. He wasn’t interested when he found out she wasn’t a kitten anyway. 10:31 PM
  • working nickname "girl puke"

working nickname "girl puke"

Turns out having my ears cleaned isn't really all that unpleasant at all.


  •  Fundamentally, I don’t even believe in training wheels. 2:33 AM
  • @robblatt OMG this looks like your wife! 7:18 PM

@robblatt OMG this looks like your wife!

  • The light right now, Park Slope, BK 6:50 PM

The light right now, Park Slope, BK


  • Sometimes when I say "there was a problem with the train" what I actually mean is "I got on the train going in the wrong direction" 6:51 PM
  • So says the writing on the wall 5:59 PM

So says the writing on the wall


  • @alyankovic Who doesn’t love an obscure reference at 3am? 3:12 AM
  •   Heading to the Roosevelt Island tram (because I can) 12:41 PM
  •   I can haz a dangle 12:55 PM

I can haz a dangle

  • Queensboro Bridge up close and whatnot 1:15 PM

Infrared Queensboro Bridge

like an ostrich

Serving jury duty a few years ago I found myself in the pool for a murder case.  It involved people being burned alive in a car.  Maybe.  I don’t know. 

I wasn’t selected.  I didn’t follow the case. 

Usually when I see things out of the ordinary I want to know more.  I saw this in my neighborhood a few days ago and thought about that jury room and my experience, and once again, I just didn’t want to know.  I am not proud of this, in fact, I feel horrible guilt for being unwilling to face certain realities,  For now I’ll add it to the list and get back to it later.


. .

no, you cannot “haz”. please try again later.

no, you cannot "haz". please try again later.


NYC, I am thrilled to share this humid walk with you

  • RT @AriannaHalshaw: Turns out the new big black spot on Jupiter is as big as the Earth. Feeling very small all of a sudden. 3:56 PM 
  • #ihopethosearefireworks 10:04 PM
  • I NEED a dancing bird! http://www.vimeo.com/5731849 10:18 PM

World Science Festival 2009: Snowball, the Dancing Cockatoo from World Science Festival on Vimeo.


  •  "dating in the dark" both fascinates me and terrifies me 10:50 PM


Adding "update to do list" to your "to do list" is not productive. 2:05 PM

@brad_fidler article on url shorteners – searchengineland.com/analysis-which-url-shortening-service-should-you-use-17204 6:09 PM #

I just found out what happens when I jump directly into my water bowl. Not amused.


  • You probably don’t want to let your toddler run around the laundromat barefoot pushing a filthy step stool. Just sayin. 8:12 PM
  • would be willing to bet the majority of laundromats, if inspected, would not have working hot water heaters 10:10 PM