• Midtown smells like a giant fart. I’m fairly sure it has something to do with the tourists. 12:25 PM
  • @sean808080 the cloisters is my favorite. But I always get in trouble for touching the marble. 12:28 PM #
  • The National Debt clock ticking away 1:51 PM

The National Debt clock ticking away

  • "whatever martha" might be the most brilliant thing i’ve ever seen. thanks @chazfrench 3:14 PM
  •  @rojopelo I think with @theambershow we should have some sort of marathon viewing party. #missyou 4:04 PM # #
  • Fake Boobs 4:16 PM

Fake Boobs


  • Vet suggested, "with a helper" I bathe the cat in dish detergent to loosen the packing tape she’s gotten tangled in. Anyone up? FML 7:33 AM
  • @MikeyPod I owe you a beer for your bravery. Almost at 2 hours, think the worst of it is FINALLY coming off. #suckyalarmclock 7:48 AM #
  • @deanwhitbread Oh no! That is gut wrenching. I foolishly did some DIY packing tape inside out to deter scratching on a piece of woodwork. 7:52 AM #
  • @sizemore Thankfully I had some "calming" homeopathic treats on hand. Any less terrifying? 7:59 AM #
  • "Your cat got her first Brazilian" @wankergirl , sage 8:01 AM
  • This morning’s cat and tape fiasco  2:10 PM

DIY Fail

Dana joked “Your cat got her first Brazilian.”
With the morning's crisis finally resolved, I couldn't stop laughing and shaking my head at my own stupidity.


Snow Day sleeping in the path of the fan


Snow Day is my cat, and had just experienced a rather traumatic hair removal by adhesive.  Until I adopted her, I'd had very limited experience around the feline species, and for the most part, I'd say we've both done pretty well.  In the past year and a half, I've found myself awed by her personality, quirkiness, and intelligence, smitten by her affection and genuine sweetness, and at times shocked by how demanding and spiteful she can be.  In recent months she'd taken to waking me up around dawn to feed her by doing anything to get my attention, and get me out of bed.  It's become a morning routine, Snow Day wakes up before me, performs absurd gymnastics, knocks anything she can get her paws on off any surface she can reach, and begs for my (negative) attention.  She is spoiled, and a rather big girl at over 16lbs, so I think it's only responsible that I set some limits (I will add that she gets a lot of encouraged playtime during human-waking hours).  Sleeping with a spray bottle next to me has been effective in curbing her early morning destruction.  The rampage ends, she snuggles up to go back to sleep, and a little later she gets her measured daily portion of food.


Prior to my acquaintance with Snow Day, I had this notion that cats were graceful…not mine, she's (at times) hilariously clumsy.  Just about the only thing which hasn't surprised me was her desire to claw things.  It's actually not been nearly as bad as I thought it could be, she goes after one arm of the couch and one particular wood windowsill.  And, here's where I miscalculated again.  As the overall trend of the Summer has been – drastic cost-cutting and depression era cues from my Grandfather to DIY (do it yourself), I saw double sided adhesive strips at the pet store created to dissuade cats from scratching – and thought a fair substitute would be to use a long piece of packing tape folded backwards.  Since she prefers her hideous cardboard scratching post to the more luxurious one I bought when I got her (which she never touched), I figured the more haphazard and the more I hate the way it looks, the more likely it would be to work.


Every week or so I removed the old tape, snapped off a new strip and replaced it.  She'd been staying away and getting her "scratch on" in the sanctioned cardboard thing purchased for that very purpose.  That is, until this morning, when I woke up to the sound of thrashing under my bed and a crackle-pop sound.  Snow Day was tangled in tape.  She was panicked and I was half asleep, worried that she'd hurt her head or her arm, not to mention, how the tape would come off without taking her fur with it.  I tried to calm her, I found safety scissors dull enough to cut the tape to lessen her panic of being tangled.  I tried to see if I could shave the fur and realized without sedatives and restraints (ie: a vet), it wasn't going to work.  I gave her some food while I called my Mom and tried to think.  She suggested a "ripping off a band-aid" approach, until I explained that there was probably three feet of tape in all and being hasty would likely tear her skin.  I found a service online which allowed me to ask a vet a question, who suggested bathing her in dish-detergent to loosen up the glue.  In the meantime, the cat was trying to get it off herself.  She was licking and clawing at it and making some progress.  After about 30 minutes of that, I worried she was going to hurt her tongue, which was now making her spaz out more than the tape.  I tried to comfort her, wondering as I often do “How the hell do parents raise children?”  I sucked it up and tried holding the edges of the tape and judging if it could be pulled off by how hard she was willing to pull herself (beyond her desire to just run away).  At this point the tape was in several pieces and a lot more manageable.  I'm sure it wasn't pleasant, but the amount of hair was roughly what I'm used to seeing when I brush her and she would walk right back over to me and let me go for another piece.  Two hours after of shenanigans after I woke up she was napping in my lap and I was laughing that my cat had endured a sort of Brazilian wax.


I don't anticipate scratching in that location will be an issue again, but I wanted to understand what was different about the product sold in the store and figured I should keep some on-hand.  Had I read the package, I probably never would have used heavy duty packing tape.  Right there on the package it says “Medical grade adhesive, won't harm fabric or cats”.  Thankfully, the cat is fine, she was back to playing with her toys and had no fear of me afterward (unlike after a bath).  Another few minutes or any indication that she was in pain and I had her carrier at the ready for an emergency vet visit (I don't even want to think about the cost crisis of that).  It's kind of a headsmack story, but if you are going to cut corners, be careful.  I know, no kidding.  I wound up shelling out the money for the store bought ones in the end, but I'm looking around at all my little projects with a more critical eye for safety -, human and pet.   I know, DUH.


Also, Heather suggested olive oil, which I also thought was a great idea.

remember that time i got tangled in packing tape. 's not funny.


  • Need… one. more. SNOOZE! 8:30 AM
  • Next time I am hostage to a stranger’s subway ranting I am going to ask they personally refund my fare. 12:53 PM

brilliant! flying monkies!


  • Racing Time 2:14 PM

Racing Time


  • I always feel like a five year old when i have to haul out the tangle tamer spray for my hair 12:15 PM
  • @theambershow and I are attempting the "let’s meet in the front car of a commuter train maneuver" leaving from two different stations 2:28 PM
  • On the LIRR with @theambershow, next stop, my family 3:12 PM
  • @robblatt cheers! glad you made it! @theambershow survived my family and the 516 today, you two are rock! 10:12 PM #
  • @snowdaythecat has been hanging out around my bike. she has grease stains and looks like a junkyard kitty. 10:18 PM
  • "the weirdest scab you’ll ever have" (overheard) 10:57 PM

if you are doing this you are not seeing this

if you are doing this you are not seeing this


  • apparently i’m "molting" 12:16 AM
  • @doverbey ask @orchid8, her phrase 12:36 AM #
  • YES, ellen is tracking these guys down on her show 8:22 PM



  • lady at the laundromat, your parenting skills SUCK and if your kid rides his scooter into me one more time I am going to tell you as much 8:51 PM



one word: toxoplasmosis.


  • don’t you tie up your cardboard for recycling with crime scene tape? 9:21 AM
  • Rationale: It’s not procrastination if I always wanted to make one 1:04 PM

Rationale: It's not procrastination if I always wanted to make one

sometimes i get into fights with myself. just because.


  • I have to start scheduling phone interviews so that the call to prayer doesn’t happen right in the middle of a conversation. 1:07 PM
  • anyone know how one gets an invite for ffffound 5:22 PM
  • @Affan Thank You! You are awesome! 7:11 PM
  • House Interupted Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest 8:22 PM
  • Now I want to watch "Princess and the Warrior" 8:40 PM

Oh Yes –


  • bronze boob 2:44 PM

bronze boob

  • Dragon! 3:00 PM


  • @ChazFrench I’m less into the club stuff. Was listening to Cheapness and Beauty the other day and thinking about you and our Boy George <3 10:46 PM #
  • I love the way the Brooklyn Museum [ community ] blogs 11:03 PM
  • "That’s writing, huh. What does it do?" "It’s like talking, but it makes no sound." – Mark Helprin, Winter’s Tale 11:19 PM

go go gadget paws would be smacktacular


  • Friday night subway fun 2:25 AM 

  • @jeffhinz couche spotting! 2:08 PM #
  •  @01000101 @bro_nny Hope you are having fun (and mischief)! *waves from NYC :) 2:33 PM #

  • popping in on the #pcmtl stream while i munch some lunch 2:43 PM

  • @AdeleMcAlear  was hoping to catch your #pcmtl session on ustream :( can you nudge someone to let us see the slides from this side 2:51 PM

  • #pcmtl stream is great. so great i left pita in the oven too long and started a small fire. 2:55 PM

  • Let’s mud wrestle for him RT @AmberCadabra I have such a ridiculous crush on Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs. I have to invent a messy career… 3:11 PM

  • @RickWeiss hugely fond memories of #pcmtl 2008, 2009 looks awesome too via ustream, have some extra fun for me3:14 PM  #

  • @ustream love you, but very difficult to have meaningful conversation without the ability to reference links in conversation/chat #pcmtl 3:33 PM

  • unpleasant item #1 on the "to do" list…done. only a zillion more to go. overwhelmed. 5:03 PM

  • Joan Jett makes cleaning a lot more rock n roll, so put another dime in the jukebox baby 5:55 PM

  • The smell of clean has finally replaced that of my earlier cooking mishap 7:47 PM

  • It’s like Christmas in my email. Another possible job lead AND a possible home for my Aunt’s giant tortoise. Woohoo! 7:57 PM

You can play your music as loud as you'd like, I'm tuned into "Smack My Bitch Up" at all times    6:42 PM Sep 19th, 2009   via web 


  • "Winter’s Tale" by Mark Helprin will be book #2 I give a second full read. NYC romance, olde ny, history, fantasy goodness. #BKREV 2:16 AM
  • happy rainy unfollow friday! 10:10 AM
  • RT @LisaJohnson OK, someone in my twitstream just used the C word and I unfollowed them. Ick. icky, blech. 10:11 AM
  • is cock or cunt more offensive? 10:25 AM
  • MySpace updated in honor of the best statement ever! RT @cc_chapman Did I really just share a link to Myspace? Somewhere a pony just tripped 10:41 AM
  • i never knew i wanted a wand to control my tv before today via @thrillist #lust 11:19 AM
  • @Raatek yield 11:24 AM #
  • while i’m all about safety and there’s nothing funny about kids getting hurt, i sort of miss the days of dangerous toys,2933,552021,00.html 4:39 PM
  • I think I managed to locate the direction of London to blow you a big KISS @wankergirl @jester @loudmouthman @sizemore Can you confirm? 4:54 PM
  •–20090918  #KFTC 5:21 PM
  • RT @alexismadrigal: Poor, poor All your acronyms are belong to us. And by us, I mean Ernie Anastos. #kftc 5:24 PM
  • Laura is convinced that by showing the goth kids how to spin the Alamo in Astor Place they will wear color tomorrow #foursquare #conflux 9:26 PM
  • And then she almost unlocked the hit by a car badge #foursquare #conflux 9:36 PM
  • I love the potential of #foursquare treasure hunt / ARG style games 9:47 PM
  • this storm is way better than anything on tv 10:11 PM


Love from Brooklyn to Podcamp Montreal #pcmtl #havefun #wishicouldbethere

  • "You just want to fuck her blog" campfire fun with @pasties and @theambershow 10:39 PM
  • love me, love my emoticons 10:47 PM
  • This happy lovely evening brought to us by the letter S, wine, and estrogen. 11:31 PM

meanwhile…i scratch myself over my water bowl, then look into it mystified and disgusted. fresh water requested…snap, snap  


  • time for a defrag. i’m counting on sleep to make some space, a place for everything, everything has a place style. 1:08 AM
  • I do tongue twisters aloud before job interviews. Here I sit muttering, waiting for the phone to ring. 2:57 PM
  • @WhitScott May I never have to actually say "irish wrist watch". that is HARD. Good one! 3:08 PM #
  • @  ring ring, Thanks! 3:08 PM #
  • could i leave my beloved nyc? 3:44 PM
  • could i live in chicago? 3:48 PM
  • @faboomama Yes, in theory i could ;) But no one’s presented me with a potential amazing work opportunity there.4:06 PM #
  • @benedictwong @damiella @thescreendoor exactly! just didn’t say no to considering, nothing to decide yet. 6:19 PM # # #
  • most AMAZING viewing ever. I googled "donna juanita" and still don’t know what this guy means (via @kenwheaton) 6:48 PM



keys keys keys i love keys omg keys jingle jingle shiny shiny keys omg


  • what if? 11:28 AM
  • pedialyte is the new hip hop 3:27 PM
  • "nice eyeballs" "unique word choice" 5:32 PM


people and "things" are so complicated RT @Pishba: Much more interesting interview with #kanye that I expected. Some contrition there. 10:57 PM 


  • Listening in to a conversation between two girls about long distance love. Thankfully there are cupcakes at the end of this line 3:33 PM
  • My mother would like me to state "kanye west is a douche bag" on her behalf 9:33 PM


  • Not sure I’d ever seen a more stunning version of "Amazing Grace" than done by Shinji Harada tonight. Really hoping to find it for sale soon 2:05 AM
  • @kosso Huge Congrats. Yay Phreadz Rock! 2:28 AM
  • audio from last night’s 9/11 Memorial Floating Lanterns Ceremony, NYC 1:31 PM
  • there is a main bus line suddenly running down my street. i really hope it’s a temporary re-route. 4:26 PM
  • Walking past the movie theatre on Court in downtown Brooklyn. Evacuated, crazy sirens and whatnot. What happened? 8:57 PM
  • Fire at UA movie theatre Downtown BK. You can see and smell the smoke. 8:59 PM
  • my DREAM house @chriscavs thanks for finding it 10:56 PM
  • As seen on the Gothamist crime map: Unusual Trauma | W 34th St & 6th Ave @ Macys Manhattan, NY | 9/12/2009 11:31 a.m. 11:08 PM