9-11 WTC Memorial 8th Annual Floating Lanterns Ceremony

9-11 WTC Memorial Annual Floating Lanterns Ceremony



In 2008 I attended the 7th Annual Floating Lanterns Ceremony for the first time.  As I've found words are often an insufficient medium to articulate both the personal experience of September 11th, life after;  the same goes for this annual ceremony on Pier 40.  Among a crowd of strangers, of many cultures and faiths, I am grateful for the personal comfort I have found in attending this memorial the past two years.  Out of respect for the event, the speakers, those in attendance, and you…I wanted to share the audio of the ceremony, without my own commentary. in the hope that those unable to attend in person may benefit from hearing it.


*Shinji Harada, Eriko Fukui , and the Japanese American Association of New York Chorus with Reono Ito, Conductor, performed beautiful musical tributes. My apologies for having to edit those segments down to short snippets, but unless audio or video clips appear online (and I can get permission to post them), the only justice I could do to these gorgeous moments was to remove them and try my best not to remove their context entirely.  I borrowed a small audio device to record and didn't know how to use it properly.  I will insert video clips if/when they appear online.  Aside from that I, editing was kept to a minimum. 

9-11 WTC Memorial 8th Annual Floating Lanterns Ceremony

Sponsored by the New York Buddhist Church
Partner with Interfaith Center of New York
Supported by NY de Volunteers and New York Kayak Company
Supported by Buddhist Council of New York, United States
New York Disaster Interfaith Services
LIC Community Boathouse
and NYC Downtown Boathouse

Delicious and generous feast provided and served by the UNITED SIKHS


Sincere and humble thanks (and hugs) to all the volunteers and organizations who participate and make this event as perfect as they do, I appreciate every moment of what they have done to commemorate a tragedy I wish we didn't need to.  Please donate to them when you can.


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  • 9-11 WTC Memorial Annual Floating Lanterns Ceremony 8:41 PM

9-11 WTC Memorial Annual Floating Lanterns Ceremony


  • The BBC reports live from “San Francisco’s notorious hipster enclave, The Mission District http://bit.ly/boSfO via @laughingsquid 11:50 AM

  • new laundromat, new signage http://post.ly/4bhR 7:04 PM

new laundromat, new signage

Possibly the most upsetting video ever posted to the internet


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  • need to get a dead mouse into a receptacle without looking at it, screaming or otherwise fleeing from my house like a maniac #gross #fuck 1:15 AM
  • Country music and honky tonk dancing on this Bed Stuy block and it’s not in my imagination 7:48 PM
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killing things really makes me hungry and aggressive.

Pulling that little surprise out REALLY resulted in a reaction. Possible the human will never sleep again.


  • Sarah: That’s not fair! Jareth: You say that so often, I wonder what your basis for comparison is? 1:31 PM
  • RT @theambershow: If you are offended by the leader of the government addressing your children, don’t ask the government to educate them … 1:55 PM
  • Today Brooklyn celebrates both Labor Day and the West Indies Parade / Carnival 4:18 PM

Today Brooklyn celebrates both Labor Day and the West Indies Parade / Carnival


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You said you couldn’t make the bed with me in it, turns out you could. Shift your perspective and stop calling me lazy

You said you couldn't make the bed with me in it, turns out you could. Shift your perspective and stop calling me lazy.

oh, just me and my biggest fan


oh, just me and my biggest fan


  • One day I’ll be able to watch the movie "Closer" without it kicking me in the gut. Maybe I’ll just stop bothering to watch same movie twice. 1:24 AM
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hate and resentment

hate and resentment

cat deliberate

cat deliberate

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many months of "time out ny" culled - recipes, places to go, diy, etc clipped for later

I now have an appreciation for batch organization/purging.  I never would have expected a few months ago that I’d have a use for so many articles on bike paths, etc

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Cheap Laughs

Discount Stores don’t seem to be what they used to. 
Some favorites found in the Dollar Stores of Jersey City, circa 2005.




sweet love




cream boy & cream girl...
I have no idea who cream boy and cream girl are nor what is is that they love so much…


Another cryptic, though more outright inappropriate pencil case for the kiddies


My Mind...
More slightly disconcerting pencil case wisdom



My ALL TIME favorite.  I store my supply of envelopes in this tote that begs the question –
What is that boy doing that that dog? 


How is it possible to feel nostalgia for a world I never knew?

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Diarios de motocicleta
Directed by Walter Salles

lit from within

Clipped from a magazine too long ago to properly recall exactly where it came from. 
Corresponding text:

The Eudora Chair can be purchased at Generate Design 


  • Simply stated, I can now count hitching a ride in a cemetary among my life experiences 6:15 PM
  • Kids seem to have the same sense as cats when it comes to hanging all over the one person who wants no part of them. 7:22 PM
  • 3 hours may have been a tad over-ambitious. My lady parts are not amused. 8:00 PM

My Bike



My Mom finds it funny.  “You would have hated that bike if I had picked it out for you!”  Probably true.  After all, I’m somewhat stubborn, sort of a “basic black” kinda girl, not to mention a serious klutz.  Living in Brooklyn and riding a bike seems about as wise to me as the idea of playing in traffic, even for the most agile among us.  I love to walk, hate to run, and the last time I had a need for speed, the big wheel I was zooming along on disintegrated underneath me.  The mathematical aspect of physics only scares me second to the actual sensation of velocity. The kind you learn about when you’ve sent yourself in motion at high speed with friction, flesh and pavement stopping said momentum.  Then there was the time I saw the worst of what happens when human and bicycle meets automobile, and well…no need to go into the details.  The point is, if someone had asked me if a neighbor was throwing an old bicycle from their basement to the curb, what I’d do with it – I would not have expressed interest in claiming it, turning my apartment into a makeshift bike workshop, nor would I have expressed an interest to paint it iridescent pink. 


Yet, when I look at this photo, it also seems completely logical (and not without some contemplation on whether I’ve totally lost my mind and regressed).


the more things change


Though I am fond of assembling Ikea furniture and cherish having an electric drill, I’d never been drawn much to mechanics.  As a kid I took apart bugs, made slides and looked at them, I never thought much about what was under the hood of a car or took things apart to put them back together again.  About an hour into deconstructing the bicycle I realized it probably would have been a good idea to take some photos first, either for posterity or for reference.  I really didn’t start to get excited about rebuilding it at all until I realized I didn’t need any special tools.  The screws and bolts were familiar, unlike the hardware and gizmos I needed for the last bike I had.  I fell in love with the simplicity of it and began to imagine how much money I could save getting around (locally) without the expense of the subway and taxis.  Suddenly I was motivated to get the bike apart, stripped, and painted before it got dark out. 


As impulsively as I started, I walked to home depot for supplies.  I had joked about painting it pink, but faced with a wall of spray paint options, I rationalized it was safe(r) AND pretty.  If I was going to get on a bike after all these years, I might as well have some fun with it.  Well, that and I still wasn’t actually convinced it would ever work again.  Racing daylight, I finished removing the wheels and the chain much thanks to many a blog and youtube video.  I stripped most of the paint with “natural” chemicals that scared me, and cleaned and sanded metal for the first time.  I mummified the remaining bits still attached to the frame, like the seat, pedal and the handlebars.  The bicycle was being thrown out for a reason, it is old, it has dents and some rust, it smelled a bit like cat pee and my guess is that a gallon of green paint exploded near where the bike had been stored.  It was not a pretty scene.

working nickname "girl puke"


Some of my neighbors gathered as I wrapped the fence in paper and set about my spray painting party on the sidewalk.  They offered amused advice, reminisced about the last time they took something apart, and we laughed a lot about the color.


I learned from the headache that followed that I should have taken better precautions beyond protecting only the surfaces I didn’t want to paint.  I won’t soon be spray painting without covering my nose and mouth, nor considering a bathroom with an open window a “ventilated space”.  I put the bike back together a bit more slowly than I’d taken it apart as I found myself loving and hating the process of figuring it out (and minus a few precious brain cells).  At it’s best, it was as simple as using a wrench.  At it’s worst, I was completely guessing which parts went where and my only gauge for error was in finding out some key part (like a wheel) didn’t turn.  It was frustrating work in a small apartment that I generally like to keep tidy.


I needed to justify every dime I spent as I was cutting into a rather challenged budget.  The essentials are not cheap and I was rather horrified with myself that I’d been spoiled with many of these things in the past that I either lost, neglected, or otherwise thrown out.  I had to quantify the money I’d save on transportation before the roads ice over or I couldn’t move ahead with my project.  While much of my recreation over the past several weeks has been around this silly bike, it helped me (re)learn about how to budget both my time and finances a little better and seriously assess some fundamental things.


Sentimental pause…I could go on and on, it really has been a pretty profound personal experience.  The amazing guys over at Fulton Bikes are no small part of the story.  They were super patient with my constant “What’s the cheapest option?” “Is that the best you can do?” “How much are STREAMERS?” “Do they make those without horrible logos all over them?”  “Can you assure me it’s safe?”  They were helpful, generous, and even made me feel good about the work I’d done.


Okay, so it’s not sophisticated.  It’s not going to change the world, win any races or beauty contests.  If it breaks, it will bleed glitter.  I’m still a bit traffic shy, but a good measure of fear and caution combined with a childhood stint at Safety Town comforts me.  I learned that “Sturmey Archer" is a generic name in the UK often used to refer a hub gear, generally how one works, and that even though my bike doesn’t have a derailer, it does have three speeds. 


I LOVE riding it.


Oh, and  did I mention?  It works! 




Details:  The bike was originally black and had “Sears” stickers on it.  Year and Model unknown.  The frame appears to have been made in Germany.  Parts replaced: grips, tubes, tires, and gear shift.  The frame was painted in Rust-Oleum Berry Pink and a topcoat of Reflective Finish, the chainguard and fenders were painted Purple.  I had the paint remover on hand, as well as the silver glitter nail-polish used to (carefully) paint rubber portions of the brake cables.  To paint the spokes I used rubber gloves and “Odds and Ends” paint.  As I mentioned, Fulton Bikes were awesome and really worked with me on the cost of  the tune-up and accessories.