• Removing photos of Tom Otterness "art" from my flickr, etc subway sculptures 14th st since finding out he SHOT A DOG via @robblatt #lookitup 11:07 AM
  • Open House NYC this weekend. Schedule (pdf link) 12:38 PM
  • i broiled fish for the first time. mixed marks, mostly because I was convinced my oven was on fire the whole time. 7:07 PM
  • @starmike Happy Birthday Mike! 9:04 PM
  • in case of fire, be sure to call a librarian! 10:11 PM
  • this full moon seems to be lingering and causing all sorts of chaos 10:37 PM
  • if only the geographic roads were so quickly traveled as the one to nutsoville 10:56 PM


  • a very martha halloween wtf 10:40 AM

Earlier, in @theambershow and @robblatt 's yard.

  • I crown myself Queen Awkward 11:39 PM


  • someone brought me two beers to my little cave but my mama told me never to drink on the job. #isthisatest 12:02 AM
  • @robblatt HAPPY BIRTHDAY 12:22 AM
  • @robblatt I am in Queens, playing coat check girl in a club. It is somehow both more and less amusing than it sounds 12:35 AM #
  • I totally need to learn how to knit, because that makes even less sense at this volume. 1:52 AM
  • Dude, you blew a kiss into the coat room. You and your coat must be close. 2:12 AM
  • The NY Daily News rocking it before dawn 4:25 AM

The NY Daily News rocking it before dawn

  • @deanwhitbread Why do I think the photo should have been of a man in a tin foil hat 5:28 AM #
  • I manage my contacts in gmail/contacts and sync from there…wishing GoogleVoice was a dropdown option in phone numbers #derr 6:04 PM
  • My mother is reminiscing about her days on iVillage. I am in shock and highly impressed and um…in shock. 10:26 PM

Flies are Fun



  via @documentally


  • maybe @snowdaythecat needs the holy spirit in her life 8:13 AM
  • And then some interviews turn into phreadz demos…that was unexpected and sort of fun 12:02 PM
  • Alphabet Soup Battle 4:18 PM
  • I’ve never been in charge of the coat room before, this will be interesting… 7:25 PM
  • @theambershow don’t eat the vintage paprika…it’s made of people 7:30 PM #
  • i hope there is no such thing as coat check karma where i am punished for those times i lost my ticket and insisted on finding my own coat 9:10 PM
  • @MeadowsLing Is that your kitchen? Hot damn!9:15 PM #
  • I am standing in a closet. Coats have not arrived yet. The hangers are now numbered and ordered in eager anticipation. 10:40 PM
  • these empty hangers taunt me and want to wear your coat for a little while 10:47 PM

these empty hangers taunt me and want to wear your coat for a little while

Alphabet Soup Battle


In which 2 MTA employees duel announcing skills and drop knowledge.



You got all that?


For the perplexed among us, there was no shortage of helpful passengers to translate. The edgy banter had been going a good ten minutes before I hit record regarding today's A/C/E and D/F bungle and the "super abundance of trains" causing a delay. I held off transferring for a few stops because the chattier the MTA employee on the mic, the more fun the ride.


Transfer bonus: walking directly into The Still Of The Night.



  • just about the only thing containing my rage right now is chamomile tea and peggle. 9:38 PM
  • @ChazFrench thanks love 10:09 PM #

Apparently I have a new nickname: Snotsie. There is an alternate spelling, but I'm not taking it there.