• I may or may not have just intentionally hung a fur coat so it's dragging on the floor. only the #coatcheck knows for sure 12:47 AM
  • Bitch, you did not just say "Where you from, Connecticut?" I hate this place. 12:58 AM
  • @nicolespag I'm an ORI-GOM-EE gal 1:16 AM #
  • #coatcheck is full. club is not. life is full of pointless disparities. 1:31 AM
  • chirp chirp chirp say the birds. the original twitter. 5:29 AM
  • @deanwhitbread good morning :) 5:31 AM #
  • Sweat on the dance floor. Literally dripping from a pipe above now that everyone has left. 5:41 AM

Sweat on the dance floor. Literally dripping from a pipe above now that everyone has left.

  • @deanwhitbread It's kind of like the Lost island, but more awesome. And I am president. 6:52 AM #
  • Three alarm clocks set for two hour power nap. Ready…Go… 7:00 AM
  • RT @LloydDavis #tuttle2texas sign-up page for Friday's NYC #tuttle tweetup is here spread the word :) 6:21 AM
  • @orchid8 The orchid show is at the Botanical Gardens and the ads make me smile and think of you. #YepImACheeseBall 9:57 AM
  • Lingerie for bridal shower purchased with a wad of #coatcheck singles. #notastripper 12:06 PM

Lingerie for bridal shower purchased with a wad of #coatcheck singles. #notastripper

  • Cab ride from Jersey City to Hoboken. 2.1 miles set price of $14. I resent living here sometimes. 12:40 PM
  • 8 miles. Brooklyn to Hoboken. Two trains and a cab and 1:45 minutes later. 12:43 PM
  • @DrJonathan I don't live in Hoboken, though when I lived in Jersey City I preferred it over Hoboken personally. 5:15 PM #
  • My tights are falling down and earlier I considered swimming across the Hudson as a viable option. Delerium is the new black. 5:16 PM
  • The latest bullshit tagline on nearly every email forwarded by my family "There is word this will be removed from YouTube so go now ." 6:32 PM
  • I love my family despite the fact they seem to only use their internets for the purpose of forwarding spam to each other. #replyall 6:35 PM
  • @ChefMark Are you running a shelter over there? I love the rotating menagerie of floofy cuteness 9:19 PM #
  • @ChefMark Oh no! I spied an ADORABLE doggie the other day in your stream, thought maybe Stiva had a new sibling. 9:26 PM #
  • @ChefMark I oohed and ahhed over her and then saw everyone else saying what I was thinking, so I'm chiming now :) 9:30 PM #
  • Undercover Boss has me beaming and weeping a little. 9:53 PM
  • @dominos – If my order is tracking 38-48 minutes to delivery, why at 13 minutes does your pizza tracker show it's done being cooked? 10:01 PM
  • Could be my current state of sleep deprivation but I am positively howling at the Olympics closing ceremonies. #ripjohncandy 10:28 PM
  • maybe I'm dreaming or maybe the cat put drugs in my cola (again) 10:30 PM
  • Oh Canada, I'm sorry I'm laughing, but now I feel like I have permission to make every cliché joke EVER 10:32 PM
  • Dear Canada, NBC put an end to the shenanigans, a pulling off of the bandaid if you will. The Olympics are over…enter The Marriage Ref 10:35 PM
  • @RobBlatt Did you just call yourself a Stormtrooper?!?! 10:38 PM #
  • @randymatheson I endorse rioting in the streets 10:40 PM #
  • Dominos is clearly working in favor of my ass this evening. Inedible. Cured of that craving. 11:05 PM
  • @randymatheson Don't take it so hard, we won't judge you personally…that harshly ;) 11:06 PM #
  • @effedparkslope I think I quit tv tonight. 11:07 PM #
  • @randymatheson  My mother once told me to never apologize for my family. Then again, I'm an 'merican. stones and glass houses and whatnot. 11:16 PM #

There’s no YOU in SLEEP. I had purring like a jet engine and pretending to chase my tail in mind.


  • Wonder if Sarah McLachlan will be a next generation Sally Struthers. The ASPCA sure is using the Christian Children's Fund model. 10:33 AM
  • First Freecycle pick up of the day down, one more to go. Bye Bye toaster oven. 11:28 AM
  • @damiella Thanks for the reminder, you get first dibs on anything else that gets purged in winter cleaning 2010 dance party USA 11:39 AM #
  • @Thatcher Thanks for the curling alert! RT @Thatcher Last #curling TV chances noon and 6pm! ;) 11:45 AM #
  • Godaddy customer service is lovely. 2:54 PM
  • @DLIMedia Not sure if it's the same as tv CNN, but, is chock full o nonsense 4:09 PM #
  • I'd rather be Richard Heene-ed by a tsunami than a boy in a balloon. 4:18 PM
  • @ChefMark Earlier an anchor described this new, novel technology called "Skype". I wonder if it's still that vastly unknown. 4:25 PM #
  • Late library fees will be adjusted in Hawaii. Nice gesture, but who wouldn't evacuate over a late library book? #oldschool #loveit 4:40 PM
  • NBC is covering the 9/11 Gander story, never fails to give me goosebumps 5:29 PM
  • Today's nap failure is going to bite me in the ass. Should be home from #coatcheck by 7am, need to be in Jersey for bridal shower by noon. 6:45 PM
  • Dear grammar school facebook friends, your invites to farmville and proclivity for hyphenated last names are a reminder why we drifted apart 8:15 PM
  • makes me want to keep a corncob pipe and coal on hand RT @effedparkslope … snowthings around NYC (via @Gothamist): 9:54 PM
  • I think the smoke machine is broken. Zero visibility in #coatcheck 11:21 PM


  • So these athletes go all the way to Canada, work their asses off and if they win, they leave with a bent medal? 12:10 AM
  • @pewpewpew @baba12 they look cheap and unfinished 12:16 AM
  • @pewpewpew but this whole advertising orgy is ALL about safe and boring. 12:22 AM #
  • RT @kosso If this Facebook patent causes serious issues, I hope people vote with their mouse and boycott Facebook. 1:35 AM
  • It is really absurd to me that Mayor Bloomberg has any answering to do about not preemptively closing schools. 10:08 AM


Snow Day tip: Don’t lick icy flagpoles, your tongue could get thtuck

Snow Day tip: Don't lick icy flagpoles, your tongue could get thtuck


  • I have no explanation for this intense craving for pink lemonade. 10:19 AM
  • @faboomama Oooh, I'll have to try that next time I'm schlep it to TJs. I'm on my 4th glass of country time lite this morning. 10:22 AM #
  • weather conditions have changed from snow globe to snoopy snow cone maker 10:45 AM
  • @damiella I may not make it to next Friday, I'd kill a bitch for a (magnolia) cupcake NOW 11:55 AM #
  • now I'm craving a pizza bagel. 12:10 PM
  • @damiella turn that unhappy emoticon upside down! 12:11 PM #
  • @charmcitygavin @JoeCascio @damiella split 4 ways? (pay no mind to the fruit and veggies…I'm not) 12:50 PM


  • Danielle Steel has written over 100 books, and still works on a 1940s typewriter. 11:50 AM
  • @baba12 I'm starting to think I need a typewriter. 11:54 AM #
  • @deanwhitbread I can barely write legibly anymore. 12:53 PM #
  • I should have paid better attention. "Breaking Point" not the same as "Point Break". Ugh…violence phobic, 3:40 in and having a hard time 11:54 PM

I call shotgun on all the pillows

I call shotgun on all the pillows


  • omg, you are such an asshole! 1:07 AM
  • ya feeling a tingling? that would be me setting you on fire with my mind. 1:21 AM
  • I wish i wasn't so slow with my anger, but I can taste it now and it's not unlike chewing tinfoil 1:27 AM
  • a birthday wish 1:52 PM
  • RT @tradingnothing any real aliens on twitter? cmon own up 2:32 PM
  • "The ads took over one year to complete due to Von Trier's decision to wire his own jaw shut…" Hilarious. 3:01 PM

Denmark Introduces Harrowing New Tourism Ads Directed By Lars Von Trier

  • @cc_chapman I'm adding that to my petition that offices at minimum should have a padded cell, a soundproof screaming room, and a boxing ring 3:07 PM #
  • finding the descriptions in a menu highly amusing and not very helpful: prawns and chicken platter – shrimp shrimp & white chicken meat 5:24 PM
  • @bennycrime KIDNAPPER! Looks like you are holding @SnowDayTheCat hostage! 6:05 PM #
  • @bennycrime raccoon tail twins! the refined music taste proves your point, mine is partial to gangsta rap 6:20 PM #
  • @BrooklynHilary I had a pet rabbit for years that was litter box trained. Was a bit like having a cat. 6:58 PM #
  • I really hate pages/clusterfucks 8:38 PM

A very merry unbirthday



I have a birthday wish.  I promise never to try and throw myself a party or a gathering again, but what I would love is if I could gather a handful of my friends, at least once a year to do something for someone else.  Whether it's getting up before noon on a Saturday to clean a park or paint a school, working a shift in a soup kitchen or reading to kids at a library, I would love nothing more then to celebrate working alongside friends at something at least once a year.


I've always been rather quiet about what charities I support with time or money, because I'll admit I find it somewhat exhausting (and expensive) to pledge a donation for every charity or fundraising activity friends and family members take part in.  I get that and won't take it personally if you decline an invite.


So, I'll spare you the soapbox and forgo future birthday bashes at bars.  If you notice an email from me every so often with a request to attend a volunteer day, think of it as my birthday wish, whatever month it is.


  • Companies that are posting revenue increases should not be cutting employee's pay. Fuming after news of family member's (latest) pay cut. 7:27 PM
  • @effedparkslope So asinine, even more so to do it before the finale. 8:14 PM #
  • @theambershow hold your tongue ;) 8:16 PM #
  • It's about that time I log out of twitter til after sxsw #bitter 10:33 PM
  • I curse the slower timezones for my inability to view shows online that have already aired. #hurryitup 10:45 PM

pajama destiny

In which I regress and my mother buys me pajamas with feet!


Just about 5 1/2 years ago I stated what I'd like to call my "pajama destiny".  Little would I have imagined the fates would align on a shopping expedition with my Mom meant to find lingerie for my cousin's bridal shower…in Sears…  I'd link you to where you could buy your own awesome fleece, footed, zip-up, OMG adorable pjs for $20, but they aren't listed on the site :(.  So much for stocking up and outfitting myself with a uniform of playful patterned p-jammas of joy.


My mother wanted to hold up the sexy lingerie we were actually shopping for, as a sort of statement of "these are the pajamas my mom buys vs. my daughter is a tragedy and hasn't progressed past the age of 5", but the mall had apparently just been on fire (no joke), we weren't sure when they'd be closing and still had some more shopping to do.  While I was left to dancing around in the dressing room with an order to hurry up, I snapped this shot to celebrate my find.  Have I mentioned, I found the exact pj's I've been looking for? and YAY!


Composure regained momentarily.


  • NY NJ NY 11:50 AM


Happier bridge for @banannie

  • My Great Aunts are filling me in on a tradition they used to have of making fruit "dicks" (with brillo) for bridal showers. 2:08 PM
  • "What happened to vaseline?" my Grandmother asked after I explained KY as a "personal lubricant". Do I really want to explain condoms next? 2:58 PM
  • Seagulls 4:24 PM
  • failure to multi-task: nose blowing while peeing 10:12 PM
  • the most awesome pajamas in the world 11:54 PM


  • 'rntward bound 12:43 PM
  • NYC subways going for the gold in slowness and fuckery this weekend. 1:25 PM
  • Should you ever find yourself grabbing a bite at Port Authority waiting for a bus, be sure to moan while you eat. Seems to be customary 1:41 PM
  • All your Duane Reade are belong to us -xoxoxo, Walgreen 2:29 PM
  • In which I regress and my mother buys me pajamas with feet! 7:00 PM

In which I regress and my mother buys me pajamas with feet!


  • So this splinter I've been trying to work out of my foot for over a week is a hair…I have a hair growing out of the bottom of my foot! 12:55 AM
  • @MeadowsLing That's probably a more likely explanation for mine too. Freakishly painful. 12:31 PM #
  • My neighborhood is fantastic for independently owned pharmacies. Touched by the customer service I've recieved today. 3:23 PM


Road trip memories

originally posted on the RoadCamp blog…


My friends and I still don’t know how we pulled it off.  First, there was the issue of renting a beach house 700 miles away when we were 17 years old.  I mailed away for rental brochures in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and somehow convinced my Mom to vouch for us and let us book the rental on her credit card.


Senior Prom was approaching and as we weighed the costs of the prom bid, dress, hair appointment, limo rental, requisite hotel room for the weekend –  the lure of adventure led us to the conclusion that our money would be better spent taking a road trip, a last hurrah before we went away to college in different cities.  Then, there was the issue of getting our parents to persuade the Principal that we should be exempt from the policy that students who didn’t come to school the Monday after Prom weekend faced automatic suspension.


I don’t recall the details of the negotiation, but we got approval and set out to plan the route with a paper atlas.


We left in the early dawn hours of Prom Friday, with no regrets, feeling slightly rebellious and running on pure excitement.  I blared Rage Against the Machine (the first few tracks on mix tape 1) as I picked up with my three passengers, also known as my fellow  Space Pirates, a reference to the Merry Pranksters (of course we read a lot of Tom Wolfe and Jack Kerouac back then).  If Twitter had been around in 1996, our usernames would likely have been Webbygail, SensuousX, Maisy, and PrincessMoonBeam.


The trip from NJ to SC took  about 14 hours, with frequent stops, capturing the moments and our incredibly naive commentary on a giant vhs camcorder.  My co-pilot took notes and captured observations  in our “Captain’s Log” the notebook containing the handwritten turn by turn driving directions.  It was my first trip past the Mason Dixon line and experiencing it mile by mile, I was shocked at the visible change in manners, accents, and in awe of Southern Hospitality.  Our notes, which read much like a blog, contain tidbits like “Roosters on the side of I95 by Fayetville”, “Man practically jumps in front of car on I95, brushes against door, Jones Swamp, Virginia”, “Nicole is denied service at McDonalds in Richmond, VA” and numerous quotes, which out of context make little sense to me now.


The video of our arrival reveals an absence of cell phones and laptops as we all rushed to the wall mounted house phone and took turns letting our parents know that we arrived safely.  A few days later we called friends and convinced one to take a car-load down the following weekend to meet us.  The trip was my first taste of “freedom”, a glimpse of life outside the tri-state area in the company of friends and the new ones we met along the way.  It was a week-long slumber party, broken up by trips to the beach and local attractions recommended by family friends who lived in the area or had visited in the past.  14 years ago, the highlights I recall most revolve around the journey itself, ones captured in the notebook, in snapshots developed at a 1 hour photoshop on the drive back, and those which were captured on video.


I imagine RoadCamp to be a grand adventure, with more people (some I’ve yet to meet), less need for parental permission and of course, more tech.  The ability to plot the route on Google maps, coordinate logistics via email and share the trip in real time is amazing to me when I compare RoadCamp to that first analog, and much documented road trip.


  • @faboomama The Shelly Long one. I thought the same thing as you til I saw it :) Not Private Benjamin. 12:07 AM #
  • mass transit directions: 20 minutes. walking directions: 21 minutes. 6:12 PM
  • Having listened to the Smodcasts, read the tweets, etc… this post by @thatkevinsmith really choked me up 11:22 PM

I know you'd like to sleep, but I don't want to. If I'm up, you're up. Get it?


  • The new "We are the World" had me til the autotune. Don't forget Haiti. 1:00 AM
  • current weather report: snowballs. 1:41 AM
  • Odd, just noticed snow is sticking and accumulating on the sidewalk, steps and ledges on my side of the street, but not at all on the other. 2:14 PM
  • favorite compliment of the week – being recognized as a non-sycophant 2:19 PM
  • @loudmouthman I figure if you create enough static the volume cancels out the weight of every documented moment to the casual reader 3:47 PM #
  • @ChefMark I call them followbaitors. ;) 3:56 PM #
  • Suddenly looking forward to the next light bulb to blow out 6:45 PM
  • I had no idea Troop Beverly Hills had a cult following…until tonight. That was some old school Rocky Horror Picture Show dedication. 11:43 PM

Dear Sky, I summon thee to snow harder!

Dear Sky, I summon thee to snow harder!




  • @ChazFrench Not funny, I think this was the last time I slept so soundly 12:16 AM #

  • @ChazFrench Good Night! May your sleep be undisturbed :) 12:25 AM #
  • @preciousweapons makes #coatcheck a place filled with sex and glamour 12:16 PM

Semi Precious Weapons

Semi Precious Weapons | MySpace Music Videos

  • Embracing the girly romanticism of Valentine's Day and seeing the movie with a pack of females. I predict an estrogen headache. 12:37 PM
  • Once again gmail iPhone app not showing emails recieved in the past 7 hours, but there they are on webmail. WTF 1:32 PM
  • I managed to drop more popcorn down my shirt than in my mouth. cleavage corn! 4:49 PM
  • @SouthwestAir How exactly could you make it right with a 140 character DM? Your pilot already booted @ThatKevinSmith and he's having his say 9:30 PM #

So, I get brushed (glorified petting) and rewarded with treats for it?! Humans really are so easy to please.


  • Never cared about who cut my hair. Then I found one and was all loyal and sappy and shit. I left upset yesterday, now I'm angry. It's OVER! 8:20 AM
  • managed to block out thoughts that the nice folks i interviewed with might be silently mocking my bad haircut 1:17 PM
  • Getting sucked into TED talks has the illusion of not being entirely unproductive but I should really be doing other things. 2:51 PM
  • staring at a watch battery replacement form doubting it's worth it. will I ever really wear a watch again? 5:13 PM


  • dog found in Staten Island during blizzard (email, RT to SI folks please) 12:07 PM
  • I get the giggles when I read Valentine's Day shortened as VD 1:08 PM
  • @NYCcondom But, I LOVE the old design 1:20 PM #
  • Just got word of a CHEAP one bedroom on Macon and Nostrand in Brooklyn. DM me if you want details. 1:33 PM
  • Going to the hair salon to regain my eyesight. 5:26 PM


  • Great day for building! Habitat for humanity is hardcore, no snow day for me 7:03 AM
  • All the other volunteers so far came in from Manhattan, I'm glad to be working on a house in my hood. 8:38 AM
  • Snow Tags 12:50 PM

snow glyphs

  • worksite heat 1:06 PM

worksite heat

  • Walking home is proving to be trickier than expected, got massively turned around and can't read a single street sign. Slow going… 2:01 PM
  • @robblatt @theambershow passing your former abode. If you still lived here the abominable snowman would be dropping by about now 2:05 PM
  • @banannie Home! It was in an intense, quiet and exhausting walk :) Defrosting, FTW! 2:48 PM #
  • I still don't know what to do with Buzz, it's the same conundrum I have with Facebook. Wish I could be logged into 2 gmail accounts at once. 4:01 PM
  • Also never took to google reader, so buzz is striking me like an annoying mosquito 4:03 PM
  • @ChazFrench I like it in theory, I want to play with it more, annoyed the primary email I use is not the one I want to use for Buzziness 4:04 PM #
  • @banannie Then I'll never log in, I just forward email messages from that account. 4:07 PM #
  • Forgive my rant or manifesto or whatever the heck this tome is 7:18 PM
  • @banannie looking forward to reading it, it's likely to have far fewer ellipses and grammatical sacrilege 7:27 PM #
  • @ChazFrench yeap, sad to think what gems i'll miss other's posting, but life will go on…. :) 7:29 PM #
  • @ChazFrench I hope you didn't just inadvertently cause a block to google reader ;p 7:53 PM #
  • Why the F has NBC been running a disclaimer for the past few minutes? (and why haven't turned it off) words words names names names, wtf 7:54 PM
  • PBS is airing a fantastic program on ancestry Interesting to see others shocked as I've been recently 8:07 PM


Facebook, Google Wave and now Google Buzz have me at a bit of a crossroads with where I am most likely to “engage” online.  While I love the idea of having one homebase where I can catch up with the goings-on of friends, family, and acquaintances and also post updates about mine, I simply don't feel that would be a wise decision.  My rationale and conundrum goes like this:


For me, blogging started as a sort of personal journal, with a dash of naïveté and a pinch of exhibitionism.  I'm glad for the honesty that allowed me.  I have no regrets, I have no desire or need  to go and make public posts private or start censoring myself.  Had I not created a separate email address or chosen a goofy name to post under – I would have over-thought everything to silence.  I didn't start podcasting or blogging thinking of it as an interactive channel, nor did I imagine how many personal connections I'd make.  But, I did.  I don't care about follower numbers or web traffic, it's selfish and social – plain and simple – and I enjoy it and treasure the friendships I made alone the way.


Why I've continued to post as MissSomething and register to certain sites with a secondary email address:

  • I haven't met every single person I'll ever meet.   As anyone swimming in the dating pool does, one of the first things I do is “google” someone I am getting to know.  I search their name, I search their email address, and I search the letters that come before the @___com.  I am not secretive, nor would I ever hide anything I've posted online from anyone I'm befriending or becoming intimate with…however, I am thankful for that initial control having met my fair share of overbearing (ie: stalkerish) suitors, romantic or otherwise.
  • I want to remain in the job market, continue to play online and not worry about every word I've ever posted.  There's no erasing the past with the Wayback Machine and Google archive; I've sat beside my former CEO as he googled our co-workers.  I am constantly aware, espcially while currently looking for employment, that future employees, clients, and co-workers will do this.  Again, I have nothing to hide, but call me old-fashioned, I keep work at work and home at home.  No one I work with or for needs to find photos of my cat, accompany me on a walk around my neighborhood, or know my friends (or any of my self-indulgent behaviour) with a casual search.  If it is appropriate, it will very likely come up in conversation.
  • I have a huge family.  I've lost count of how many cousins I have, ranging in age from in-utero to older than me.  While I am not ashamed nor hiding the way in which I speak (I throw the occasional F-bomb around online and off) or the things I share, I'm certainly going to speak differently around a 5 year old then I would a 12 year old than I would with a 25 year old.  While I realize anyone of any age can come across anything I've posted online, I'm not about to lock up my site or put an age verification up, this isn't porn, any kid on the hunt for bad words would be bored here.  What I worry about is a supervised child-relative being encouraged to seek out family members, and while many members of my family blog specifically to stay in touch with family, I stick to email and other places when it comes to my family. 

I don't feel as though I've split off my personality to two.  I blog, twitter, etc as me, I've just made myself a slight bit harder to find…and I think it's the right thing for me to do.  My Facebook account is a mishmash of family, people I haven't seen since elementary school, co-workers, as well as friends I engage with in places like Twitter.  I find I don't have much to say there.  Now, with Google Wave and Buzz – I'm thinking forward.  I have one primary email account I've used for over 5 years, again the one I give to family, co-workers, old friends, new friends, potential mates, etc.  Should I remain engaged mostly via Twitter and connect the two, I'd lose that (at least initial) buffer.  Sure, there are privacy settings I could go through and block people, but that doesn't change inevitable searchability.


The email address I tie to my social meanderings online is forwarded to my primary one and have it set that I can respond from there as well.  But, I'm never actually signed into that gmail address.  This has all worked fine, til now…


I know Twitter won't be around forever, I don't know if I'll keep this site up for eternity, and I actually like the shift to centralize things and make them a bit less anonymous.  But having set up things as I have, this makes these changes particularly complicated and always leave me soul-searching and struggling to keep (albeit a vague sort of) personal anonymity.  I've tried the multiple account approach and one always dies off.  With Google entering the social sandbox (rather some I'd like to play in), I have to choose to switch between two accounts or hope perhaps in the future they'll allow a user to be logged on to more than one account at a time…but that doesn't make much sense for Google and I get that.  I don't know what the fix is, or which wires I may rig to which to keep them running from a virtual splitter, but I know I'm not alone.  Perhaps if I gave sites more time to develop before I tried to work them out,  maybe this very rant wouldn't have brewed and spilleth over.  Some of my favorite bloggers, micro and otherwise, post the sort of impulsive things they might want to keep separate from a web search of their name or primary email address.  Whatever the necessity, rationale, or desire to do this, I'm sort of at a loss at how it will all work…


  • Love this! RT@timjahn …road trip scavenger hunt to SXSW and need YOU to provide clues! Come help us! >> #ChiChevySXSW 10:03 AM
  • @damiella I have given up 3 times now #NotIlluminated 10:10 AM #
  • @paullyoung looks like snow is tracking to start at midnight currently, you'll probably beat it. 10:11 AM #
  • @damiella Zing! Have you tried "Winter's Tale" by Mark Helprin? Not a Jonathan, and really good NYC fiction. 10:18 AM #
  • RT @OrganicBedStuy Location survey for an Organic Market in Bed-Stuy, Please retweet. 10:07 AM
  • NYC schools closed tomorrow. Let's hope it actually snows. #OverReactMuch 11:02 AM
  • @Neilochka I know! I remember waking up earlier then I had to just to sit by the radio and wait to hear the name of my school 11:07 AM #
  • @starmike The kiddies won't even have to sleep with their pj's on backwards. (do yours do that in hopes of a snow day?) 11:09 AM #
  • @starmike I hadn't heard it til I moved to NJ in high school. My brother would scream at me if I wore my pj's right side out on snow nights 11:11 AM #
  • silly question – is google wave still being developed or is buzz next gen wave/email? 1:34 PM
  • @starmike I was thinking the same thing. basically for those of us who've created separate disconnected accounts…have a choice to make 1:51 PM #
  • Anyone else noticing incongruity between iphone gmail and web based gmail? 2:13 PM
  • @kosso I've always had two different accounts. The one I use for twitter/online shenanigans I never sign into. Baffled as to how I'll use it 2:18 PM #
  • @JeremyMeyers I don't call my vibrator my "buzz", however I do call a pad a pad when my vagina is bleeding. 2:46 PM #
  • @langley I triple dare you 2:54 PM #
  • oh serendipity, you are a funny funny bitch 3:48 PM
  • I love @theambershow 's reds 4:43 PM
  • @theambershow shower, check :) running a brush through my mop. dinner sounds great, i'll help. text or call if you want me to bring anything 4:49 PM #
  • It's ok to view someone muttering to themself with a big container of gasoline as a threat, right? 6:45 PM
  • @unclr it's intentional 7:07 PM #
  • @davidherrold scarier, I think dude was on the subway, walked past exitting the station 7:10 PM #
  • FYI Sayid is NOT a zombie…sure, that's what every zombie says 9:33 PM
  • I will refer to that moment as "the great tabouli misundertanding of 2010" going forward (if not only in my own mind) 9:43 PM
  • next week on zombie island…in a locker room far, far away… #lost #WhyDoIWatchThee 10:03 PM
  • Apparently in the Sinatra cab of sappy ballads, the drizzly snow is completing the experience. 10:26 PM
  • quite possibly my favorite cab ride ever 11:03 PM

  • job description for " lead patient marketing" as "lead paint marketing" I head to bed, I have a house to build tomorrow! 11:18 PM