In which my mom finds a google review I wrote and sends it back to me with grammar and spelling corrections


  • Behold the giant pineapple @ Federal Hill Pineapple

  • Almost home @ 278 East

  • Back en NYC

  • Just found a bunch of LinkedIn messages from 2009 I totally missed and would have really liked to have responded to. Yikes, I suck.
  • @bennettmsmith But, can I call them Benedict? #
  • and the best part of the Oscars was the Mac and cheese commercial


  • I call every subway rat Ben
  • Next stop Providence, RI
  • I'm dating the Lorax of Fulton Street
  • Providence gives good head @ Trinity Brewhouse

Providence gives good head

  • I've never been to a monster truck rally, but I have tickets for one tonight! When in providence, do what's happening in providence!
  • Spontaneous snow in Providence
  • There are no excuses for soggy hotdogs
  • Such an odd spectacle @ Dunkin Donuts Center

  • On screen commercials are a bad and disruptive experience when watching something live #lazyads
  • It's basically wrestling with cars


  • Port authority has this handy list of foreign consulate numbers at the taxi s @ Port Authority Bus Terminal

  • Never good to see the Haz Tac truck outside the subway entrance


Like so many times before, I had a massive fight with strangers in downtown New York City.  It happens a lot when I am down there, I stew, sometimes I lash out on twitter.  I never spew my anger aloud, it’s all silent confrontation and rage in my head.  It started shortly after September 11, 2001.  I worked down there, I had to be there, it was my route to commute.  As if it didn’t dominate my thoughts, I had to face it, twice a day for years, literally passing through and under a burial ground in the PATH tunnels at the World Trade Center. 


Sometimes being downtown gave me comfort, sometimes fear, always sorrow, and as the tourists started streaming in…it made me increasingly angry.  I’d pass tour groups smiling and giving the peace sign posing for photos.  I wanted to shake these people and make them hurt like I did.  I wanted to smack the vendors selling books with images of destruction, shirts, hats, all sorts of crap.  I would think, this shouldn’t have happened at all, and now it’s a destination, and now you’re here – selling disaster porn souvenirs. 


So, tonight I saw a group of visiting servicemen paying their respects.  I don’t know where they were visiting from, I don’t know what branch of the military they serve, but they were having a solemn moment.  And around them people stopped.  Tourists, and likely natives were taking their picture.  It made me furious.  I grappled with people’s right to privacy to mourn and pay homage to the dead without others exploiting it.


Then I thought of the pictures that touch me.  Pictures, sometimes of suffering.  Private moments that I probably shouldn’t be privy to.  I believe pictures can change the world, and maybe some of those images may have been at the expense of their subjects.  I also have a sense of joy when I see people taking pictures with willing NYPD and FDNY, I love when heroes are treated like celebrities. 


Then again, I’m a New Yorker.  I have a complicated opinion of tourists.  I love the money they bring with them that benefits the city I live in, but dodging the stalled masses on my way to work can be annoying.  Some of my best friends who come to visit me are technically tourists and I relish their joy at seeing the city I live in.  And, I’ve taken many down to the World Trade Center site.  Sometimes they take pictures and I do too.  Often, they cry.  Some of the conversations I’ve had on these trips have given me a sense of peace.  Maybe that is happening when these stranger’s cameras are away and they’ve stopped hamming it up for their memento of being “there”.  I don’t think I’ll ever understand wanting to be in those photos.


I also remember, in 1996 I visited a concentration camp.  I didn’t want to, I had a very hard time joining the group of film students I was traveling with.  I thought I knew the history, I honor the dead, I respect their stories, I don’t need to visit a place of torture and horror.  But, I went.  And I needed a moment to sob for people I didn’t know.  I was the stranger there, I was a tourist.  In the end, my visit there turned out to be one of the most unexpected memories of my trip as one of my professors joined me, and told me his story.  His mother was a political prisoner there, she was pregnant with him at the time.  I sobbed some more.  I listened to his story and we had a private moment as he walked with me through the museum and showed me each panel as though he was showing me a private photo album.  He wanted us there, he was grateful to share this place with us and every class he brought there.  He encouraged us to take pictures, and I did.  He extended our photography lessons in that place, he didn’t just want us to take snapshots, he wanted us to make them beautiful.


I’ve been thinking a lot about celebrating death these days.  I watched Whitney Houston’s funeral on tv and had a long conversation with a friend that day about how we eulogize.  I have a favorite clip on youtube and it’s at someone’s funeral.  Somebody I didn’t know, someone who was clearly loved and I am grateful that someone shared that moment, and it made me think – I want that joy to erupt when I go.  It’s a gorgeous tribute, you should watch it.




I can’t think of anything worse than having my own grieving made public, those moments when you are so completely lost and raw.  But, I have.  I have poured my heart out freely on my podcast about many different kinds of losses and on 9/11 itself, I’ve sent words of encouragement to family on the anniversary of someone’s death on facebook.  We eulogize, that’s what we do.  And sometimes the way we do it doesn’t work for everyone.  Maybe that is what happens in that moment I catch walking by.  I don’t know the whole story, I don’t know their stories or the context of their pilgrimage.


But, I also think of the survivors and their families who might need a private moment and instead have people capturing their misery.  I suppose that’s why I leave this city every year on the anniversary and over time I’ve learned my own boundaries of what I share publicly, I tend to hold the most delicate things the most private.  I had to determine that for myself.  I guess at the heart of it is the sense that by living here, I have to share that and cede that control and sometimes it just feels like people visiting have no regard for that.


Gosh, I didn’t intend for this to be so long winded, but I guess I’m realizing it’s complicated and something I always see as unforgivable might actually be something else.


  • Wow! I am a spoiled girl! Random Christmas in February!

  • @semipermgirl RT @HopeClary: @MissSomething is that a mangled unicorn? A child's puzzle, or a threat?
  • @HopeClary probably all you mentioned  #
  • Just saw a bunch of visiting serviceman paying their respects at ground zero. People gawking and taking pictures. Makes my blood boil
  • If for a photo op, poor taste
  • If randoms trying to capture a moment, for what? Facebook? Feels wrong. Can't help feeling a sacred right to privacy when it comes to death
  • Stepping off the soapbox now
  • In a moment of anger I started to see it differently


  • My friends get me the most awesome presents. I love you Laura!

  • @Paulhcarr that is so great!!  #
  • Update: OMG it opens!


  • "I brought you back Jesus balls!" he knows me so well"I brought you back Jesus balls!" he knows me so well

Trapped in my apartment


Trapped In My Apartment (Chapter 1), R. Kelly rewriten by Nicole


8 o'clock in the morning and sounds of hammering and sawing wake me up
I'm stretching and cursing in a bed that belongs to me
Then the sound of wood being thrown out the front door
Then I look outside and see a neighbor looking inside, he starts to talk to my landlord
Now I’m thinking about all the things I needed to do outside my apartment and wonder
How am I gonna get out with no stairs
I watched some tv, wrote a grocery list, did some dishes
Last night I could have run those errands when I got home but I put them off until today
Here I am trying to pass the time
Tried to take a nap, but the hammering was just too loud
Then I cleaned my cabinets looking for food
I needed to go food shopping today
Then I made a PB&J sandwich with what I had
Crept to the top of the stairs to see how bad it was
It was bad, there are steps missing
I said to myself “There is no way out”
“Man, I gotta get out!”
He is still working on the stairs
I got back into my apartment, closed the door
I read some blogs, checked my email
Looked out the window
The pile of wood is getting bigger
He’s knocking more stairs out
And now I'm in this apartment trying to figure out
Just how I'm gonna get my crazy ass out this house
And he hammers some more
And I tweet about my predicament
And @theambershow says I need to grow my hair like Rapunzel
And I reply to come with a ladder to rescue me
And she says she’ll bring a ladder and a dashing fireman
I start making piles of laundry to do
When I can get out again to go to the laundromat
I cleaned my spice rack, found some expired jars to throw out
Now my garbage is filling up
But I have to slow down my cleaning
I can’t get outside to throw the bag out if it fills up
Wood being thrown
And I’m creeping around because my landlord is home
An he’s getting closer to my door as he finishes each step
And I get quieter
And more bored
I need to get out of the house and make the most of this day


  • My landlord appears to be rebuilding my stairs. Leaving my list of errands looking very impossible as I'm trapped upstairs
  • They were perfectly good stairs
  • Or maybe he's removing the stairs to barricade me up here forever. OMG that would suck
  • @theAmberShow Ha! Or beg you to come with a ladder for my escape  #
  • If I was R Kelly is totally be writing a song about this. Trapped in my apartment, upstairs, and I wanna get out, I gotta get out
  • Thank you @KellZodiac for giving me a framework to express my rage and frustration while I'm trapped in my apartment
  • No one puts baby in the corner, except my landlords who strands me in my apartment
  • Freedom. Enough stairs to flee
  • @usermac no longer hostage to landlord rebuilding stairs up to my floor thankfully :)  #
  • Does anyone actually like green candy flavor?
  • @HopeClary blasphemy. You can have mine  #
  • The boy gets back tomorrow. Is it tomorrow yet?


If I lived in the suburbs I suspect I'd get into a lot more fights


  • I find it hilarious and more than a little ridiculous that after all the c @ LIRR – Nostrand Avenue Station

I find it hilarious and more than a little ridiculous that after all the construction at the nostrand LIRR station, these machines are still unreadable and in direct sun

  • My parents are yelling at me to hurry up. Clearly they don't know how trains work
  • He's totally watching me pee

He's totally watching me pee


  • I forgot about things like central park being smack in the middle of me and where I am going every time I try to "outsmart" google maps
  • While at the salon another patron compliments my hair. Place smells so chemical. This feels like a bad idea.
  • Remember the time I confessed I thought the haircut he gave me made me look like a penis. I do, it was five minutes ago.
  • I prefer to imagine spaceships come and go from here

I prefer to imagine spaceships come and go from here

Growth Spurt

Growing up I was the tall girl.  I split my chin one summer and the doctor at the emergency room didn't want to give me stitches.  It was assumed I'd be so tall people, many shorter folks might be looking up at me…so I was sent to a plastic surgeon.  Legend had it my Grandfather was over 6 feet, so it was assumed I took after him.   I stopped growing in the 4th or 5th grade.  And in this photo taken in 6th grade, I still had a few inches on my classmates (I'm the one with the goofy braces, crimped bangs and MY GOD, I loved that comfy sweatsuit/skirt contraption).  Everyone continued growing and I stayed put, at 5 foot 2. *  Except for the inconvenience of having to consider whether I'll wear heels when I have to hem every pair of pants I buy, like I'd imagine most of us, I stopped thinking about my height as a changing variable somewhere around the early years of high school.


Then, I went for my semi-annual – whenever I get around to it – physical.  There were routine questions, there was the "open up and say Ahh", the tetanus shot I'm still sorry I got, and then I was weighed and measured.  "5'4." "No, I'm 5'2"." Hmm, turn around, let me do it again."  "Turn around and look, you're 5'4"."  I asked him to check his records.  I've stuck with the same doctor for over 10 years now.  He'd measured me 4 times before.  Always 5'2'.  I was amused and asked if he got a new scale.  He hadn't, and so we checked again.  At 33 years old I grew 2 inches.  WTF!?!  I know.  Then he asked if I've been seeing a Chiropractor.  Apparently it happens sometimes when you are doing exercises that lengthen your spine.  It's been a month since I've gone for physical therapy, and I'd probably need to start doing yoga regularly if I'm going to keep these two inches.  I'm still skeptical, it's not like I've been squinched down two inches since I was 10, but he explained it doesn't work like that.  I also don't think you can just get taller as an adult.  But, apparently I did.  I need to have someone measure me with my own measuring tape, but I won't be asking my Dad – he'll still call me Nitroll :)


*except for in California where the DMV mistook my 2 for a 7 so my liscene had me at 5'7


  • I always feel like this bit of the marble in the lobby is a sinister alien insect out to eat me

I always feel like this bit of the marble in the lobby is a sinister alien insect out to eat me


  • I've always wondered what is inside those water sampling boxes

I've always wondered what is inside those water sampling boxes

  • I'm going to back to my "just say no" policy with needles. Been sick all day since yesterday's tetanus shot and my arm hurts like hell


  • I grew two inches. Dr checked multiple times. Apparently when you start going to therapy for your back it can happen. Astounding.
  • I am probably too proud of myself for getting a physical. Grown up tetanus shot with no tears high five! Yep, I'm a baby.


  • Added Arctic Man to my life list
  • Best website ever
  • Bruce has forsaken the woodwind and moved to a string orchestra
  • The Grammy's probably beat MTV to acknowledging the death of Whitney
  • Bruno Mars is a lot prettier to look at than he is to listen to
  • Great albums seem to come from bad breakups
  • Only keeping Chris Brown on to see if Rihanna joins him onstage
  • "Is he more today's Michael Jackson or Bobby Brown?" "They both dance and have high pitched voices" – courtesy of @mattgunn
  • The Fu Fighters are so boring. Amazing that someone from Nirvana could make such snoozy music
  • And the Oscar and the Grammy goes to the Willie Nelson's Chipotle commercial
  • I'm going to start using the word excitations in regular conversation. You've been warned
  • I wonder if Paul McCartney is still a vegetarian
  • @damiella We can make this happen #
  • Kanye! Where is Kanye to play her off
  • Alanis Morrissette > Katy Perry = Dave Coulier > Russell Brand
  • I was just informed "lantern jaw" is an effect of HGH inspired by Gweneth's appearance on the Grammy's
  • Wow. That was amazing. Probably a good time to change the channel and end on a high note.
  • Him – "It's funny seeing friends in the mountain timezone tweeting about things we saw over an hour ago" Me – "Kind of like my mom's texts"
  • Love Jennifer Hudson and all but did she really need the tribute hairdo
  • Repeats on the Grammy's. What? Didn't we already see this awful douche and this boring band?
  • I'd rather be in the tent and get the cool mask
  • "Nicki Minaj is like those girls on the subway, except she hasn't grown up". Ha! @mattgunn
  • @pewpewpew that would have probably been "too much"
  • I'm so going to stop pronouncing th in words like things and thank and say fings and fank instead.
  • Everyone seemed to perform two or three times tonight. Now is the time to start a band, there aren't enough for the Grammy's to fill a show


  • I suppose I'm not the only person watching Whitney Houston videos on YouTube right now
  • "come out and play-yay" watching The Warriors


  • I dreamed I was interviewing Marilyn Monroe on her love of corn blowing. I don't know what that is or if it exists. Dreams are weird.
  • Post offices are now BYOT. Bring your own tape, for reals
  • This guy's balls require two seats

This guy's balls require two seats

  • Apparently subway fishing is a thing and I just saw it


Last night I had a dream that my father was knitting my boyfriend's initials into his shirt for him. Dreams are weird.


I'm glad I grew up with Madonna pop fun. Nicki Minaj is straight up fug and pointless.


  • I imagine this would be my wedding cake in hell

I imagine this would be my wedding cake in hell

  • Also, they have ham 4 sale!

Also, they have ham 4 sale!

  • Chewy milk candy with purple yam and gelatinous mutant coconut

  • Playing with the Tinyworld app at the World Fair globe in Corona Park

Playing with the Tinyworld app at the World Fair globe in Corona Park


  • Apparently my disqus profile is blocked from commenting on Gothamist. I rarely comment on anything, never trolll, now I feel downright dirty
  • Just like Brooklyn, except not at all and in midtown Manhattan

Just like Brooklyn, except not at all and in midtown Manhattan


Just another I heart New York moment

Just another I heart New York moment


Love my roku @mattgunn <3 Now we just have to sort out this @youtube thing on the @rokuplayer Who knew?