Eleven years ago my grandparents were alive.  I could still call and see my Uncle Larry and my Aunt Jacqui.  I had yet to run into a friend a bunch of times, with plans to make it happen more after she moved to my city, and then attended her funeral in the same year.  Missy’s parents were still alive.  I still considered my best friend Alex a friend.   I’ve lived in Jersey City, San Francisco, Denville, Brooklyn and Queens.  I fell in love had my heart broken more than once.  There have been marriages, divorces, babies born and watching loved ones suffer from illness.  I was estranged from my favorite Aunt.  I’ve had four big career jobs and lots of little ones.  I blogged and podcasted and made friends.  My knee and foot have been operated on, and there have been more than a few minor injuries and recoveries.  I’ve had 11 birthdays, been through my twenties and some of my thirties.


Today I’m nostalgic for all that was before and all that has happened since. The good, the bad, the sorrow, the pain, and my favorite – the joy.


Wars have been fought, revenge sought, and it still offers no comfort.