• In Williamsburg #coap2009 1:01 AM

In Williamsburg #coap2009

  • 6 hours. The supermarket light seems cruel. #coap2009 2:07 AM
  • Going on 8.5 hours #coap2009 3:18 AM

Going on 8.5 hours #coap2009

  • Starting to see sesame street characters walking around Williamsburg. Delerium? Game? Hipsters? #coap2009 3:29 AM
  • Street Fighter 2 instructions come into play. #coap2009 4:00 AM
  • I think everyone should walk through the night once in their life 4:33 AM
  • @loudmouthman but have you hunted the great white whale? :) #coap2009 4:38 AM #
  • The game ended with a sign, written on it FIN. my team did not find it first, but damn we rocked. #coap2009 5:08 AM

Going to watch the sunrise now #coap2009

  • Going to watch the sunrise now #coap2009 5:19 AM
  • Williamsburg Bridge, sunrise 5:27 AM

Williamsburg Bridge, sunrise

  • It feels entirely possible (and probable) that when I get home and remove my wet boots two bloodied stumps will break off #trenchfoot 6:19 AM
  • @rojopelo be seeing you later, but have yet to go to bed 6:21 AM #
  • Now we’re killing (more) geese to prevent bird strikes? I want to know if the U.S. is the only country that does this. #fuckyeah 6:57 AM
  • I have to think of an appropriate violent end to the boots and backpack I walked all night with. They have wronged me. 2:18 PM
  • @robblatt Good Luck! Can’t wait to see it later. Tell Ricky I say hello. :) 3:07 PM #
  • The city is infested with awesome right now. Willing my feet to work. #ineedajetpack 3:15 PM
  • @robblatt did it bleed? 5:24 PM
  • if my neighbors look into my window right now they’d see a maniac sliding across the floor using the mop like a mic. soooo not like me 5:27 PM
  • tootsies wrapped, slippers on…heading to the @ambershow @robblatt house. aka the best hosts / fun makers in brooklyn 7:51 PM
  • OMG some woman named her kid Carvel! No offense to carvel (or the poor child) 8:08 PM
  • #blattbash wish YOU were here 10:08 PM
  • Who else has had a charliehorse during self love? 10:10 PM
  • @dannypayne I just asked your brother and doesn’t know either. WTF! It’s a cramp in your calf. #blattbash 10:16 PM #
  • When @rojopelo curses like a sailor angels get their wings 10:21 PM
  • @theambershow says "he looks so sexy in oven mitts" 11:15 PM