• I got seconds from @doverbey (hugs perverts), now I head homeward bound. Sloppy kisses #140conf – it was fun! 12:05 AM
  • pondering the idea of a beautiful life 1:21 AM
  • the overall theme of my friendster inbox "hi hello im interested u to married" mildly amusing to check once a year 5:42 PM
  • @bronwen I am too uptight to dance, but something tells me had I gone out with you @Sukhjit and @1indienation I might have let go :) 11:03 PM #
  • Have we given up on living on Earth already ? I really want to give Antarctica a whirl before quitting this planet 11:08 PM
  • @sarahcooley I have an "untweeted" google doc. Strange how that happens, right? Once I used this space to speak without consequence. 11:10 PM #
  • 15 out of the past 18 days NYC has had rain. 11:19 PM
  • @ChrisCavs just don’t forget a condom 11:43 PM #
  • #squarespace quite honestly, right now I want the new i…(s) so I can try the @12seconds video app when it comes out 11:52 PM