• i like video games. who knew? found out thanks to @theambershow and @robblatt while they let me use their washer and drier. thanks guys! 1:44 AM
  • i swore i wouldn’t become nocturnal. i swore it. dammit! 3:23 AM
  • Remember that time they let you view the IP addressees editing Wikipedia? That was fun. 10:33 AM
  • Confession: I found myself taking notes on daytime tv today. 12:38 PM
  • Hey Podcasters – I really like it when you set your feed to display ALL. If I subscribe in Itunes I want to see everything. 1:55 PM
  • anyone know what happened to @mayjah ? I miss her funnies. 3:35 PM
  • Dear fellow neighbors and urbanites, Kindly cut the shit with the fireworks and toys that sound like gunshots. No good will come of this. 3:57 PM
  • I wonder how many of the people in this video will turn out to Times Square tonight for the Thriller flash mob 4:07 PM

  • OH "I bet people have gotten laid because of that lobby" 8:30 PM
  • @jeffhinz – @theambershow has lipstick, @sukhjit has spraypaint and I am running out of ways to tell them the walls are not a blank canvas 9:11 PM
  • As God is my witness, I’ll never wear white again. 11:08 PM
  • # RT @bitchcakesny: Some photos of tonight’s sunset sky behind NYC and stunning clouds after the thunderstorm… Brooklyn 11:56 PM

photo by bitchcakesny