• And then we realized we were both in the "my ex had a third nipple" club 12:27 AM
  • @chazfrench checks the vault 12:34 AM

@chazfrench checks the vault

  • @brad_fidler beam me to LA! 1:53 AM #
  • thou shall not covet thy mother’s iphone 10:15 AM
  • purses! made out of books! (via 11:37 AM
  • Google Voice – (424) 242 GEEK …. Yep. 12:43 PM
  • @usermac woohoo! google voice! 1:07 PM #
  • It is official. This time tomorrow I’ll be at the beach! ’til tuesday  1:11 PM
  • RT @robblatt New blog post: What Happens When Seesmic Kills Video? 4:38 PM
  • waiting for delicious to send you a link to reset your password is slow… zzzzzzzzzzz I think I just lost the motivation to get organized. 4:44 PM
  • Google, this voice thing you got going on has me squealing with delight. However, default spelling should be NICOLE not NICHOLE  7:41 PM
  • boomshine, boomshine, happy happy, boomshine 11:09 PM