Though I completely failed at organizing my bookmark mess today (no thanks to for failing to send me a password reset link when I requested one)…


I found an old favorite bookmark of mine that I hadn’t visited in a few years.  OMG!


I am (unnaturally) excited that I found out Boomshine is available for the iPhone.  Let me take a breath and try to explain why I’m so excited.  This simple zen little game has been a familiar friend when I just don’t want to think or talk.  Usually I resent distraction, but mousing my way through seems to nail the exact combination of  audio and visual goodness that brings the little hamster that runs the wheel inside my head to calm.  Though the web-based version is cluttered with google ads and generally not aestheticly pleasing – save for the flash window itself – the iPhone/Touch application is all I could have dreamed of (if I were the type to dream about electronic games).  It’s friendly, it’s simple, it’s pretty, and it’s incredibly direct.  You fail, you know it, the game doesn’t make a big deal of it.  You beat the level, there’s no fanfare.   Admittedly I’m projecting here.


















And to top it all off, I finally got my long awaited Google voice (formerly GrandCentral) invite.  I can now be reached at (424)242-GEEK.  I am a happy nerd.