• Adorable neighbor introduced me to his new puppy named Ketchup this morning. We seem to think alike when it comes to naming pets. He’s 6. 9:53 AM
  • My favorite email before Monday, noon. "This is exactly what I needed." 11:21 AM
  • So frustrated with "designed" laptops. Give me basic colors and let me buy skins if I want swirls and plaid. Gross. 1:28 PM
  • RT @sukhjit Great interview by @danpatterson with Chris Anderson of Wired Mag. Good listen for online content creators 3:37 PM
  • Is it just me or have auto DMs recently gone off the handle again? Personally I like DMs as alternative to sms. May disconnect from phone 9:22 PM
  • It probably makes me a bad person that I view the PTC website as a list of media moments I missed that I would enjoy 9:46 PM
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