• @spin I too like Waterworld…though I’d never say it publicly… 12:03 AM #
  • suffering analysis paralysis 12:49 AM
  • "since I do masturbate would that mean my hand is gay?" via… 12:39 PM  
  • Thinking of making the cream of broccoli soup I have in my freezer and serving it over chicken. Good idea? 4:27 PM
  • @sleepydog confession – I had to look up the word brassica. 4:36 PM #
  • when i waitressed in high school, i abbreviated cream of mushroom soup – cum (and giggled to myself every time) #simple 4:45 PM
  • Weighing whether going to see a mindless movie might clear my current moodstorm or make it worse 7:13 PM
  • thunder? fireworks? explosions? end of the world? 10:01 PM
  • @charleshope Thanks for the info. I was wondering why it hadn’t started raining yet. 11:05 PM #