• I may be boring some of the time, but at least I’m still me. Goodnight :) 2:14 AM
  • quite possibly my favorite photo I ever knowingly took 2:37 AM

My favorite photo of my brother and me

  • Going to miss having @theambershow n @robblatt as neighbors. Good Luck on your move today and tomorrow and let me know if you need anything 12:44 PM
  • Sunshower! 2:46 PM
  • @bestbuy Your inability to ship same day has often been a key factor in my purchasing items elsewhere. Any plans to change? 3:45 PM
  • I took a look at my resume and suddenly it appeared to me as though I’d written it in Esperanto. Tried my hand at English today. 11:44 PM
  • @banannie Sounds like Brooklyn! Isn’t it late for weeknight fireworks in the burbs? 11:39 PM #
  • props to @whitscott on the new seesmic demo. seeing so many friends made me love it more :) 6:16 PM