@robblatt Is This Metal?

  • Hearing the mosque’s first call to prayer of the day feels like being busted by my parents for doing something wrong, even when I’m not 4:38 AM
  • @deanwhitbread Don’t get me wrong, I love it. I just know if I’m still awake to hear it, it is far past my bedtime :) 11:32 AM #  
  • This song will shift your focus. ♫ 1:51 PM  
  • Fuck! Fuck. Fuck? Fuck… RT @cc_chapman: What is YOUR #FavoriteSwearWord? 2:13 PM 
  • snap! "Are you fulfilling your obligation of transparency in the white house?" Seems to be the first time Mr. O has faltered a lil bit. 8:39 PM
  • I think we need a bill to save Katie Couric’s eyebrows. Nothing worse then getting your eyebrows butchered by an overzealous waxer. 8:59 PM
  • RT @Britrock: Dear NBC & other broadcasters, if you continue to blast volume during commercials and promos I will ignore them. It’s obnoxious 9:31 PM
  • Is "so you think you can dance" always this intense? So much for mindless viewing. 9:43 PM
  • @Filmbrain I grew up in the next town over. I was entirely too excited when I saw @esotsm was set there. But, why on earth would you visit? 11:08 PM #
  • Someone in my stream mentioned they were reading "Call Me Ted" . Ordered, arrived yesterday, nearly halfway through already. Thanks! #bkrev 11:26 PM
  • I hate to contribute to gender foolishness, but if I had a boy around, I’d be asking him to check the mouse boxes right now. 11:44 PM
  • @christinielsen In a lot of ways that takes more courage then just taking care of it yourself :) 11:59 PM #