• just fucking rain already, please! Ii’ve had enough of the grumbling pseudo thunder and little threats not to head outside. 5:16 PM
  • thunder and lightening! let’s make out 6:14 PM
  • TED Talks, rainstorms on sunday, pajamas, pita… these are a few of my favorite things 7:11 PM
  • Can anyone tell me with certainty if the volume difference between tv programming vs. commercials is intentional? 8:39 PM
  • @rebeccaforever @dkneupper @echoskope Granted, there are greater problems in the world, but I want to make a fuss about this. You in? :) 9:12 PM
  • Interesting…wonder if bill H.R.6209 aka C.A.L.M. is still "routing" 9:22 PM
  • RT @banannie: popped into seesmic video, it’s still busted. Sorry gang but I no longer have the patience for it /cranky old lady <same here> 10:25 PM
  • @rojopelo you (schoolhouse) rock my world! So does phreadz where we can video converse w/ flexibility and…functionality ;) thanks @kosso 10:51 PM