• @ChrisCavs I think maybe @theambershow and @robblatt broke it with their awesomeness. they came over with pizza! 12:47 AM #
  • I am fascinated by alternate side of the street parrking regulations 9:47 AM
  • DRUNK HISTORY  via @bronwen 11:38 AM

  • RT Lands A Big Distribution Deal With YouTube And Others, Congrats @bliptv team! (via @leighleighsf) CONGRATS! 1:10 PM
  • @damiella YES, the drunk history videos all rock. Also got a good laugh out of your link from earlier  @marvel 1:17 PM #

  • I call this look: velcro and summer beat up Stevie Nicks… a cautionary tale. :57 PM
  • 2 different things: wanting to ride the Transiberian Railroad end to end vs wanting the Transiberian Orchestra to ride train on your end 8:53 PM