Something Found Podcast #11 – Open Source Urban Exploration



If you have found yourself searching for the urban industrial sites in and around New York City, you're likely to stumble upon the following online:

I was personally really excited to have the opportunity to wander along the Harlem River on a sunny Sunday with these three incredibly talented photographers and curators of NYC history.  Listen to their experiences of avoiding injury, tales of discovery, and why they are drawn to the often broken-down sites of the city (and beyond).



A few of the sights from the day:

 along the Harlem River



More photos and details can be found:
Nate K – The Harlem River: "New York's Forgotten Waterfront"
Vacant Beat – Harlem River
My Flickr set

It's been a long time since I powered up the mic and hit record.  Re-learned a few lessons, if you stick with it a few minutes, the sound improves.  Many Thanks to Rob Blatt for his help trying to salvage it what I had.  Check out Blattcave Productions and hire him from the get-go…  He knows how to do it all and do it right out of the gate.