• I intend to annoy those near and dear by prefacing statements with FOR THE LOVE OF…SLEEP… you’ve been warned. feel free to adopt it 12:34 AM
  • the "cell phone paparazzi" document animal’s twisted reality 1:43 PM
  • open caskets are not cracker jack boxes #funeralhumor 6:03 PM
  • Little brother is taunting me with his far better unemployment bennies. Yes, it has come to this. 9:39 PM
  • @ChazFrench NJ trumps NY sizably, lower taxes too. 9:49 PM #
  • sickened that while I’m struggling to find a humble job, some fuck who killed animals gets hired to do what kids dream of, earning millions. 11:47 PM
  • I wonder how the rest of the team and Eagles fans feel. 11:59 PM