• RT @wankergirl: Its not even 10:30 (9am) and already I am talking about mouth sex. Oh Friday! 9:13 AM
  • Love This! RT @WhitScott: These are night shots done with lights on the fiesta. #fiestamovement (via @banannie) 9:37 AM
  • It is far too hot to run in a suit with a heavy bag. Want a high five from the LIRR ticket checker, but I don’t have the energy left to try.  2:11 PM
  • Open tweet to the cranky bastard I was sitting next to. Found another open seat. You can stop huffing at my audacity to sit in your row. 2:36 PM
  • I am repressing the impulse to beerjack the guy behind me. 2:44 PM
  • I dare not for fear I also wouldn’t repress the impulse to introduce my family to the stand up funeral comedy genre. 2:53 PM
  • Quality little brother time. Wish he’d let me record his rants on facebook and football, we agree on little but his counter has merit. 11:39 PM