• NYS Department of Unemployment is a pit of despair and unproductive time waste. Due to THEIR computer problem I don’t get 3 weeks of checks. 11:00 AM
  • Unemployment would rather drain Legal Aid Society funds and waste time. Outrageous and unreal. 11:05 AM
  • @sean808080 Precisely, as if there is a shortage of heartbreak. A predatory system draining time and energy best put toward finding a job. 11:30 AM #
  • Spammers invading my dreams. I dreamed that a friend was encouraging me to become a spammer, but they were speaking in spam lingo. Shudder. 11:38 AM
  • well played. the department of unemployment is not accountable for determinations, it’s the department of LABOR. 11:51 AM
  • @captaincrazy sums some stuff up "that’s like instead of learning boxing you crash a plane on an island and train for 15 years" 12:51 PM
  • RT @kosso: In need of some inspiration and motivation? 1:26 PM

  • I fired Franz this morning and already, a promising break in the clouds. Yay. 1:53 PM
  • Twitter Cops via @elliottcarlson 5:39 PM

  • I don’t remember learning about the pea soup layer of atmosphere in school. Then again some of my teachers were fond of skipping chapters. 7:42 PM
  • @theambershow @robblatt love Friendly’s as much as I do. OMG so good! 10:09 PM

@theambershow @robblatt love Friendly's as much as I do. OMG so good!

  • @samtaters dude YES! Mr Conehead! 10:27 #
  • OH "everytime I see a dumpster I think there is a baby in it" DARK 10:29 PM
  • Stargazing outside with@theambershow while inside @robblatt wrestles a refrigerator 11:55 PM