• trial and error and trial 12:52 PM
  • Prince, as "characterized" in Itunes – O(+> 1:38 PM
  • Just busted spazzing out to this song. That’ll teach you to look into my window. ♫ 1:42 PM
  • @cc_chapman Congrats and HUGS! Cheers!  3:42 PM
  • (via @langley) 3:49 PM
  • I just watched in horror as my cat fell off the fridge banging into a bicycle on the way to the floor (not on her feet). She "seems" okay 10:56 PM
  • i really don’t understand how people have babies. I mean physically…yes, but fundamentally…no. 11:01 PM
  • oh and your wedding politics bore me even more 11:10 PM
  • @ChrisCavs Gremlins was never meant to be a trilogy. 11:22 PM #