• Not sure I’d ever seen a more stunning version of "Amazing Grace" than done by Shinji Harada tonight. Really hoping to find it for sale soon 2:05 AM
  • @kosso Huge Congrats. Yay Phreadz Rock! 2:28 AM
  • audio from last night’s 9/11 Memorial Floating Lanterns Ceremony, NYC 1:31 PM
  • there is a main bus line suddenly running down my street. i really hope it’s a temporary re-route. 4:26 PM
  • Walking past the movie theatre on Court in downtown Brooklyn. Evacuated, crazy sirens and whatnot. What happened? 8:57 PM
  • Fire at UA movie theatre Downtown BK. You can see and smell the smoke. 8:59 PM
  • my DREAM house @chriscavs thanks for finding it 10:56 PM
  • As seen on the Gothamist crime map: Unusual Trauma | W 34th St & 6th Ave @ Macys Manhattan, NY | 9/12/2009 11:31 a.m. 11:08 PM