• time for a defrag. i’m counting on sleep to make some space, a place for everything, everything has a place style. 1:08 AM
  • I do tongue twisters aloud before job interviews. Here I sit muttering, waiting for the phone to ring. 2:57 PM
  • @WhitScott May I never have to actually say "irish wrist watch". that is HARD. Good one! 3:08 PM #
  • @  ring ring, Thanks! 3:08 PM #
  • could i leave my beloved nyc? 3:44 PM
  • could i live in chicago? 3:48 PM
  • @faboomama Yes, in theory i could ;) But no one’s presented me with a potential amazing work opportunity there.4:06 PM #
  • @benedictwong @damiella @thescreendoor exactly! just didn’t say no to considering, nothing to decide yet. 6:19 PM # # #
  • most AMAZING viewing ever. I googled "donna juanita" and still don’t know what this guy means (via @kenwheaton) 6:48 PM